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Why reblogging Hannigram stuff if you're not into it though?

The short answer is pragmatism. 

A lot of great stuff is created inspired by the OP’s love of Hannigram. I like to reblog great stuff. 

And let’s face it - the show is fundamentally about Hannigram, if you define that as Will and Hannibal trying to figure out and negotiate whatever it is between them. 

Once I accepted that, looking at every single post and deciding if I felt it was simply just the show canon of their relationship, or expanded more into shipper territory got exhausting. 

If I think a post is “more” Hannigram than what I usually reblog, I’ll tag it. And I’m sure if you check that tag, you’ll see a steady progression of me being more lax about it - kinda like Hugh in his interviews, etc. There’s a reason I joke I’m the Hugh Dancy of the fandom. 

Although apparently all along he was helping drive the bus to the Hannigram depot, whereas I sat in the back, muttering “but you said it’s platonic, Hugh!”

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how about 'happily ever after, together, with no tears and no sad things ever'

With Molly, Will had thought he’d found his fairytale ending, his normalcy, his happily ever after. They held hands, and said I love you, and were a family. A real one. But sometimes when he lay in his bed at night, back turned to his wife, face illuminated by the moon shining through the window, he wondered if he could live like that forever. If he even deserved that. Times like this were the moments he let himself slip into the more secluded places of his mind palace. Hidden behind doors with locks, keys lost somewhere in the rooms themselves. But sometimes, somehow, he ended up back where he belonged. And everything just fell into place. Everything just fit, and he wanted to scream because this part of him, it just felt so familiar, so right, yet he couldn’t allow himself to go back. Not for good. He was happy with Molly, yes, but was he alive enough to actually appreciate that happiness? No.

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Prompt- I have a horrible fetish for show age Will with younger Hannibal. Like maybe special agent Will Graham meets Dr Lecter when he's still in residency? They flirt and it's beautiful?!

“You shouldn’t leave the area, at least for now,” Will says, escorting the young man from the police station. “We’ll probably have more questions for you in a few days.”

Hannibal Lecter had been brought in for questioning, the last known person to be seen with several students that disappeared from his college dorm.

“You know exactly where to find me,” Hannibal says, squinting against the sun.

“You need a ride back?”

“I think I’ll be alright, thank you.”

“Let me give you a ride,” Will insists. “I’m headed that way already.”

“Have you been a detective long, Will?” Hannibal asks as they pull out of the parking lot.

“Detective Graham,” Will eyes Hannibal in the passenger seat. “And yes.”

Hannibal keeps his eyes fixed on Will as they drive, making the hair on his nape stand on-end. Will is struck with the distinct feeling that Hannibal is looking through to the very center of his mind, roaming through all dark, dusty corridors he keeps locked inside.

“I’ve always had great respect for the police,” Hannibal says. “So many lives in your hands, it must take quite the toll.”

“You’re studying to be a physician. There will be a lot of lives in your hands as well.”

“Am I a suspect in your investigation?”

“No,” Will says, stopping at a red light. “Not yet. When you are, you’ll know.”

“When,” Hannibal drawls. 

Will glances over at him as the light turns. Hannibal averts his eyes, staring straight ahead for the rest of the uncomfortably silent ride.

Will parks near Hannibal’s dormitory. “Just give us a call if you think of anything that might help us out,” he says.

“May I ask for you when I call?” 

“This is my personal number,” Will says, pulling a card from his wallet. “Okay?”

“Thank you.” Hannibal takes the card from Will’s hand, their fingers brushing for a fraction of a second, sending sparks right down to Will’s toes. 

Will doesn’t drive away until Hannibal disappears inside the building.

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