Hello there my dear fannibal family and all the fandoms in creation :)

Please help this beautiful show win this award so we can gain recognition and maybe be renewed for a 4th season!

We all support other shows and sometimes it is hard to chose, but today is the day to assemble for the show that needs it the most.

Please, Sherlockians, deduce whom to help!

Supernatural family, all the Winchesters out there, help us fight our demons (and Angels)!

Whovians, help us to get back to our home planet and save lives!

Please, Outlander Clan, let’s form an alliance to win any battle we may face! We’ll stand by your side as one!

Brave knights of Camelot, help us let our Cannibal king rise again. If Merlin ever needs us, we’ll work our magic for you!

All the SuperWhoLock fans out there: please, help our small fandom and we promise, we will fight by your side against any enemy!

And all the other fandoms out there, we also have you in our hearts and mind!

All you have to do is click here: http://www.spoilertv.com/2015/09/2015-series-comp-day-31-32-final-hannibal-person-of-interest.html

Then scroll down and Vote Hannibal!
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Help us gather the teacup back together again!

Thank you my dears!

Here I leave you with a very Fannibal hug!


“Fear comes with imagination, it’s a penalty, it’s the price of imagination.”   ―    Thomas Harris,   Red Dragon

Hannibal S3 Characters: A Summary
  • Hannibal: tol lonely nerd
  • Will Graham: smol lonely nerd
  • Bedelia Du Maurier: 99% sass 1% ~AMbIguoUS MotiVEs~
  • Jack Crawford: an actual dumbass. holy shit.
  • Alana Bloom: the magic of character development
  • Mason Verger: sexual innuendos and abuse wrapped in ~8ft of scar tissue
  • Margot Verger: an actual angel of the Lord who has graced this earth with her presence
  • Frederick Chilton: the patron saint of all lonely nerds
  • Chiyoh: deus ex machina
  • Francis Dolarhyde: furry gone wrong
  • Molly Graham: badassery in a heteronormative package
  • Reba McClane: too beautiful for this shit
  • Inspector Pazzi: he was there that one time
  • Antony Dimmond: THAT KIND OF PARTY