hannibal finale

if Moftiss wrote Hannbal finale it could’ve been something like this
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A Fine Piece of Real Estate - Della19
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And I’m gonna get me some land.

M Says: An interesting take on A/B/O dynamics complete with it’s own canon? What’s not to love about this series?

In the first story it’s wonderful to read a manipulative Will Graham chasing down the one thing he wants. And his mind frame when he finally meets Hannibal, made my gut clench. You know how everything will go down, you’re already drawn in and can’t wait to reach the anticipated conclusion.

And the writing… I could gush about the writing and how wonderful it is. Each character, from the show and those of the authors creation, are engaging and add to the stories in an interesting and unique way. I particularly love the authors versions of Will’s mother.

There is Mpreg, but not very much of it, but just a heads up if that is not your thing.

All in all an enjoyable series well worth all the time you will invest.

On my hannigram quick fics...

My apologies for taking so long to reply to all of the lovely people who have sent me hannigram prompts. Got caught up in the world of architecture and my current multi chapter fic on AO3. I’ll share my next bit of a fic by this weekend !

Next prompt: fluffy times with Abigail, Will, and Hannibal…..post-finale AU….murder family love.

In the mean time, send me your Hannigram prompt requests. I respond to everyone :)

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Long Live Will Graham - Lthien - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Characters: Will Graham, Jack Crawford, Dr. Frederick Chilton, Freddie Lounds, Bella Crawford, Bedelia Du Maurier, Hannibal Lecter
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S2 AU:

Where, thinking it for the best (for Will’s sake) Jack teams up with Freddie to ‘kill Will Graham.’ After gutting him, Hannibal had every intention of having Will live. What would happen if instead of the article Freddie posted about Will being in the hospital, what if the lines were more:


please tell me that, somewhere in the world, there exists……

a Will/Hannibal post-fall fic where they are forced to travel by cruise ship in order to get to their new home and go into hiding

and it’s like the worst fucking cruise too

with like the most enthusiastic cruise director who literally badgers Hannibal at every turn until he takes a fucking napkin origami class

and Will tries to stay as drunk as possible throughout

and his torn-up face scares the shit out of an innocent child every time he turns down a new hall or walks into a room

which happens a lot because he gets lost down the faceless hallways of each deck trying to remember where his room is a whole lot

and there’s the captain’s dinner and Hannibal is like FINALLY and they both get into formal wear and he expects champagne and dancing and a nice meal

and yeah that happens but Will’s so blah about it (because he’s so drunk) that the rest of the people who want to be friends with the young newlywed couple feel like they aren’t having a good enough time

so then there’s old people making mad sexual innuendo

and Will and Hannibal aren’t fucking because Will put them over a cliff and the’re both still in pretty bad shape, physically, and Hannibal isn’t even sure Will wants to even though he is like heart-tartare-and-flowers OBSESSED with Will Graham, so, like

the food sucks
the company sucks
the wine sucks
there are too many children
he was forced to sit through a fucking disney movie
he’s sharing a room the size of his kitchen with the object of his desire
he was forced to fucking hula dance the other day by the excitable woman

and he totally buys into the other passengers’ plan to Make The Honeymoon More Romantic

and he plays SO nicely and he smiles and laughs and does all these Human things with all these humans and Will is sober long enough to notice

and then he’s like…. we’re not having a Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls moment, Hannibal

and Hannibal is like…. but yeah we are

and Will is like…. i’m gonna go on the daytrip to see some dolphins

and Hannibal is CRUSHED because if there’s anything he despises it’s the thought of the damn dolphin daytrip and Will FUCKING KNOWS IT

so he gets drunk in the top-deck pool and he’s sunburned and miserable when Will gets back

and Will is drained and he threw up so much because the tiny boat was rocking all over the place and he, too, is sunburned and miserable

and they are miserable together and go to the shitty little art gallery to look at the auction items and gawk at how bad the art is

and they are equally appalled

they have no idea how anyone can enjoy any of this bullshit

dolphins are not dogs and Will hasn’t spent time with a dog in WEEKS and it’s really wearing on him

and you can’t even have a hotplate in one of the cabins because it’s a fire hazard so Hannibal hasn’t cooked in WEEKS and it’s really wearing on him

so, in the wee hours of the morning, they bust into one of the kitchens and make real food and Will explains why he likes dogs in completely fluffy, comforting detail until Hannibal understands

and they have a really nice time together and go back to their cabin

and Hannibal still can’t wait to get off this boat and stretch his legs

and he knows that Will is missing the comfort of his animals so he lets Will pet his head until he falls asleep

it’s really, really nice

he kind of contemplates killing the girl on deck three who brought her comfort rabbit on board so Will can take care of the traumatized animal until they make port at the place where they’re gonna jump ship

but he doesn’t

and they’re both less miserable when they wake up the next morning

so they keep spending time together and not with anyone else

and when they go to another formal dinner the others comment that they look much better rested and try to determine in whispers if it looks like they’ve got that lovemaking glow but they decide Will just still looks kinda green from yesterday

and Hannibal asks if he wants to take the portrait class with him

and Will realizes he was blending in with the humans for him

and so he’s like, nah, I want to do whatever you want to do

so they go sneak into the kitchen again, only it’s between shifts and a dude comes in early and they have to lock him in the walk-in

they raid the kitchens for all the supplies they want and they go back to their room to have fine wine and cheeses and maybe make out for a while

until the captain is knocking on their door with security

so they strip real fast and they stumble over to the door in some blankets and they’re like

we don’t know what you’re talking about??? some guy in a kitchen?????? we are on our honeymoon we’re getting it on in here???

and the old folks hear about it and WHOO HOO when they get to the dining room that night

and Will blushes so beautifully and he hides his face at Hannibal’s neck when they dance and Hannibal’s like


[My thoughts on what could have possibly transpired between scene 1 and scene 2…]

I think Will, when he suggested using Hannibal as bait to Jack, really wanted to be alone with Hannibal either to finally witness his death and be “free” from his torment OR he thought Hannibal would be conniving enough to kill Dolarhyde and escape. The fact of the matter was he wasn’t sure which one he wanted, but he definitely wanted to be with Hannibal one last time before a potential confrontation.

I like to imagine before the second scene, that Will and Hannibal had a pre-murder husband moment. Hannibal had suggested dinner and taught Will how to properly slice a zucchini. Hannibal most likely wrapped his arms around Will and Will leaned into the embrace.

After eating dinner, Will wanted to “serenade” Hannibal on the piano, but only knew (well kind of knew) the score to “The Entertainer”. Hannibal chuckled at the sight; he was amused because…well…Will was being very cute. Hannibal walked over to the piano and taught Will how to play the song. Again, Hannibal has his arms wrapped around Will, guiding his fingers along the keys…

Then, as they finish playing, Hannibal, with his arms still wrapped around Will, inches toward him. Will responds. Their lips are hovering over each others, wanting to finally seal the deal, but there’s extreme hesitation on both ends.

Will pulls away after a few seconds and thanks Hannibal for the piano lesson. Hannibal nods - “You’re welcome, Will” - before grabbing a new bottle of wine for them to taste.

Then you know…Will finally gives into his urges and “consummates” his relationship with his murder husband before pushing them both off the cliff.

Season 4 begins…

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Hannibal Finale

So I just finished the series finale. Beautiful, but the glaring ending, I have questions about–not the cliff dive. After the credits, when Bedelia is sitting at the dining table, leg amputated and prepared, there are three place settings suggesting that Will will be joining her and Hannibal for dinner. My question to all of you is: -Did Bedelia amputate and prepare her own leg, using one of the recipes Hannibal gave her, in preparation for his and Will’s arrival? Or -Did the Murder Husbands do it and are just off screen for the moment? There are arguments for both claims, I’m just curious as to what the general consensus might be. Was this already cleared up by cast and crew? I’m late to the game.

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