We did so well last episode, SO LET’S REPEAT.

The best thing you can do for this week’s episode is schedule tweets for our tweet hours and ALSO livetweet. But since I know that can be drag, I present the fun way!!!  (Do not forget to #hannibal starting at 7pm EST for Twitter ratings.) If you are confused about timing, please use this Please make sure to TEST A TWEET WITHOUT THE HASHTAG TO ENSURE YOU DO NOT USE IT AT THE WRONG TIME. These are for the first hour suggested by DLC. 

Begin #MadsandHugh from 9pm EST on Thursday. DO NOT USE THIS HASHTAG BEFORE THAT TIME.

Below are 60 prompts, one for every minute of the hour, to show our appreciation for our favorite leads and let some companies know how amazing they are. Just copy into tweet deck, fill in a short answer, and schedule!! (Hashtags and @s already included ^^) I suggest doing ten and taking a break and continuing. Can’t wait to see your responses!!! USE TWEETDECK  - PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT OUR INTERACTIONS (LIKES/REPLIES/RTS) ARE AS IMPORTANT AS OUR POSTS OR MORE SO, SO YOU STILL HAVE TO SHOW UP!!!! but this will help tremendously!!! HOUR 2 HERE

  1. Dear @hulu @hulu_support #Hannibal #MadsAndHugh are the
  2. Dear @hulu @hulu_support  #Hannibal #MadsAndHugh always 
  3. Dear @hulu @hulu_support #Hannibal #MadsAndHugh could never 
  4. Dear @hulu @hulu_support #Hannibal #MadsAndHugh are truly lovely and
  5. Dear @hulu @hulu_support #Hannibal #MadsAndHugh are the finest 
  6. Dear @hulu @hulu_support #Hannibal #MadsAndHugh are why we
  7. Dear @hulu @hulu_support #Hannibal #MadsAndHugh inspire the fannibals because 
  8. Dear @hulu @hulu_support #Hannibal #MadsAndHugh give us reason to
  9. Dear @hulu @hulu_support #Hannibal #MadsAndHugh in season 4 would be
  10. Dear @hulu @hulu_support #Hannibal #MadsAndHugh have for 3 seasons always
  11. Dear @hulu @hulu_support #Hannibal #MadsAndHugh are actors that 
  12. Dear @hulu @hulu_support  #Hannibal #MadsAndHugh could make anything sound 
  13. Dear @hulu @hulu_support #Hannibal #MadsAndHugh are well worth a chance because 
  14. Dear @hulu @hulu_support #Hannibal #MadsAndHugh are our 
  15. Dear @hulu @hulu_support #Hannibal #MadsAndHugh deserve to get 
  16. Dear @hulu @hulu_support #Hannibal #MadsAndHugh make TV a 
  17. Dear @hulu @hulu_support  #Hannibal#MadsAndHugh gone from our screens would be
  18. Dear @hulu @hulu_support #Hannibal #MadsAndHugh bring it 100% and always 
  19. Dear @hulu @hulu_support #Hannibal #MadsAndHugh make our hearts 
  20. Dear @hulu @hulu_support #Hannibal #MadsAndHugh have such talent and 
  21. Dear @hulu @hulu_support  #Hannibal#MadsAndHugh have made TV a 
  22. Dear @hulu @hulu_support #Hannibal #MadsAndHugh would knock it out of the park if only 

The rest are below the cut!

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anonymous asked:

your top 3 Hannigram fics?

Hands down my absolute favorite Hannigram fic EVER. Not just Hannigram, just fanfic in general. ANYTHING by Val and Megan though…  (ノ◎皿◎)ノ ☆゚・~ !!!~ ★゚・:,。゚・:,。° *my literal reaction* I could fill this list up with just their fics but that would not be fair XD 

It’s Red Dragon movieverse but holy hell on a hot plate it is AMAZING. It has Will torture and Hannibal to the rescue. Be still my pants.

Hannibal sneakily being a sugar daddy and Will unwittingly, unwillingly (but TOTALLY WILLINGLY) being a sugar baby.  Also check out Blackbird by same author. Or just anything by her. 

Gonna stick a few more in because well…BECAUSE I NEED TO PIMP MY FAVORITES!

Literally pic any fic, any fandom, and you have a 99.9% chance of being horrified (or not), a lot disturbed (or just a little) and a little turned on (or a lot). You WILL be left going “O_o I am never reading that again” and 

I made the mistake once of reading this before going to the bathroom. I will not repeat that mistake again. This story is as funny the 5th time you read it as it was the first. Hell it gets funnier cuz you always catch one more thing you missed the previous time.

Marz has written some amazing Trans!Will fics as well as being the Puppetmaster of twinkyempath. Anything Marz writes is going to be smutty enough to set your underwear on fire as well as being filled with sarcasm, snark and humor

If you like Omegaverse/ABO this is the fic for you.  I used to NOPE!THE FUCK OUT of ABO but then this fandom and this fic and…I am hopelessly devoted ( tooo yooouuuuu)

Will is a Seer. Hannibal is a Fatebreaker. I can not give an adequate description of this series that would do it justice except to say Max does so love to stick stuff in a slow cooker and let it go forever. But boy howdy when you get that first bite… (๑☆‿ ☆#) Max is also the undisputed Captain of the USS Tristhad so you can feast well on it with him. 

  • telerafairlyreie and oh-dr-lecter are so insanely prolific I can only say to go their blogs and read ALL THE THINGS! If I am having a crappy day and need something light and short and sweet, 99% chance I will find it with one of them.
  • If you want Hannibal whump and/or your heart shattered into a million pieces, go to the-winnowing-wind. Ro is a horrid horrible who horrididly horribles and then feasts on our tears and pain to grow stronger.

Okay i went WAY overboard and did not even list all I wanted but those are the ones I most often turn to


this acoustic version of can’t get you out of my head is THE hannigram song