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Songs that inspired me while writing my Hannibal/Pushing Daisies AU fic, “A Second Chance.”
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/6539053 and/or https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11893621/1/A-Second-Chance
Summary: Abigail Hobbs died in her father’s kitchen. Unable to stand the guilt, Will uses his gift of reanimation to bring her back. But will his gift of life enchant her, or lead Abigail on a path that neither anticipated?


Goodnight Hannibal

Here’s a teeny, tiny ficlet I found hiding in my Google docs. I don’t know when or why I wrote it, but I decided to post it anyways.

Will couldn’t sleep.

His mind wouldn’t rest, and he just couldn’t get comfortable. He was hyper aware of Hannibal’s relaxed, even breathing beside him. Right now he envied Hannibal’s ability to live by his routine. Usually the man’s regimented lifestyle made Will roll his eyes and shake his head. But to be so in control of his body and his life that he could basically will himself to fall asleep at midnight and then rise at 5 am on the dot was worth a little jealousy. Will rolled over again, with the intention of getting out of bed. He heard Hannibal sigh and froze: knowing that he’d woken the other man up made him feel like more of a failure. Before he could apologize, he was being pushed onto his stomach and Hannibal was laying across his back.

“Hannibal? What are you doing?”

“Smothering you.” Hannibal replied sleepily into Will’s shoulder. “If you are dead, you won’t toss and turn so much. Then I might actually be able to sleep.” Will would have laughed if he could have gotten enough air into his lungs. As it stood, the weight of Hannibal pinning him to the mattress was oddly comforting. Will hadn’t meant for his mumble confession to be audible.

“Many people sleep with weighted blankets to ease anxiety,” Hannibal offered up in explanation.

“Like thundershirts for dogs,” Will added knowingly. He could feel Hannibal huff in response.

“If you insist of using dog-related associations, then yes, that is apt. But perhaps we can continue this discussion in the morning, hmm?” Hannibal shifted most of his weight off of Will but remained firmly pressed to his side. He clearly wasn’t expecting an answer, so Will allowed his eyes to drift shut and himself to be lulled by Hannibal’s grounding presence.  

Post-S3 Hannigram Fic Recs

I’ve been doing an awful lot of reading this year and I wanted to share all the post-s3 fics I have read since last August in honor of the Hannibal anniversary! Here are some of my favorites, but if you want to read more post-s3 fics click HERE for a much more extensive list! #FannibalsforS4!

Averno by damnslippyplanet

1. What We Talk About When We Talk About Blood (21)

Hannibal can’t take Will with him when he runs away, so Will has to play innocent when the FBI finds him half-dead. And then he has to go on playing normal for a long time afterwards. Hannibal and Will spin out the days until they can meet up again however they can manage to stay in touch under the radar. A long-distance slow-burn Scheherazade love story of sorts.

2. The Last Four Years (27/?)

Will and Hannibal have finally (finally!) managed to get together in the same time and place, without anyone trying to shoot at them or arrest them. Which doesn’t necessarily mean anything about navigating their new life together is going to be easy. There might still be one or two tiny issues left to work out. On temporary hiatus right now, but NOT abandoned.

Break Open Your Chest (Just To Count Your Heatbeats) by everybreathagift (3)

Yes, I enjoy murdering and eating people, but I can’t tell you I enjoy sexual submission. How odd, even for Hannibal. Or, in which Will gets Hannibal drunk so he’ll admit he likes to be dominated

By The Lake by princesskay (6)

Four months after Will and Hannibal fell to the sea, their domestic life is upset by Will suddenly distancing himself from Hannibal in favor of fixing a broken down motor boat he’s discovered on their property. Will ponders his feelings about Hannibal, while Hannibal grows increasingly frustrated and fearful that Will might never let him in again. (aka I wanted to write a little thing about Will having a sexuality crisis and it turned into an angst-filled, dramatic, multi-chaptered affair that took me way too long to finish)

Conduit by mokuyoubi (1)

No one has ever known Will as well as Hannibal, and if only he could get over his reservations, he knows that they could be amazing together. Hannibal, happy to have Will in whatever capacity he is able, is only too willing to give Will anything he wants, even if it’s someone other than himself. Or, Hannibal watches while Will has sex with a woman, and Will gets off on how much Hannibal gets off on it, and voila, sexuality crisis averted!

Dark Paradise by Sherlock_Spock (15/66)

When Molly leaves Will, his world disintegrates and he makes a decision with grave consequences. Prison break, escape: our Murder Husbands will reveal themselves in all their glory.

*Note: Fic is still being translated from Spanish.

Mono no Aware by bluesyturtle (17)

Falling off a cliff into the ocean is a really dramatic way to do a baptism, but our boys never do anything halfway. Chiyoh, naturally, is very annoyed with both of them. OR: The only rational thing that can happen is that they’re rescued, right? And who else would save them but Chyoh?

Rolling Atlantic by feyestwords (7)

Will and Hannibal survive the fall and go on the run, attempting to fins somewhere to settle down and live their lives together – but their appetite keeps them from staying in one place for too long. Will works his way through his intense feelings towards Hannibal, Hannibal adapts to an ever-changing Will, and both are forced to emotionally navigate through something that neither one of them expected. “Soon, all of this will be lost to the sea.”

*Note: Slow burn, angst, and it is one of the best fucking post-fall fics out there.

what shall be (shall be enough) by peacefrog

1. singing with all my skin and bone (1)

As their plane lands in Argentina, Will presses his fingers into the scar tissue tugging tight against his cheek, wondering if Hannibal can read his mind. If Hannibal can hear the roar of memories ehosing behind his eyes, the dim and ceaseless thoughts Will can not yet name may finally come into focus.

2. and the burning wheel passes gently over us (1)

“I haven’t even kissed you yet,” Will suddenly realizes. “Mmm, would you like to?” Hannibal’s voice is think with sleep. “I think we should before we have sex again.” “I’m right here.”

3. and my body (a fault line) (1)

“We’re not in therapy.” “Would you like to be?” “You can’t be serious,” Will peels himself up off the sofa and begins slowly pacing the floor. “I am.” “Whose therapy are we talking about, Hannibal?” Will doesn’t mean to sound as angry as his words come out. “mine or yours?”

4. between the shadow and the soul (1)

“I’d like to try something, if you’re feeling up to it,” Hannibal says. “Or rather, I’d like you to try something.” “What did you have in mind?” Will’s fingers slip against Hannibal’s skin, cock growing harder still. “Do you want to fuck me, Will?” Hannibal’s voice, think with arousal, rumbles against his ear.

5. to keep the light from passing through (1)

“How does God feel about this?” Will unbuckles himself, turning to look Hannibal in the eye. “His house in ruins.” “God has many houses,” Hannival says, hint of a smile on his lips. “The number ever-growing. When one crumbles, 10 more rise up to take its place.” “More houses, more power.” “No,” Hannibal corrects. “Power cannot be measured. Only felt.”

6. incipit vita nova (1)

“You knew this would happen.” Will lets the knife fall from his hand, clattering to the ground. “Don’t pretend otherwise.”

*Note: Want to read more post-s3 fics? Look no further! There are a LOT more post-S3 recommendations HERE !

Want to geek out about Hannibal or Hannigram? Just want to talk or reccomend a fic? Don’t hesitate to message!

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