hannie ba'al


Finished cover for my Hannie webcomic, original art and with added title and texture. One thing sure, this will be highly nsfw cause of violence, blood and possible sexual content.

The only thing Im not actually satisfied is the title’s font, but at the moment I can’t come up with any proper, handmade one XS can someone help me out with a nice title design? Creepy one would be the best haha XD


Loss of Sanity - Part 05

This is the last part of my horror comic, watching as the trauma turns Hannie crazy. She skins the monster and wear his over-sized pelt, considering herself as a new predator.

Once I asked if you notice something different on Hannie, now I can tell. Her eyes. They turned black as the madness infected her mind.

Honestly this was fun to draw, practiced my skills in SAI and enjoyed sketching down Hannie’s past. Thank you so much for following the story^-^

Tadaaaa the finished work!

Sooo ahm… I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, but I need you guys’ personal opinion. What would you think if I make a webcomic with Hannie? It would be a kind of experience if I can make a real comic by myself, keep up with deadlines and updates, and looking for possible developments in art (especially with environement and how quick I can finish one page)

So far I only have the first book in mind, mostly with Hannie’s backstory, separated into three bigger chapter:

  1. : her parents’ meeting
  2. : a remake of Loss of Sanity
  3. : her life as a new predator/her evolve

In the story I will probably use some cameo characters as well, like Numa and Charlie (of course I will ask permission first) But about what kind of action she might get in, thats the future’s tale, yet Im open for ideas XD

So guys, would you like to read a webcomic about the famous psycholamb?



A short comic about Hannie, haunted by her own past. She was caught by a Hypno’s Nightmare attack, that causes this insane memory. The ampharos on the 2-3 page is her mother, while the skull belongs to the myghthyena she got the pelt from. We even can see the young Hannie in a tiny panel.

In a possible theory her flock was murdered by a myghthyena when she was a mareep and the tragedy twisted her mind. When the beast managed to attack the last prey, Hannie used a sharp object and killed the myghhyena, skinning and eating its flesh.

Sometimes she even get a madness attack, when she loses her mind and goes into a killing frenzy. She become a bloodthirsty monster.
 (like you see on the last page)


Yesterday I doodled some sketch about Hannie as reference, playing around with poses and faces.

- Without the pelt she looks kinda pretty and lusty (but she isn’t X3)

- She has sharp teeth for the easier kill

- In blood lust she has a kinda creepy face

- She can run both on two and four legs (maybe that’s the reason the witnesses often mistake her with a myghthyena)

- aaaaaaaaand chibi XD a pouting chibi ahahaha X3