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This past week, I have had the absolute PLEASURE to spend some time with two of my dearest long-distance friends, @benjpierce & @doddleoddle! We all met up with the express intent of watching Dear Evan Hansen together, and we figured, why not try our hand at a song from the show?? Hope you all enjoy this cover as much as we enjoyed making it! I LOVE MY TALENTED FRIENDS!!

desperate hsc student in need of help guys pls

UPDATE: questionnaire is now closed, I got 180 responses!! thank you so so so so much guys oh my god thank you I am so grateful ————————————–

aight fuck ok so here’s the lowdown:

My name is Audrey, I’m a 17 year old student from Sydney, and I’m also highkey fucked for this research paper that my teacher expects due on monday 

It’s for my Society and Culture class (the PIP lmao), and i gotta conduct a questionnaire to about 60 people, it’s about the responsibility of communicating ethics  in children’s film, and whether it’s appropriate (or even necessary) to address stuff like racism and sexism in children’s movies

I’d really really appreciate the help, and if you could reblog this and share it around that would be so so helpful

I’m aware of how annoying posts like these are, especially since it’s completely unrelated to the tag you’re looking up, but idk man i am really desperate right now so please forgive me 

thank you so so much guys, i’m sorry about this lmao 

here’s the link:


thank you xxx


Isn’t art lit my dudes


i was listening to this and scrolled past a post that had this gif in it and guess what. they match up perfectly 


Sincerely, Me Animatic (Feat. Superbat)

Something I put together since I won’t be able to update @ask-billionarebat for a couple days. I’m going to be at the Star Wars Celebration all weekend. So, hopefully this will hold you guys over until I come back. Thank you for all your support on the ask blog, it means a lot xo