(Having now seen to the END), Rewatching Hannibal S1E01like…

  • So many Will emotions. OH WILL. But also, how alone. He’s never this alone again, not even in BSHCI, because forever after this, even when he’s directly hurting him, Hannibal Gets It. Will tries to put Hannibal off psychoanalysing him by basically yelling ‘listen, when I see people i think weird creepy crap like how they might be fatally ill and stuff? yuck, right?’ and Hannibal’s just all: ‘Mais naturellement’ In Hannibal he’s found a person who will never consider him broken, even if he’s actively trying to take him apart.
  • HANNIBAL. Hannibal you hubristic shit, you have no idea do you? You’ve found a new fun toy in the form of Will Graham’s brain, and you’re pretty excited that he’s not just a stupid run-of-the-mill pig, because (a) conversation! and (b) this will come in handy come framing time, but you are going to FALL IN LOVE, and you don’t *get* it. You don’t even get how affection works until 1x07 for heaven’s sake. You’re rushing into the arms of nemesis because you’re completely blind to it. This man is going to crack your world open, and you’re feeding him people!sausage for shits and giggles.
  • JACK CRAWFORD. Let us put down ‘I promise, Alana, I will not let Will Graham get in any way close to (or involved in, or subject to, or fatally intertwined on an operatically epic scale of destiny with) the bad murderers’ right up there with ‘This boat Titanic will be totally fine’, ‘Asbestos: Protects you and yours’ and ‘How wrong could a park full of velociraptors go, anyway?’…

I just realized something. (I’m talking about Hannibal)

So ok, in the pilot when Hannibal and Will meet, I had never realized that Hannibal isn’t wearing one of his dashing suits. I mean we’re talking here about Hannibal I-wear-suits-even-when-I-have-dinner-by-myself Lecter, and he goes to meet someone in a sweater + jacket. And that would be formal enough for most people, but for Hannibal it’s almost casual.

And I also read a meta about how Hannibal must’ve been so excited about Will even from before actually meeting him (sorry I don’t remember where this meta is!!! :( ), because Jack probably talked to him about Will.

So… I realized that about his clothes, and I just can’t take this thought out of my head, of Hannibal being super nervous and thrilled about going to meet Will, and just trying on a whole lot of different clothes, and then thinking that maybe a suit will be a little bit intimidating, so he goes for the ‘casual’ look instead. 


Fangirl challenge — [1/10] pilot: Apéritif, Hannibal.

«This is not a fatal wound. The bullet misses every artery. She is paralyzed before it leaves her body. Which doesn’t mean she can’t feel pain. It just means she can’t do anything about it. This is my design


I recently watched the last two episodes of Hannibal because I was away when they aired and first of all HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But despite how devastated I am that my Thursday nights are going to be empty, I feel a bit of closure. Throughout the day I thought about why the fuck did I feel that and I think I figured it out. It came full circle. And it came full circle down to the camera shots.

First there was Hannibal and Will eating together which we saw in the pilot and in the last episode with almost the exact same shot.

Then there was Garret Jacob Hobbs being shot in the pilot and Will being shot in the finale. Not only were the shots similar but it was in the same kitchen!

Lastly there was Abigail lying in the hospital and Will lying in the hospital. Again it’s practically the same shot just with different characters.

It’s little things like this that make me appreciate just how fucking brilliant this show is!

I don’t know if someone’s already made this discovery, but I wanted to put out my thoughts.

i feel like a Jehovah’s witness, i keep trying to get ppl to ‘convert’/watch the pilot of hannibal, so i can get them hooked… like i can see a long journey ahead of me of just watching and rewatching and rerewatching the first episode until everyone i know has seen it (>.<) n I’m a-ok with that