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Top five Hannigram moments? Haven't watched the show yet but I know their ship name and now that I'm done school I can watch it now!

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Going to make these silly vague to be spoiler lite

  • Hannibal cradles Will’s head and calls him a beautiful butterfly over a cowering man who has crawled out of a horse. Bonus: Will later leaving an elaborate note at Hannibal’s childhood home saying he’s ready to be a beautiful butterfly.
  • Hannibal and Will meet up in an Italian art gallery, and despite having full intents to kill each other, can’t get those lovestruck looks off their faces and stop saying stupid romantic things
  • Will does the grocery shopping and it’s the best night of Hannibal’s life
  • Will fantasizes about murdering Hannibal with the most tender intense eyes. Wait, Will fantasizes about his better world. Wait, Will fantasizes about waking up in Hannibal’s office. Wait, Will fantasizes about - you get the idea.
  • Will gets cheeky with Cordell; Hannibal’s eyes says he’s in love with Will, Will’s eyes say he’s well aware

And yessss watch the shit out of Hannibal

Mizumono thoughts and feelings (Hannibal Season 2 Finale) SPOILERS
This season finale was honestly one of the best season finales of any show I have EVER watched.
The last like 20 minutes was just so shocking because honestly I did not see a thing that happened coming!
Okay I loved Alana in this one, like when she appeared with the gun to shoot Hanni I was like yas GURL but ALANA HOWD YOU FORGET BULLETS!! And the she got bullets phew but then that thing happened and okay honestly IS SHE ALIVE I NEED TO KNOW
okay but what hurt so much was when Will appeared and saw her there in the ground. And yes Bryan had to go there with the rain and the sad music which made everything hundred times more painful.
“You were supposed to leave.” Okay when Hugh Dancy said that I swear it was the saddest most broken thing but honestly this script is so beautiful.
Okay then Hanni cups Will’s cheek which was this moment of peace but then oh he had the knife and just stabbed him. But Hanni holding Will whilst he was bleeding what get away Hanni I WAS SO ANGRY
oh yeah and remember when Abigail appeared and that sadness but also slight glimmer of hope that Will has because he cares for Abigail. And oh one second later Hanni decides to murder her IN FRONT OF WILL?! Ajhsgsjajavaghajanahfaga
Okay so it was pretty emotional and that ending I should have guessed Bedelia was a TRAITOR like is she the only female character left because IS ALANA ALIVE OR NOT
okay phew I have the whole next season to watch
Basically summary it was painful but beautiful pain because Bryan Fuller is a genius. Ps you’re welcome for the gif of pain. This review is a totally mess of jut some of my thoughts smushed down

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Some Thoughts:

I really feel like the Gotham writers are realizing some of their mistakes of past seasons and trying to incorporate character development and more coherent plots this season (we’ve had the Bruce double set up at the beginning and now confirmation of bringing that full circle, the Court has been here all along, Ed and Os have been developing all season)

That being said there are only a couple ways we can logically move forward from this point:
We know that Oswald comes back, so logically he should come back changed, but not entirely different, i.e his love for Ed should not have just disappeared. In the episode we had Ed blatantly say out loud to Oswald that his love was selfish and that Os didn’t really love him so that at the end of the episode we could have Oswald realize his own love was twisted at first but has developed into real, selfless love.
Going along with this, it is logical to assume what Os said there at the end (“you need me just as I need you”) is going to come full circle too. Ed will come into himself and then realize Os is right: Oswald is the only one he truly connected with and whether or not he loves him romantically or not doesn’t even have to factor into it; we will see them come together again.

I imagine- and hope- that it will be a slow and rocky thing; Ed will slowly realize he needs Os in his life and then agree to let him back into his life, unsure of where they’ll go from there, but understanding that they need each other.
This could lead to a very real situation of Os realizing that Ed will never love him back romantically and learning to accept that (In which case I pray that the writers give him a new love interest that actually returns his feelings because this poor man does not deserve to be alone and I have representation needs), or it will develop into Ed realizing his feelings may be deeper.

In any case I’m going to remain optimistic until proven otherwise.

(Side Note for my fellow fannibals: Will said that he and Hannibal would never even be friends and set out to kill him; Hannibal gutted and nearly sawed open Will’s head before he realized how bad a decision that would have been: things worked out for them and things may still work out for nygmob as well

Chap 14 Thoughts

EDIT: so went back to read chp 1 and 2 and sangwoo did go to the army. He was lying to the landlord about not going. So just to give a sketchy timeline, at 17 he murders his parents, 18 enrolls into the army, 20 is in college. Hmm….something feels off.

So, Sangwoo hasnt been in the army meaning he wasn’t the one who helped Yoon Bum….in all honesty the young police officer seems to be closer in age to yoon bum so I’m thinking he was the one who helped him and when Yoon Bum made eye contact with Sangwoo the first time he decided in his head that Sangwoo was the one who helped him but it wasnt??? So, that kinda makes Yoon Bum a unreliable narrator..

Im just putting out thoughts here…but chapter 14 confirms Sangwoo isnt the guy who helped Yoon bum. Yoon Bum seems to cling onto the next person who gives him any sort of recognition…confirming his need for social interaction physically and mentally since he’s been horribly deprived of it which makes him over obssess over that one person till he gets a straight out rejection.

Also, we see Yoon Bum lives alone since no one else is necessarily paying for the apartment other than himself..so he mightve ran away from his uncle or his uncle visits him…so there’s still that mystery of where his uncle is.

Lastly, the more Sangwoo tests Yoon Bum the more of a confirmation we get that Sangwoo is grooming Yoon Bum as a partner, he cares for him in a selfish way saying, “There’s still a lot we haven’t done together.” So that murder husband theory is panning out to be the right, like in Hannibal.

Yet another Yuri on Ice vs Hannibal analysis

So @lottitheunicorn and I were talking about all those people who compare the anime series Yuri on Ice with NBC‘s Hannibal and at first, I was laughing but then I realized that there are actually quite a few similarities. Don’t expect an in-depth analysis and don‘t take it too seriously ;). Here it comes!

1. The fluffy brunette cinnamon bun with glasses

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Bc this genius @intergalactic-dorks made the suggestion and I could. not. resist. There are probably better attempts at this floating out there, but here’s mine :D

Cue necessary warnings and spoilers for Hannibal being Hannibal, also this might be slightly au bc i don’t think Hannibal had a sentencing hearing.


His lawyer was…pink.

Not “pink” in the way he sometimes thought of flesh as pink, but “pink” as in, dressed head to toe in hot pink.

It was the color that drew him out of his mind palace. He’d been with Will in the cathedral when she sat down in one of the pews, just in the corner of his vision. Hannibal’s eyes opened, and he was drowned in…pink.

“Wow,” the lawyer said, and if a voice had a color, this one would also be pink. “You are exactly what I pictured.” She smiled and waved to him from a safe distance. The prison had strapped him in a straight jacket. They thankfully had forgone the mask, so her scent drifted to him slowly across the space between them in Hannibal’s cold cell. He could smell a soft, diluted floral scent emanating from her. It clung to her pink angora jacket, and the light blue scarf tied expertly at her thin neck.

Hannibal admired the rest of her as she introduced herself. He knew her name, of course. She had made quite a name for herself on Capitol Hill a few years back, though Hannibal assumed that a woman who wore Marc Jacobs and Valentino from head to toe and carried Gucci on her arm and stepped with Louboutin on her feet no longer worked for the government. She was indeed “pink”, but the colors wove together seamlessly. This was a woman who knew how to dress herself impeccably.

And if she had forgone such a favorite and expensive perfume, she also knew of his intense sense of smell.

“That is a lovely perfume you wear, Ms. Woods.”

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