hannibals face is my favorite thing

My favorite thing about Hannibal crack posts is that 99% of the time they’re just slightly zany ways of describing literal canon.

#SaveHannibal Countdown: Mizumono

We’re 98 days from Bryan’s two years ultimatum now, counting down for S4 news!

Today is S02 E13 Mizumono three years anniversary!

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My favorite moment (well, it’s not that short, but…) my favorite moment (among others) is whole this “We couldn’t leave without you“ thing.

Hannibal truly opened to Will, he allowed him to get closer than anyone else has ever got… He even offered Will a redemption without killing anyone when he realized that Freddie is still alive! But Will couldn’t leave his old life for the new one, yet.

And so his betrayal felt even worse… Just look at Hannibal’s face. In the end, he cried - and there was no one for who he should pretending; this time his tears were genuine.

Did you, Will? You should’ve known earlier…

So, because Will hurt him emotionally in a way no other person in the world could, Hannibal decided to hurt Will physically and make him feel his own pain.

Then, poor Abbie… Hannibal liked her, for sure! But he saved her mainly for Will. Without Will she would have died in the kitchen in Minessota, under her father’s knife. But Hannibal saved her for Will back then and he did it again when everyone thought she had been killed. She was a gift to Will, something what he could have if he would decide to go with Hannibal. But he didn’t want it, so Abigail died in the kitchen, under her father’s knife…

And right here, the dream about murder family was washed away with rain and tears…

It’s never easy to choose a scene, Hannibal is simply full of perfection! So I hope you will point out some other scenes here with me ;-)

Also, see you next week - we’ll countdown with S3 episodes!

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My favorite fictional teenage girls: Abigail Hobbs, Beverly Marsh, Nancy Wheeler



Previously on Hannibal: #hot darkness, localized as well as general absurdity, Gillian Anderson

This week on Hannibal: I don’t want to go overboard, but, THE SORT OF INDULGENT ID-RIDDLED GIFT THAT I LIVE & BLEED FOR, you might say.

Season 3, Episode 7: “Digestivo”

We begin, with some hilariously trill-y organ music as the unscrupulous Italian detective arrives at Professor Sogliato’s building. He & his goons bust on in to the Horrible Scene We Will Henceforth Ignore, and quickly knock Hannibal out with a blow to the back of the head. Jack’s like, “thank u,” but then it’s revealed that Mason will pay double for both Hannibal AND Will. Oh come on. They pull a black bag over Will’s woozy bleeding head and promptly drag him off, because if Will Graham were to ever catch a damn break none of us would know what to do with ourselves, probably.

There’s no price on Signor Crawford’s head, so the unscrupulous detective leaves him to….have his unpriced head sawed open, as the last victim of IL MOSTRO, Dread Pirate Roberts of Florence. WOW THAT’S NOT COOL, BRO.

Luckily, Chiyoh straight-up SNIPES THEM THROUGH THE WINDOW, then comes over to say hi.

I love your shiny buttons. Also how you keep sniping people.

I laugh a lot watching Hannibal. It’s various sorts of laughter — WTF, ~Innuendos~, I Have No Other Recourse For My Emotions Right Now, etc. In this scene I started experiencing a particular fave: the Delighted Laugh.

“Did you do…this.” / “Of course.” - Delighted Laugh

“They are identically different, Hannibal and Will.” - Delighted Laugh


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That drawing was the exact moment I fell in love with Silence of the Lambs when I first saw it in my early teens. It was a surprising revelation, since the cruel insults Hannibal had flung at Clarice during their first meeting were still ringing in my ears. “This man said some really awful things to her, but here is proof that he adores her” was a difficult thing for a young girl to unpack. I think what I took away from it in the end was that the quality of your shoes didn’t matter if you were as brave as Clarice. I hope so, anyway -_-

I love SotL dearly to this day, particularly the iconic ‘rube’ monologue and the scene with the drawing. I see now that there is another layer to this outpouring of verbal abuse, that Lecter is not just a raging classist snob and his primary goal is not to demean Clarice. He sees potential in her and so immediately flings these unpleasant truths at her, because he thinks that self-consciousness, shame and doubt suit her even worse than the cheap shoes. Contrasted with this tough love approach that he maintains in their scenes together, the drawing packs a powerful emotional punch as it betrays to the viewer the true nature and the extent of that love. It’s one of my favorite things in the history of everything, the fact that Lecter is powerless before cheap-shoes-good-bag, well-scrubbed-hustling-rube, one-generation-from-poor-white-trash Clarice. His beautiful Clarice.

The class difference between Hannibal and Will is never addressed overtly on the show save for the therapy session in Oeuf, where Will doesn’t deny harboring “a half-buried grudge against the rich". It’s a layer of their relationship that the show doesn’t seem that interested in exploring, choosing instead to visually reinforce the contrast between the two men. Hannibal is sharp, angular, glossy, imposing, all cold brilliant colors and exquisite economy of movement. Will is softness, muddy earthtone, unassuming flannel and cotton worn and washed into submission, scruff and unruly curls, expressive body language and a neatness that somehow ends up looking more unkempt than neat. And this, of course, is also one of my favorite things in the history of everything, that the love of Hannibal’s life is a guy who smells like cheap aftershave and is covered in dog hair. His beautiful Will.

So while it was very nice to have Hannibal sketch them as Achilles and Patroclus, and even moreso to imagine him compulsively drawing Will’s naked butt while on the run, I’d much rather see Hannibal lovingly draw Will’s face. Alas, I don’t think it’s likely.

(Aaaand now all I can see is Hannibal painting Will with a mongoose a la Lady with an Ermine, great. In fact, who takes commissions? drawingfixx maybe? I kind of need this in my life. Badly). 

Mama-Bear Chiyoh protecting Hannibal’s virtue from a randy Will is now my most favorite thing ever.