What I think about this show? It is obviously a love story.
But not in a way we are all used to. It’s kinda a new type of love. It’s nothing we’ve seen on screen yet.There are many types out there… like sexual love, romantic love, platonic love, dramatic love, innocent love, friend love, motherly love, fatherly love, brotherly love and others. But what can I say about Hannibal and Will type of love? There is no name yet. It’s not just a friend love. Not at all. It’s obviously a strong love, with a strange intimacy and bond.It’s hard for us to understand because we are humans. And intimacy between non-familiar people, most of time, implies sexuality. But in this case, there is no sexual attraction, it is something so much more interesting and rich than that… they are clearly attracted to each other mentally and sentimentally. I dare to say they have a God kind of love. Both of them are Gods, then they have met each other.

There is no one like them. That’s why they fell in love for each other. They are just alike.

And that’s why I think Bryan Fuller is a genius for bringing this unheard love for us.
Thanks Bryan!

Well this is just my opinion about this sweet love. I wanted some Hannigram wallpaper for my pc desktop. Then I made this wallpaper on Ps CS6. It’s a little bit trashy but I liked xD feel free to download it in a better resolution :) (non-commercial/ONLY personal use).

This is my design \o/

Bedelia Du Maurier Modern Renaissance Portrait (2015)

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Will has made a decision about Hannibal and about what he wants.


I’ve finally written an explicit story. :3

Omegaverse in which Will decides that maybe during his heat Hannibal might be more fun to play with than his toys.

I’ve had this written for a while, but I finally worked up the nerve to post. I hope it is enjoyable! <3