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Summary: Leia is called to go abroad for her duties as a senator, leading her to bring the whole family along for what she refers to as a “vacation”. Obliging with her request and following along, the whole Solo-Organa family goes with her. Though the boys are reluctant, now knowing why they’re there, they are pleasantly surprised when someone comes along that makes their trip all the more entertaining and worth their time. 

A/N: HA, so I couldn’t stop thinking about this idea and someone totally encouraged me to do it so I figured why not. Given the plot change I made, it’ll end up having at least 3 more parts. Feedback is welcome and I hope you all like it! And credit for the triplet!AU goes to @thirst-order-confessions :)

The hotel lights clicked on with a flick as Han walked over the doorframe, his eyes instantly scanning the large room with a smirk. Sliding his suitcase to the side, he placed his hands on his hips as he nodded in approval.

“Being with the senator has its perks doesn’t it?”

Leia walked into the room, rolling her eyes with a similar smirk as she put her suitcase next to his. 

“Oh hush.”

Han turned to her, pulling her to his side as he placed a kiss on top of her head. Just behind them, the boys all filed into the room, rolling their bags inside as they all took in the room with their mouths all agape. Ben smiled as he saw just how expansive the room around them was.

“Man, mom got us the hook up.”

Walking further into the room, Matt continued to look around in awe as Kylo eyes subtly scanned the room. Ben quickly made note of the bedrooms, craning his head to see inside of them. 

“Well take advantage of it, I need you boys well rested for tomorrow alright? We’ve got a lot of ground to cover.”

Collectively, they all rolled their eyes, faintly groaning. As excited as they were to be in a new place, they knew there were conditions given the reason why they were here. Ben waved his hand dismissively.

“Yeah, yeah.”

Han pointed to the rooms behind them.

“Aside from the master bedroom, there’s two rooms. So…you can figure that out.”

Leia smiled as she waved at the boys, Han putting his hand to her lower back as he guided her towards their room. 

“Night boys.”

They all waved quickly as they unanimously spoke.


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Luke Skywalker Headcanons

• Soft, sweet kisses

• Knowing him since you were little

• Being his best friend

• Slow, Passionate sex

• Nose kisses

• Long, warming hugs

• Worrying about him a lot

• He tends to get really awkward and shy whenever you flirt with him in public

• Han teasing you

• Leia adoring you

• Being the dorky couple

• Fixing R2 together

• Helping him through his Jedi training the best you can

• Losing your mind after he disappears (Between ep 6 & 7)

• Luke being jealous of your friendship with Han

• Flicking his forehead whenever he says something you don’t like

• Fooling around with his lightsaber

• Comforting him after Ben dies

• Wanting to go out and look for him on Hoth, but Han forces you to stay put

• Slapping both Luke and Han after they return

• Being friends with Chewie

• Cheek kisses

• Thinking he looks really hot in his black Jedi outfit (episode 6)

• Trying to teach him how to dance

• And failing miserably

• “Luke Skywalker! You are a Jedi and you can even dance. STOP STEPPING ON MY TOES!”

• “Sorry, sweetheart”

• Many pet names

• He rambles a lot so sometimes you kiss him to shut him up

• “I was rambling again wasn’t I?”

• “Yes, you were”

• “Well, I am going to ramble way more often, because damn…”

• Him sometimes getting insecure about his robot hand and you would try to make him feel better

• “It’s just stupid (Y/n)”

• “No Luke, it is not. This hand is part of you now. I love you for you, I don’t give a damn that one of your hands is made out of metal”

• Him buying you gifts whenever the has the money

• Many ‘I love you’s

• Thinking he is the cutest thing on the planet

• Owning matching boots

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