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Hannibal: And The Woman Clothed With The Sun - Recap And Livetweet

#Hannibal: And The Woman Clothed With The Sun - Recap And Livetweet

Yeah, I don’t even know how I survived this episode. Survived watching it several times in fact. But we’re just going to chalk it up to all the training I’ve had shaking and crying because of this show. My stamina, let me show you it. Previously on Hannibal: We finally met and cooed over the Red Dragon as played by Richard Armitage because we’re a hot fucking mess of a fandom. Sue us. Will’s new…

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Richard Armitage Continues To Impress With His ‘Red Dragon’ Portrayal In ‘Hannibal’
Richard Armitage continues to impress with his performance as serial killer Francis Dolarhyde, a.k.a. the Red Dragon in the NBC horror series,

Richard Armitage finally spoke on Saturday night’s episode, called “And The Woman Clothed With the Sun.” The lisp Harris describes in his novel was done perfectly, and it was actually painful to watch him struggle with his words. That is one of the things Armitage said he wanted to do, make Dolarhyde an empathetic character, despite the horrible crimes he commits.

Along with Richard Armitage’s first words, we were also introduced to Reba McClane, played by True Blood star Rutina Wesley. Reba is interesting to Dolarhyde because she is blind, and so, since she cannot see his disfigured face like everyone else does, she can’t judge him.

Dolarhyde is shy, but Reba doesn’t seem to mind his awkwardness and actually explains that he doesn’t have to be uncomfortable around her because she understands his words. However, he is reluctant when she asks to touch his face.

“I want to see if you’re smiling,” she asks to put him at ease.

“Trust me, I’m smiling.” Francis responds as he holds her arm at bay. Dolarhyde hasn’t been around many women. In fact, Reba is the first adult woman he has ever interacted with in his life, and he is conflicted.

Earlier in the episode, we see Richard Armitage in the beginning of his “Becoming” into the “Red Dragon,” as he watches the horror he inflicted upon the Leeds family on his video projector. But the question is: how will his fascination with Reba affect his perfectly laid out plans to complete his transformation?

Richard Armitage is proving he is a force to be reckoned with when he’s on-screen, and with all that was going on in Hannibal episode 309, it’s not an easy task. We also saw Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) and Dr. Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) reunited, as the former is desperate for help in stopping the serial killer. Freddie Lounds is back, as was Abigail in a freaky flashback to Season 1.

We were left with the first interaction between Dolarhyde and Lecter, when the Doctor receives a call from who he is told is his attorney. The serial killer is a fan of Hannibal and tells him he is honored that he has taken an interest in his doings. Hannibal asks Dolarhyde what he is becoming and we hear Richard Armitage’s distinctive voice saying, “The Great Red Dragon.”

AXN Estrena tercera temporada de Hannibal este Lunes

AXN Estrena tercera temporada de Hannibal este Lunes

La aclamada serie ‘Hannibal‘ llegará a Colombia este 3 de agosto a las 9:00 pm.

El canal AXN estrena en Colombia este lunes la tercera temporada de ‘Hannibal‘; Los eventos del final de la segunda temporada llevarán al Dr. Lecter a vivir en una situación totalmente diferente a la que disfrutaba cuando comenzó la serie.

En el primer episodio, veremos a Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen) viviendo a lo largo…

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Hannibal - season 3 - season finale

I just read, here on tumblr, a theory about Hannibal’s season finale, and I first thought, no way, they wouldn’t do that.

The theory is about a time travel to the the first season; but then I thought, yes, Bryan would do it. Why?

Here are my thoughts about that theory:

When I read that theory I thought it’s impossible, but then I remembered that Hugh said that season 4 would be as if we came back to season 1 again, and Bryan said that they were going to reinvent Will and Hannibal’s relationship, and Bryan also said that he took a part of one book that hadn’t been explored yet. Hannibal’s mathematician book? His attempts to travel back in time?

Maybe, and just maybe, Will tries to kill Hannibal at the end of season finale (Will steals Alana’s 5 keys). The last episode is called: “The wrath of the lamb”. I think is the wrath of Will Graham.

He leaves Hannibal almost dead in his cell or in another place, and Hannibal (in his mind) travels back in time to the first time he met Will and we would see his attempts to try to change everything he did to Will.

Besides, Bryan Fuller loves David Lynch, and that would be very Lynchian. In fact it reminds me a lot of Mulholland Dr. (movie that I adore btw). Diane Selwyn, anyone?

What do you think about it??

The Great Hannigram Endgame At Hand

Ok so…last week I made some vague murmuring noises about how excited I am for the Hannibal season (series? :c) finale because, despite everything we’ve seen so far and in some ways because of it, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it is so much more hopeful than I ever thought it would be after Mizumono. So naturally one of my nonnies asked me to spill the details and share with you all my great Hannibal Endgame Theory!

*Cue nervous sweating*

*Like seriously…Will Graham soaking through his T-shirts and bedsheets sweating*

Here’s the honest truth, nonnie—when you asked me that last week, it really took me aback. Because I hadn’t realized until that moment that anybody was actually listening to my vague happy murmuring noises. And omg, now that person was asking me to translate those noises into actual words?

In a word, nonnie, I was fucked.

Because right at that moment, I didn’t have actual words for it just yet.

Just a vague, overwhelming, cathartic sense of, ‘Ah yes, this show. This wonderful ship we call hannigram, so full of light and hope and love.’ Even in its darkest, most horrific, most tragic moments, I was watching one of the most beautiful love stories I had ever witnessed on screen and it was breathtaking.

I had a huge, stupid grin on my face during everything leading up to (and yes, even including) the head-cutting-open scene in Dolce, ecstatic and full of delight.

I held my hand over my mouth during the ‘breakup’ scene in Digestivo. While many hearts, I’m told, were breaking while watching that scene, mine flew.

Finally, I thought to myself. We’re getting somewhere.

They’re finally communicating. They’re finally being honest and direct with each other.

Ok, so there are setbacks. Namely, Will trying to throw up all those barriers again that Hannibal tore down before, trying to keep their lines from blurring again.

We all know that’s not going to hold for long. We can already see the cracks forming in the walls. “You are family, Will.” We are nakama.

Of course, as has been mentioned before, the first half of this season was about Hannibal attaining the perfect life that he should have always wanted, only to find that it’s empty without Will. It only makes logical, poetic sense that the second half should be the same for Will—gradually realizing that the life he built for himself with Molly and Walter is not the one he wants either. (Am I happy with Will for dragging this lovely woman and her son into his mess of a life, and under essentially false pretenses no less? No. I am not. That’s a whole ’nother conversation, however, and not really relevant to the topic at hand. Will and Hannibal are pretty much bad news for anyone except each other, period, that’s just the way it is.)

So short answer, my theory is this: Hannigram is the endgame here. Everything is building up to Will and Hannibal both finally, fully comprehending what they really mean when they say, “We’re alone without each other.”

Long answer…hoo boy, settle in, kiddies, I’ve got two for you here:


I’ve been hearing a lot of noises in the fandom since Fuller announced that in the finale he wanted to explore something that had been mentioned in the books but never covered in the movies. Namely a lot of people shouting, “WILL AND HANNIBAL ARE GOING TO ARGENTINA LIKE HANNIBAL AND CLARICE DID!”

Well, yes. That is a fair and valid theory. However, let me unpack it a little more by pointing out something that doesn’t get mentioned as much when people bring this up.

Clarice was drugged. Clarice was abducted and conditioned into being with Hannibal, so she could be his new “Mischa.” (There’s debate on how effective his “brainwashing” of her really was that I won’t get into here since I have not read that particular book in the series yet, and thus cannot weigh in an opinion.) I only point this out because: Do you really think it could so simple as them just ‘running off together,’ guys? Do you really?

I think if this is the ending Fuller is going for, we are definitely going to see the brainwashing moments happen here. My theory though is that it will either be:

·         Will reconditioning Hannibal in some way, breaking him down to the core of who he is, unpacking all of his childhood traumas and making him confront them on the long, arduous journey to being the man they both know he can be in order to be with Will. Lord knows it would be a hell of a change from Hannibal being the one who tries to transform Will, and Fuller did tell us he intends to take their relationship into wholly new unexplored territory if they can make s4 happen. The key to this idea is that Hannibal would have to be consenting in order for it to work, OR

·         The exact same as the above, only Will and Hannibal do this to each other.

When you think about it, it makes sense, right? This show has been harping on and on about the themes of transformation, self-identity, soulmates and splendid love. Their biggest hurdle is the fact that they’re both littered with so many scars it almost seems impossible for them to ever find real happiness in each other. They’ve got to unshatter that teacup somehow together, and it’s not like one of them is going to time travel to turn back the clock and fix everything, right?



I wanted to pretend at first that this theory was just crack, just a big old joke to troll you all, I really did. But…well, nonnie, this is your fault.

See, it was just a joke in my head, at first. When I saw those tweets Fuller and company made about the equations in Hannibal’s notebook and thought to myself, ‘Aw, you scamps!’

And then nonnie pointed out to me that there have apparently been ‘clues’ throughout the earlier episodes of season 3 that are supposed to hint at the finale. And I laid my head down on my pillow that night, letting that thought run my head a few more times, thinking to myself, I wonder what the clues might be? And that night when I dreamed, the things I dreamt about were this:

·         The teacup shattering and reforming again, usually as Will’s face (that’s been happening a lot more this season than ever before, we’ve all noticed this, yes?)

·         Alternate realities and universes discussed at length

·         “The optimist believes this is the best of all possible worlds. The pessimist fears this is true.”

·         The goddamn equations in that goddamn notebook

·         The weird trippy “flashbacks”/time jumps that keep happening throughout the season

·         “Shall we talk about teacups and the distortions of time?”

·         The constant, painful returns to Mizumono


Me, upon further reflection: weLL FUCK



Nononono, my brain says, you’re being ridiculous. This is too absurd. This can’t possibly be what happens.

Me: *remembers Bryan Fuller saying once many, many ages ago that he sees all of his shows taking place in the same universe*

Me: *remembers Fuller makes shows about people talking to inanimate objects, grim reapers going around and ferrying the souls of the dead, pie-makers bringing the dead back to life*

Me: *sweats nervously*


Me: It’s gonna be fucking time travel, isn’t it?

Just imagine it though—imagine Will (because something in my heart tells me it’s going to be Will, or Will and Hannibal together, but not Hannibal alone) jumping back through the streams of time and rewriting history as A REAL LIFE HONEST-TO-GOD MIZUMONO FIX-IT.



And then suddenly flash “forward” again. Will is in Jack Crawford’s office. He blinks, looks around in vague confusion. Maybe he remembers what just happened. Maybe it all slowly fades away from his mind as the new reality asserts itself. What was he doing in here again? Ah yes, taking a sip of shitty FBI coffee, trying real hard not to look at the pictures on the corkboard beside him of sad dead girls with their wind-chafed, Mall of America looks.

The door opens. A man he has never seen before enters. Will has a strange mental image of the man with ridiculously slicked back hair and immaculate suits, and while the man before him does look pretty rich and well put-together he also seems more…approachable somehow than Will was expecting. Will isn’t sure why he was expecting anything really. He’s never met this guy before.

And yet…

Their eyes meet, and a flicker of something passes between both of them, a strange feeling of warmth and recognition. Hello, their eyes both say to each other. I don’t know you yet, but I think I’d like to.

“Will, this is Dr. Hannibal Lecter. He’ll be going over the profile with us. Dr. Lecter, this is Will Graham.”

“Hello, Dr. Lecter.”

“Hello, Will.”


Fucking time travel, man.

I’m fucking calling it now. 

Another Finale

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by Liquid_Clouds

Maybe it would hurt less if you had something to remind you it was real.
“Can i kiss you? ”
a ficlet prompt i reserved on tumblr

Words: 648, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1UeUGE0

I finally finished Hannibal season 2.

Why the hell is Mads Fucking Mikkelsen so goddamn handsome?

Especially when he got beaten up!

My ovaries are dancing tango!

Awful! Really awful! T_T

Siouxsie Sioux has composed music for the ‘Hannibal’ Season 3 finale

Siouxsie Sioux of Siouxsie and the Banshees has composed a piece of original music to be featured on the season 3 finale episode of Hannibal.

With regard to the show’s imposing score, Bryan Fuller claimed “The music needed to be psychological, it couldn’t’ be melodic. It needed an insidious capacity to get under your skin.” Additionally, Siouxsie Sioux of Siouxsie and the Banshees has composed a…

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*Future Hannibal Spoiler*

..My theory for Hannibal’s escape…





Alana has said there are 5 doors between Hannibal and the outside. She holds all the keys.

Hannibal has promised to kill her. She is now threatening to take his dignity, and will later in the season, warranting a very awful death.

Book Hannibal fakes an illness and uses the distraction to bite a nurse’s face off, then escape, killing more staff.

I firmly believe that Hannibal will bite Alana’s face off in his escape. He’ll enjoy it.