We launched the Kickstarter!

Dear Fannibals, 

…YES! We launched the Kickstarter, you can find it here

The Kickstarter will be up until September 30th 2017!

Our primary goal is 10.000 €, but our BIG GOAL is 30.000€. 

The rewards will include the DVD, stickers, postcards, t-shirts, exclusive access to more content, and so much more… And there will be additional rewards once we reach our stretch goals! There’s a lot of stuff available if you want to sedate your hunger, so many incredible artists have joined our crew!

Please check out the Kickstarter for all the info about the project, rewards, cast&crew, artists, and find out how it all started!

Don’t hesitate to tell all your Fannibal friends about this project :D

“Hannibal: CRACK!” Kickstarter - up until September 30th!

Oh, and don’t forget: tomorrow August 29th we’ll post the audio of the 3rd Act from the first Fannibal Musical! In the meantime, here are the links to Act 1 and Act 2

Stay tuned, Fannibals!



The first act of Hannibal: A Fannibal Musical is here!

You’re all invited to the feast: hit play and join the party :D

But wait, there’s more!

Second act - 26th August

Third act - 29th August

Stay tuned, Fannibals!


The @fannibalmusical is looking for HANNIBAL LECTER!

Are you a cosplayer? Can you travel within Europe (France, England, Germany & Austria) between August and mid January? 



If you can cosplay Hannibal and can travel please tell us!

You won’t have to sing, you just have to lipsync and cosplay!

What is “Hannibal - A Fannibal Musical 2″? Will it be like the first Fannibal Musical?

The first Fannibal Musical was performed live at RDC3. This time, the Fannibal Musical will be movie. Here’s a video with all the details! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkbP0zyua9k

The Fannibal Musical is looking for other actors, too! 

Jack - Matthew - Bella - Reba - Garret - Abigail’s look alikes

Click on the names for more details!

For info @fannibalmusical on tumblr, FannibalMusical on twitter 

Please reblog this and tell your friends! Share this with anyone who might be interested :D Thank you!


A few of the more SFW photos from our Puppy!Will shoot!

My lovely roommate and best friend @thedr-isin! He made this shoot so much fun and easy to do, he was so helpful and wasn’t getting annoyed with me while I was drunk off my ass. Omg.

(PS zoom in on the collar on the first picture.)
(PSS tumblr tried to ruin the quality, if you click on the pictures they return to their original quality.)

@thedr-isin as Nighty Hannibal
Myself as Nighty Puppy!Will


Dear Fannibals,

We finally convinced Will Graham to talk about our new project, “Hannibal: CRACK!”, a fanmade musical film and parody based on our favourite show Hannibal.

It took some time, and… a dog, to convince him, but the video is finally here!

If you want to support the project, here you can find the Kickstarter. Thank you to the 77 backers that believe in our project! We love you!

Let us also remind you that the Kickstarter will be up until September 30th (15 days to go!): our goal is 10.000€. Please help us make this dream come true!

Watch the video to learn more about what our movie is about, who will participate, why do we need the Kickstarter, and find out more about some of the rewards for our backers. 

Cast, crew, singers, artists and rewards full lists: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/behindtheveil/hannibal-crack

Stay tuned, Fannibals! x