Some summary required


Will’s life is not getting easier.

He hears voices.

He asks his dogs if they hear them too, but the dogs don’t know anything about it.


The new killer in town is one who tried to play his victim like a cello.

Jack has the nerve to tell Will “You shake it off, get to work”. It’s important to point out the zero fucks Jack gives toward Will’s state of mind for future references.


So Will goes to Hannibal to discuss the case. While discussing, since they’re at it, they do this cute love dance around the desk. Actually, it’s probably just Hannibal following Will.


Hannibal is surrounded by patients who are potential killers or patients who have potential killers as friends.

Tobias is a friend of Franklyn’s; Hannibal goes meet him to tell him that he likes him.

And Tobias returns the favour by accepting a dinner with Hannibal.


Will keeps himself busy kissing Alana. Then goes confess his sins to Hannibal because he clearly feels guilty.

But puppy-Will is always forgiven.

Who wouldn’t forgive him?

Well, Hannibal sends Will to Tobias… So maybe forgiveness is a strong world.

Anyway all’s well that ends well.

Franklyn is killed

After a sexy fight scene, the first one of many, also Tobias is killed

Will is not.

Hannibal Rewatch meets Hannibal Advent: Fromage



Bach pulses through his mind, each tremulous note a single word, repeated. Will. Eyes locked on the doorway.

Pretending - to be upset about the broken bodies and bloodstains on the carpet (although one niggle - blood’s hellishly difficult to remove).

Not pretending - to yearn for the face he cherishes above all others to appear.

Carefully he picks up shards of recent conversation, turns them over in his mind. 

Possibility of friendship…

Requires trust…

What I want…

Someone worthy…

Guilt, unfamiliar, pricks. Then relief, overwhelming. Will, alive. Will, concerned and tender. Smiling. Hannibal sighs, eyes glistening surety.






Another crime scene; another body count. As always, Will tunes out Jack’s grouching and the organised chaos of police, FBI, First Responders. But no pendulum today; no urge to recreate Budge’s spiteful finale. Will’s only thought is for the traumatised man whose relief-filled gaze snared him the moment he walked in.


Everything else fades away as he perches on the edge of the desk and notes with concern the blood streaks on Hannibal’s forehead. Squashes the urge to grab a med-kit and clean him up a bit.

It’s enough to be here for him.

It’s enough to be close.