Crossing Paths || hanofiwagakure

A trade had been something simple, something the newly found arsonist was pleasured to do. Explosives were quite a gamble for the nearby countries, but it was not enough. Strange how he deserted his village in search of this in particular, in search of power, manifest yet it was still not enough. There was something missing. Offering his services was indeed a grand manifestation of art – the money was the least of it – it lead to self indulge, self righteousness, pride! Yet he knew, he could do so much more. Create grander sculptures, greater explosions. To give his services deeper than needed, further countries, villages, to all. To have his name known throughout all lands.

A goal he would reach in no time.

Feet were light, bag straps held with both hands as the artist skidded through deep forests. The path was already well known, as if he’d resided here longer than years when in truth it had been merely months. Months since the incident. There were no regrets what so ever.

Thinking, dreaming, fantasizing even of the greater things he could do with his skills had left the artist in a daze. He walked automatically as vivid images came to view, that of art, of his creations, of the magnitude, of the omnipotence they would reach, the wealth it was already gaining. Perfect! Grandiose! Such thinking soon became disrupted. The sight caught something. Feet came to a halt, azure orbs observed upward in search for whatever source it may contain. The frame, the passerby. Whatever had caught his eye, whatever had distracted him of his thinking. As his gaze searched for whatever source it was, they seemed to find their way, and there it was. A sight he’d never had the expectancy to come past ever again.

The crimson attire, the intricate bindings of the suit all accompanied by the large hat, a well familiar face even if obscured by a mask.

“You…” his tone was firm, surprised though. This man, how unforeseen, unexpected. Watching from afar now, Deidara had no single doubt of who he was. As he stared, he watched the man a few feet away from him, there was no second thinking. The Jinchuuriki of his ex village, Iwagakure.

“Han,” he intoned the name with firmness, gravity, yet soon cracked up a smirk, sly as ever, meeting the gaze of the other. “What a strange twist, yeah? Meeting this way. I suppose you could say you were not the only one to detest humanity, hm?”

It was the most dreaded day for poor Kurotsuchi, the day where she had to spend time around Han. Why she had to do it was a mystery to her, she just assumed it was some form of punishment for a unknown thing she probably didn’t even do. Jeez, Gramps must have it out to get me, She thought to herself. From what she remembered the reason he actually gave her to having to spend time around Han was simply that he was a ninja of the stone too. 

She spotted Han quickly and walked over. “Hey..” she said stubbornly waiting a few moments before speaking again. “What are we supposed be doing anyway? Don’t tell me Gramps sent me out all this way just to stand around with you. Are we supposed to go on a mission, or? Gramps really needs to clairfy things before sending me out.”

hanofiwagakure replied to your post:“Don’t eat that.”

“If you eat that, you’ll become delirious, and slowly lose feeling in your limbs until you suffocate. Once again, do not eat it.”

She held the tasty looking mushroom in her fingers, guiding it towards her open mouth when she heard him. Dark eyes blinked unsure where to bite or spit, instead she does not bite or spit, merely puts it away from her mouth. “Sounds like something Orochimaru-sama would feed his enemies.” She shuddered. “Can you die from it? Or does it just do that, make you feel bad?” Nope, she was totally not planning on using it. 



✂— The Uchiha hadn’t been doing much, truthfully, kicking a rock around idly, he sighed, trying to distract himself from the boredom that threatened him.  Suddenly an unfamiliar chakra was picked up and he glanced up, meeting the oddly dressed man quickly. 

✂— Iwa-nin, eh? That was sure to stop the Uchiha in his tracks as he shifted his weight. Offering a small nod, he spoke up. “Yo, you’re a ways away from home, lost maybe?”