This is sort of a precursor to the ficlet I posted yesterday. More season 1 canon divergent fluff.

It’s Grand, Just Holding Your Hand

“You’ve really never been sledding before, Dr. Lecter?”

“There was one time. When I was very young. With Mischa. It’s never really come up since then.” Hannibal gauged Will’s reaction, excited by the interest Will was showing in the idea.

“Your holiday activities are far too formal and fancy. I think some sledding would do you good. Fresh air and all that.” Will smiled, leaning back against Hannibal’s desk.

“If it would please you, Will. I’ll go sledding with you,” Hannibal replied, going to stand next to Will, getting as close as he could without touching.

“There’s a hill not far from my house. The dogs would love it, too.”

“Oh yes, of course. The dogs.” Hannibal tried to too sound too annoyed.

“Don’t say anything about the dogs,” Will glared at Hannibal momentarily and then laughed.

“I like your dogs, Will. You just have so many of them. Far more than the average person.”

Will laughed, his eyes crinkled at the edges. “I can’t really argue with that.”


Will pulled a couple of worn down, plastic sleds from the small shed. “The people I bought the house from left these here. They should work well enough.”

Will handed the sled to Hannibal who looked at it with curiosity and trepidation. “It’s a rather ugly thing. I was imagining one of those wooden toboggans they always show on Christmas cards.”

“I don’t have one of those. I haven’t actually gone sledding for years.”

The dogs ran around them, barking and wagging their tails, as they made their way to the edge of the hill.

Will, sitting in the bright orange plastic sled, grabbed Buster on his lap as he pushed towards the edge of the incline.

“What do I do?” Hannibal asked, looking confused.

Will laughed loudly. “Just get a running start, and jump on the sled, use your hands to push yourself down.”

Hannibal hesitated, but did as Will instructed, following closely after him.

“Look out, Will!” Hannibal called, his sled careening quickly towards Will’s.

“Damn it!” Will cried out as their sleds smashed together. Buster jumped out of Will’s arms, and Hannibal and Will rolled out onto the snow, legs and arms half-tangled together.

They were both laughing. Hannibal’s gloved hand found Will’s and they stayed that way, holding hands, as the snow begin to seep into their clothes and Buster made his way over to lick Will’s face.

“I told you sledding was fun,” Will said, pushing Hannibal’s shoulder playfully, and turning to press a warm kiss to Hannibal’s frost-bitten skin.

Hannibal pressed his hand to the spot; it seemed to radiate with warmth. Sledding was his new favorite activity.

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This is my first EVER post of my own fanfic, written in equal collaboration with the loveliest of lovelies @idonthaveyourappetite :D

It’s a “first time” fic…


Will and Hannibal are living in a post WotL limbo, a sexless pretense at domesticity full of tension and frustration.

Will, unable to get over his guilt and complicity in their new life together, has been holding that part of himself back, but subconsciously hopes that Hannibal will push him, hard, to take that next step.  Hannibal, although increasingly frustrated, has been infuriatingly patient with him.  

Finally realizing that patience isn’t helping either of them, Hannibal forces Will to confront and accept his desire, giving him exactly what he needs.

Their first time is exactly how they both need it to be.

Tagging (as requested) @hannibalnuxvomica @fragile-teacup @feyestwords @amngell @hotsauce418 @desperatelyseekingcannibals Please don’t feel obligated to read, but I’ve appreciated every word of your encouragement and interest in my first fic! xx

Day 8: Christmas Lights

written for #HanniHolidays

Will is getting used to coming home to the smell of cookies. He’s also resigned himself to putting on the freshman fifteen he managed to avoid in college. If Hannibal’s baking was less delicious, Will might find it in his heart to complain about it. Instead, he just sighs and nibbles more than he’d like to admit.

“You’re getting repetitive,” Will calls out as he starts rolling all of the dog hair off of his clothes. “This is the third time you’ve made sugar cookies this week.”

“The simplest recipes are the ones in most need of perfection.”

Will shakes his head, then gives up getting the hair off of his jeans, opting to just take them off. He hangs them by a belt loop on the peg next to his scarf. “I’m not leaving my pants on the floor,” he tells Hannibal, making his way to the kitchen, “just so you know.”

“I appreciate your cooperation,” Hannibal says. He’s holding a paintbrush in one hand and an already-frosted cookie in the other. Smirking, he adds, “Also your enthusiasm.”

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My life has been destroyed by my otps which I have noticed consist of someone with dark hair and the other with light/blond hair. Examples: Hannibal Lecter x Will Graham = Hannigram Draco Malfoy x Harry Potter = Drarry Victor Nikiforov x Katsuki Yuri = Victuuri Lexa kom trikru x Clarke kom skikru = Clexa Emma Swan x Regina Mills = Swanqueen

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9th prompt of the hanniholidays (of course we decided to do a sketch for every prompt) : Sledding. Just, happy sledding.

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