Airport/Aeroplane AUs

came up with them when I was on a plane and dying of boredom and decided to share them

- ‘okay i get that you’re scared of flying but could you maybe let go of my hand i think you’re cutting off the blood supply’

- ‘i’m sitting between two people on a really long flight and oh god they’ve started a competition over which one of them can seduce me first’

- ‘i’m the pilot of this flight and you’re my new co-pilot and i swear if you make one more shitty pun i’m going to throw you off the plane’

- ‘hello this is your captain speaking; can whoever is trying to catch pokemon on the plane please stop immediately’

- ‘i’m meant to be selling food and drink on this flight but i keep stopping by your seat for ages to talk to you every time i walk past and i keep getting yelled at for holding everything up but you’re really interesting to talk to’

- ‘this security check would go a lot faster if you didn’t keep wiggling your eyebrows at me while i check you for weapons’

- ‘do you have an explanation as to why you have a large number of swords in your bag, or should i just call security now’

- ‘our plane made an emergency landing in the ocean, so i hope you like i-spy because i think we’re going to be in this life raft for a long time’

- ‘somehow i’ve ended up as the only passenger on this flight and the pilot keeps relaying shitty pickup lines over the radio’

- ‘get the fuck back here that’s my suitcase’

Person A and Person B have been sharing dreams for as long as they can remember. The catch? They’ve never met in real life. Imagine them meeting in real life for the first time. OT3 bonus: Person C is Person A’s friend and is present at their meeting, and is really confused.

Random Prompts

As requested by anon, these are prompts based off of stories I have written.

  • I love you but you’re an idiot, so I may not come and save you
  • I know your brother/sister/other sibling just died, but you have to understand that you will die if we don’t get away fast enough
  • In the moment I didn’t know what you were feeling, but now that you’re crying at my feet I know I shouldn’t have told your secret
  • Let’s run away together! We never, never have to come back here
  • My friend group consists of misfits and weirdos, and I still feel like an outsider.
  • I know that you wanted to just feel something but you can’t. Because of me.
  • Until I joined a band, I didn’t know how powerful teenage girls are.
  • I’m an animal crashing a family reunion!! (Best not to ask about that one)

Note: all of the prompts are from different stories