“Hans can’t be redeemed, because he’s irredeemable.”

Apparently Hans is totally irredeemable? Hmmm… 

Prince Zuko (The Last Airbender): Hunted down a twelve year old with the intentions of handing him over to his murderous father. Status: Redeemed. 

Kovu (Lion King 2): Planned to infiltrate Simba’s pride with the intention of murdering Simba. Status: Redeemed. 

Eddie Brock/Venom (Spider-Man Animated Series): Became a villain to get revenge against Peter Parker/Spiderman. Responsible for traumatizing Mary Jane Watson. Status: Redeemed. 

Prince Vegeta (DragonBall Z): Murdered countless individuals across the galaxy, merely to prove he was the strongest warrior in the universe. Status: Redeemed.  

Regina Mills/Evil Queen (Once Upon A Time): Killed thousands of men women, and children, including her own father, during her reign. Its also believed that she raped The Huntsman (Sheriff Graham) Status: Redeemed. 

Darth Vader (Star Wars): Responsible for the extermination of the Jedi Order. Butchered younglings. Tortured and killed any Jedi who survived the purge. Killed any officer who failed him. Is considered the most iconic villain in film history. Status: Redeemed.

Yeah, Hans is totally irredeemable.


Source: drj1828 on flickr, the description below is the original caption of the photographer (also the source contains a better quality photo, tumblr somehow made it a little bit worse):

Main Street, 20th Century Music Company. Disney books. Disney Frozen A Popup Adventure, opened to Coronation scene. Paper figures are partially popped up.


”All this for… Arendelle? Oh, Hans but it’s terrible, your actions didn’t actually have ripercussions on the Southern Islands and –”
The man interrupts her.
“No, Anna, you don’t understand. They weren’t punishing me because I sloppily tried to kill you, they were punishing me because I failed”.

The thirteenth prince have been imprisoned by his brothers for six months and now that he has finally managed to escape, he somehow found himself back in Arendelle, where a good hearted princess will chose to take care of his wounds. Both the phisical and the psycological ones. The road to redemption is long and forgivness is not something Hans can easily obtain.

Redemption : under a benign sky

[Kai] He’s in here. Prince Hans!

[Hans] Anna!

[Anna] Hans, you have to #@%*& me!

[Kai] Err…We might have given her too much glögg.

HANNATINES DAY 03 Free-for-All!

Using alcohol to warm up princesses yields interesting results. I will stand by my headcanon that Anna is a pervert when drunk. Skipped day 2 for now, but will post something for it. Happy Hannatines!