We have made our response in a list format to make this easier for you to understand.

  1. Do we think people follow this? Yes. We know so. Our follower count is more than likely higher than yours.
  2. Your posts have simple spelling errors pretty often, both in your ‘edits’ and your text. As far as I bothered to look your most popular post is just a little over 100. You have no room to talk.
  3. You have very obviously posted offensive things and refused to correct them when someone told you you were incorrect [x]
  4. You’re more immature than we could ever hope to be. [x]
  5. The use of the term 'nerd’ is not derogatory when we run blogs detailing the same fandoms. It’s redundant.
  6. Your use of the term 'queer’ is not derogatory when you run a blog about a show where one of the main actors and the director say that the two main characters are in love.
  7. (6. cont.) - also Bryan Fuller, the director, is also in a gay relationship.

If you would like to try harder, you are welcomed to, but it will only get you into further trouble.

The hannibalrepostpolice recommend you ignore and blacklist the blog hannibalconfessions. They are unapologetic about their offensive content, incredibly rude, and a perpetuator of art theft.