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All I want for Christmas is Porgs

From now on, whenever anyone asks me what I want for Christmas, the only thing I’m going to say is “Porg”. That way I end up with like fifty plush porgs by New Year’s.

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Teasing Kylo Ren would include:

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A/N: No life me having. 

  • Stealing/Hiding his lightsaber.
  • Using all his hair products.
  • Almost getting killed because you bought green hair dye instead of black hair dye. 
    • Hiding his helmet.
    • Putting Millicent into his helmet and carrying her around the base.
    • Stormtroopers and all the others running away when they see you, knowing you did some mischief.
  • Funny nicknames.
    • (Emo) Trash baby.
    • Ben Ten/ Big Ben.
    • Mr. Glowstick.
    • Voodoo Doll.
    • Darth Vader wannabe.
    • Tantrum Queen. 
    • Drama Queen.
    • Darth Tantrum. 
    • Darth Emo.
    • Kyle Ron.
    • Ben Ren.
    • Benjamin (Solo). 
    • (Emo) Fuckboy. 
    • Crylo Ren. 
    • Sex metal Barbie.
    • Sith-baby. 
    • Darth Buckethead.
    • Lord pissbaby. 
    • Whiny pissbaby.
    • Homicidal Queen.
    • Kylo Bae. 
    • Punk (ass) bitch. 
    • Boss bitch. 
    • Warrior baby. 
    • Princess Vader.
    • Dark Lord of all.
    • Fanboy Ren. 
    • Pseudo Darth Vader. 
    • Lord Garnier Fructis hair.
  • Making comments on how he struts.
    • “Walk walk fashion baby”
    • “Walk walk murder baby”
    • “Walk walk emo baby” 
    • “Show me that booty of yours!”
    • “Strike a pose!”
  • More comments. 
    • “So, how’s your hair?”
    • “Your roots are showing.”
    • “So, what’s daddy (Snoke) doing?”
  • Jokes.
    • “Ben there. Done that.”
    • “I’ve Ben Solo since forever.”
    • “Han Yolo.”
    • “Where’s your babysitter?”
  • Bad puns.
    • “Look in your shirt and spell ATTIC.”
    • “Spell ICUP out loud.”
    • “Spell IAOP and say -ness.”
    • “You put hot in psycHOTic”