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ベトナムを代表するビール「Bia Ha Noi」を台南のバスステーション近くの売店で買う。

1890年創業。ベトナムのHanoi Beer Alcohol Beverage Corp が製造している。



Pho Bac and New Year!

2. Yusuf and I had no plans for New Year and were really struggling to get any ideas. Luckily my friend Lisa gave us a call suggesting a new Vietnamese restaurant on Cowbridge road called “Pho Bac” which sounded like a plan!

Pho Bac has only been open a few weeks and there are definite signs of just moving in (including a very new paint smell in the toilets!) but all of the staff were so friendly and very welcoming.

We were sat nicely in the window of the restaurant and started off with a lovely Hanoi beer. None of us had much experience of with vietnamese cuisine but a very helpful lady came over and directed us to the best bits which was much needed.

I ordered cảo chiên giòn (deep fried dumplings) and Yusuf had Sườn sốt me (Pork Rib with Tamarind sauce).  Both looked great and tasted better.

For main course Yusuf  and Lisa both opted for dry rice vermicelli dishes, Yusuf having Bún dề nường (noodles with goat) and Lisa choosing  Bún chả nem thịt nướng (noodles with pork and spring rolls). These dishes came with the noodles, vegetables and meat in separate piles ready to be mixed yourself with a supplied broth.

Rob and I had phở xào bò (Beef with Pho noodles) which was more of a chowmein affair. 

All of our dishes looked great and luckily we are all friendly enough to have a share and a taste from each others plate!

Finally we ended the evening with a traditional vietnamese desert called Chè ba màu (three colours che) a soup consisting of coconut milke, worm like jelly and a selection of beans…. It didnt go down too well with me but Rob was a big fan!

After leaving the restaurant we ventured to the good old Robin Hood in Pontcanna where we spent the rest of the evening drinking and making new friends!

It has been a busy year for everyone and recently aI have realised how much I have missed seeing friends. I’m not one for resolutions but I will definitely be trying to see more people in 2012!

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