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Writer Appreciation Post

Alright so here’s all the writers who are going to be helping out during the charity, thanks to everyone.













All three months











Thanks again to everyone who’s getting involved, if you want more information about the writer’s feel free to check out our website (http://hannibalacca.wordpress.com/writers/

New fic! Yet soul be sure by cicak

Yet soul be sure by cicak

Hannibal, Mature, 7272 words

Where Hannibal is an equinox werewolf, a man who lives as a wolf for half the year, and as a human until the next equinox. But the wolf is not the monster.

Written for Max/cognomen as part of Hannibal ACCA 2014, for the prompt ’A dark little werewolf thing - any characters though if it’s pairing then Hannigram’. I didn’t manage to delivery on the short, sadly. 

I’ve never written werewolves before. They kind of took over my brain.

Hi! I'll be taking part in the Hannibal ACCA event in July, and so I set up an account on Archive Of Our Own (sherbetlemonsandshuriken). I currently have two works up on there, which are 'A Soldier's Soliloquy', which recently was Highly Commended in the Hall Caine Prize, and 'She's A Rebel, She's A Saint', which won the Isle of Man Young Crimewriter of the Year competition in 2011, and was shortlisted for the national final. So bascially, please feel free to check it out! I'll be posting some more works uthere soon, and if you have any requests for me to write, I'll be taking them :D
About Curiousity Killed the Katz...

I started the author’s note for this fic, but the note never seemed to end.  There was so much to write about the process for this story, so many sources to acknowledge, that I thought I would put it in a post here and get on with the story instead.  Special thanks to shawarma-palace for donating and the prompt!  

My first thought was a piece with Jimmy and Zeller being held hostage, and all the noir elements were to be imagined by one of them.  The result would be a neo-noir piece, distinct from noir because it calls attention to the conventions of the genre.  It’s a genre I know.  

I felt that was a cop-out though.  The prompt had called for noir, and I took that to mean traditional noir: dark alleyways, urban landscapes, crimes of passion, melodrama.  I also thought immediately of having a hard-boiled detective, because almost all my encounters with noir – mostly film, I must admit – have starred a hard-boiled detective.  Mix that with mandatory Team Sassy Science, and I immediately thought of Bev.  She was going to be the hard-boiled detective, with Price and Zeller providing her with back-up (and, as it turns out, the occasional neo-noirism). 

My relationship with noir is…complicated.  I love the aesthetic, I love the cynical tone, but I find it so hard to communicate that in my writing.  My style is very much not-noir.  I can wax gothic, feign poetic, and regurgitate purple prose all over the page, but I can’t speak noir or hard-boiled.  Not to mention the fact that I had no idea where the story was going.  I had to track down sources so that I could conceive of noir in writing as opposed to visuals.

For that, I have to name my sources:  Michael Chabon’s The Yiddish Policeman’s Union, possibly one of my favourite novels ever, got me started.  I sat down and poured through it one afternoon.  I followed that up with Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep, a book I didn’t know was in the apartment until the Ally heard my grumbling and found it from among his things.  The big resource, though, was https://www.miskatonic.org/slang.html, a dictionary of hard-boiled slang that I peppered throughout my initial drafts of the story (of which there were many).  I need to mention The Maltese Falcon and Casablanca (the latter of which I reference at the end of the fic) as cinematic inspiration.  Finally, the endless supply of jazz on YouTube: that was what finally got me in the spirit. 

Ultimately, there were two competing versions of this story: an earlier, multi-chapter behemoth that deserves mentioning if for no other reason that its length and breadth.  This version included a subplot with Mason Verger, one of the few scenes I regret cutting, and otherwise lay the groundwork for the story.  I abandoned the project for two reasons: first, I simply would not have the time to finish without seriously damaging the fic, and second, I really, really hated the inconsistencies of the tone.  I would have paragraphs of well-rendered noir followed by whole pages of gothic scribblings.  There was also not nearly enough of Bev for my taste, and I mean that in terms of her character.  Noir tends to be plot-driven, but I lost her in all the plot. 

The story that I submitted was seriously condensed.  The scene with Freddie was planned for chapter four out of five in the original fic, but it was the scene I really wanted to write.  Freddie set such a great tone.  I already knew she was going to be a take on the femme fatale figure.  Imagining her and Bev sharing a drink, tossing noirisms back and forth: that was what I wanted to be writing.  Starting fresh gave me a new perspective on Bev too.  I had already suggested in my previous draft that she made the mistake of arresting Chilton as the Ripper.  I also got to add the subplot about Miriam Lass being her murdered partner, a dimension that fit her new hard-boiled persona (although I would have loved to beef that subplot up).

All in all, this isn’t a fic I’m ready to say goodbye to.  There’s still work I want to put in on it, not to mention the fact that I enjoyed reimagining Bev as the star of her own series of mysteries.  I certainly appreciated the challenge (daunting as it seemed at times).  It doesn’t help that I set up a sequel at the ending, one I already have a Katz-y title for:

To Katz a Dragon: A Beverly Katz Mystery

Hope to see you again soon with more.  Happy reading!

pssst…. if you have ever wanted a fic by me/thisisthefamilybusiness, like a guaranteed fic of your desire by me, then prepare yourself to make a charitable donation because I will be joining the team at the Hannibal ACCA as a writer soon.

this is a win-win-win situation friends, you help a charity and you can make me write that sequel to that fic you always wanted me to write or whatever else you want

February dawns soon...

And the wonderful projects that had been commissioned will be posted up for their donors and for you lovely people to see!!

We will be cuing up 2 projects per day until we’ve posted all of them. A huge HUGE clap to the artists and writers who participated this time. A huge thank you to those who signed up but did not get a project or were unable to take one on this round. You are all absolutely wonderful.

I’ve been unwell for the last few weeks so I’ve been unable to post on here very often, so an ENORMOUS thank you to asha-volca-nova for keeping everything afloat, she did the most amazing job.

Thank you again to everyone who donated, who helped promote us, who helped behind the scenes. We learned a lot from this little project and the next one should be better organized and hopefully yield more money for the lovely charity we’ll choose to support.

- Val (aka sun-to-sirius)

The Hannibal ACCA (Artist Collective Charity Auction) officially starts today! I'll be taking commissions over the month of July, so if you're into the show Hannibal and want to donate to a charity, just follow the link and donate! http://hannibalacca.wordpress.com/ In addition, I've also started an account on Archive of Our Own, where I've posted two of my short stories. So, if you want, check them out here: http://archiveofourown.org/users/Sherbetlemonsandshuriken