hans road

Characters in DGM be like

Allen dies, but not really.

Kanda dies, but not really.

Krory dies, but not really.

Jasdevi dies, but not really.

Tyki dies, but not really.

Lavi dies, but not really.

Chaoji dies, but not really.

Everyone dies in the Ark, but not really. Aside from Skin.

Cross dies, but not really.

Alma dies, but not really. He really did die later on.

Kanda dies (round two), but not really.

Link dies, but not really.

Apocryphose dies, but not really.

Road dies, but not really.

The Earl dies (many many many years ago), but not really.

Mana dies, but apparently not really!

Nea dies, but not really.

Katerina dies, but not really.

Bookman is about to die? Who knows!

Lavi dies? Don’t think so. 

Timcampy dies? I hope not T_T

Hoshino you troll! not that I am complaining tho

R.I.P to all the characters who really died.

SPOILERS! AER/WLAE Chapter 53 Google-Translated English Script

Guys, this chapter was so freaking hard. 😭 This is the second draft, but we might have to do one more.


I am sharing this English Script of Chapter 53 of Lezhin webtoon “At the End of the Road” by Haribo, which is available in Korean. The English version will release soon. To tide over those of us who cannot wait to find out what happens next, I used Google Translate to produce, to the best of my ability, the English translation for this chapter, along with the help from @person-at-the-end @tsukking , Emily, and others as well. We do not speak Korean, so this is not 100% accurate. Also, please be sure to purchase the chapter to follow along. This is not meant to replace either the comic or the official English translations when they are released.

Huge thanks to kayseri2 for checking our translations and fixing a couple lines for us!

If you speak Korean and can point out any additional errors, I would greatly appreciate it.

FRIENDLY REMINDER: Neither myself nor my collaborators are interested in partaking in the piracy of this wonderful author’s work. Do not ask anyone here for pirated raws. It is not because we have no sympathy for those who are unable to purchase. It’s because Haribo does not deserve to be stolen from for any reason. Thank you for understanding.

By Haribo
English Script

*Mystery SFX x 4*


*Mystery SFX x 6*


*Mystery SFX X 2*


*Mystery SFX x 2*

TAEMIN: I knew it!
You were about to hit me in the back of the head, weren’t you?

LACKEY: You, you…!!
How did you know!?!??!!

TAEMIN: Because you couldn’t be more obvious.

LACKEY: Then…!


*Mystery SFX*


Who are you?

I don’t know you, or what you want with me,
And I haven’t done anything bad enough to piss off strangers.
If I made you mad enough to want to kill me, I’d definitely remember your face, right?
But I’ve never seen you before.
So, who sent you?

LACKEY: Oh, no…!!!

TAEMIN THOUGHT BUBBLE: His reaction confirms it.

TAEMIN: Okay, then, let’s go to the nearest police station.

LACKEY: No, wait, you’re right! Someone made me do this! I didn’t mean it!

TAEMIN: You lead.


TAEMIN: Take me to your master fuckface.

~Scene Fade~

*Mystery SFX x 2*

LACKEY: Ugh..!!

JOOHOON: …Haha. Tell me, what’s going on here?

I said bring him in, so why are you being dragged?

TAEMIN: …Lee Joohoon. It was you?

LACKEY: B, but I did what you asked me to…!!!

TAEMIN THOUGHT BUBBLE: I honestly thought it’d be Han Jiwook.

JOOHOON: You’re unexpectedly considerate to have come so quietly, don’t you agree?

TAEMIN: I wanted to see who the annoying fuckface was.

JOOHOON: Now that you know, what do you think?

TAEMIN: Like I am delighted to join the playpen of an annoying bastard baby. Why?

JOOHOON: Haha. You’re too much.

*SFX: Shrug*

JOOHOON: The way you put it cuts me deep.

Well, bantering aside, I’m very happy you came to see me.

You’re the brightest star today, but will you be able to handle it when you fall?

*Mystery SFX*

TAEMIN: Would you knock it off?
This might be fun for you, but I’m not amused.

Why are you doing this?

JOOHOON: I adore you. How many times do I have to tell you?

TAEMIN: Don’t be ridiculous. You don’t really like me. I’m just a plaything to you.

JOOHOON: No. Can’t you tell I’m being sincere? (Joohoon, you don’t have a single sincere bone in your body.)

TAEMIN: Oh, yeah? Then I’m really sorry.

*Mystery SFX. But the image says it all. 😂*

TAEMIN: There’s no room for you between my person and me.

*Mystery SFX*

JOOHOON: What makes you think so?

*Mystery SFX*

JOOHOON: But then.

What if I have already wedged my way in between you and Min Siwoon?

TAEMIN: …What bullshit is that?

JOOHOON: No matter what, when, or where, Min Siwoon would never leave your side or let you go,
So I asked someone to help me out.

I asked him to take Min Siwoon away from you.

Thanks to him, I was able to meet up with you unhindered.

Would you like to say hello?


Han Jiwook…!