Life itself, flowing temporality, is ordered toward the formation of enduring units of significance. Life interprets itself. Life itself has a hermeneutic structure. Thus life constitutes the real ground of the human sciences. Hermeneutics is not a romantic heritage of Dilthey’s thinking, but follows from the fact that philosophy is grounded in ‘life’.
—  Hans-Georg Gadamer, Truth and Method
When Hegel says that in reaching self-consciousness we have now entered the homeland of truth, he means that truth is no longer like the foreign country of otherness into which consciousness seeks to penetrate. It had only seemed so from the standpoint of consciousness. Now, in contrast, consciousness as self-consciousness is a native in the land of truth and is at home in it. For one thing it finds all truth in itself. For another, however, it knows that it embraces the entire profusion of life within itself.
—  Hans-Georg Gadamer, “Hegel’s Dialectic of Self-consciousness”