Will’s Mind Pendulum

Has anyone else noticed the difference between Will analyzing Hannibal’s crime scene and Will analyzing someone else’s crime scene?

When he investigates the Leeds murder in The Great Red Dragon, his mind pendulum makes an appearance for the first time in season 3.

The pendulum is a way for Will to get into the murder empathy mindset, but it also represents a physical barrier between him and the subject he wants to analyze. In essence, it establishes a defensive barrier between his sense of self and his sense of the killer’s self, keeping them completely separate from each other. The stronger the pendulum, the stronger his sense of self.

Compare this to his analysis of the Hannibal’s crime scene in Primavera. Here, Will doesn’t use a pendulum. There is just a brief blur in and blur out to signify his entrance into Hannibal’s state of mind.

At this point, his mind is so intertwined with Hannibal’s that he doesn’t need the physical act of the pendulum to get him into the correct mindset. His sense of self is already almost entirely wrapped up and muddled up with Hannibal’s. Not only does he not need to use his pendulum in this moment, he probably can’t use his pendulum to put up a mental barrier between them. They’re already conjoined after all.

In Dolce, Will says to Hannibal, “You and I have begun to blur.” I think it’s pretty neat that they were able to illustrate that with the simple absence of a pendulum effect.


guys remember axn Korea? Yep, the one who wouldn’t stop showing us hannigram vids it’s now (I guess) kind of recognizing Hannibal so yeah there is that

Fic Rec Mega Post: Big Bang Special Edition

I’ve spent the last month or so mostly reading the amazing fics and illustrations that were produced for the 2016 Hannibal Big Bang organised by @nbchannibalbigbang / @m-oarts. My conclusion: this fandom is ludicrously talented, it is the actual embodiment of an embarrassment of riches <333333

So, here’s the list of what I’ve been reading. The recs will be slightly shorter this time round, simply because this post would be unmanageably long otherwise. Also, I wanted to make clear, this is not, I repeat NOT in any way a “best of” list. It is a “things wot Vic has read” list. If your fic isn’t on here, it’s most likely because a) it’s a WIP and I don’t rec those on these lists; b) it has an unhappy ending and this delicate flower can’t read those cos they trigger her like daddy kink does other people; c) I just haven’t gotten round to it yet, I’m only human and you guys write so much good stuff I just can’t…

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Anyway, here we go, under the cut because this is so long it’d take up the whole of your dash:

(Oh, also, I should say that I haven’t said anything about the artwork that accompanies these fics, because I am a visual moron and the extent of my commentary would be: “Oooooh it’s SO PRETTAY!” Suffice it to say, all the artwork is amazing and beautiful and I’m sorry I have nothing intelligent to say about it.)

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