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So, I’ve been saying that I’ll make one of these for approximately 80 years… tell me if any of you change your URLs or the links are wrong or whatever xx


Video by niche-pastiche

It’s about Will and the support system he thinks he has and what happens when he needs that support system. Also, there is the added bonus that the song made an appearance in certain movie… I’ll give you three guesses. 

Hannibal character name Anagrams - a best of

Hannibal Lecter

Enact Brain Hell

Cabaret Hell Inn

Internal Bleach

Anal Bile Trench

Labial Entrench

Anal Breech Lint

Trachea Bell Inn

Arcane Bent Hill

Innate Hell Crab

Balance Her Lint


Alana Bloom

A Banal Loom

A Llama Boon

A Balloon Ma

Anal Lab Moo

A All Man Boo

Llama Boa On

A Anal Bloom


Will Graham

A Wham Grill

Hall Ram Wig

Ham Law Girl

Glam Awhirl

Harm All Wig

All Arm Whig


Jack Crawford

Jack Dwarf Orc

Wack Car Fjord

Dwarf Jock Car 

Jack Arf Crowd


Freddie Lounds

Nerd Idol Feuds

I Fondle Udders 

Sordid Nude Elf

Flounders Died

Fondue Riddles

Denied Sold Fur

Dirndl Of Suede

Fiddle Sounder

Dude In Folders

Did Rude Elf Son


Jimmy Price

Crime Jimpy


Brian Zeller

Lez Bra Liner

Zebra? Er… Nill.


Beverly Katz

Elk Tzar Bevy

Lazy Berk Vet


And my personal favorite…

Abigail Hobbs

Ba! I shag Bilbo!