hannibal 2x08
  • the parallel was like INCREDIBLY heavy-handed, like too much
  • for some reason this was the absolute grossest episode for me??? i have a dead-animal squick and just like oh my god ew i can’t even talk about what grossed me out because i’m so grossed out by it
  • BUT THAT LAST SCENE THOUGH??? THE DYNAMIC BETWEEN WILL AND HANNIBAL SINCE WILL GOT OUT??? it’s incredibly electric and of course the collective tumblr mind will jump to “hannigram” (and mine does too) but i think it’s doing the dynamic a disservice to call it sexual. this show is all about game changes and alterations in relationships, and taking things in unexpected directions. at one point i thought will would be behind bars for the duration of the season. i can’t express how glad i am that he is not, that the complex dynamic between him and hannibal is being explored and not boiled down to “will=good, hannibal=bad”
  • also refreshingly non-ableist that peter bernadone was not the murderer, and a frightening commentary on the ableist tendencies of our society, how the “competent” manipulate and take advantage of the “incompetent,” often by assigning that very label. refreshing to have bernadone marked as human and his abusive, murdering social worker dehumanized
Reaction to Hannibal 2x08

The first ten minutes of every episode of Hannibal

Will with his suddenly well groomed hair and glasses combo 

Margot Verger and her brother Mason

She looks nothing like her book counterpart

Hannibal and Alana (I’ve just always associated Hannibal with Clarice, hard to watch him with another women)

That poor man’s animals!

The social worker