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My brother just finished Hannibal w my mother and I and now he’s getting my mother to watch Sherlock and I was like “ NOPE!” And i fucking vamoosed it out of there . He’s a traitor to me…and he didn’t even cry during the Hannibal finale…are we even siblings ???

Options for when I finish the AU

1.) Pre-season two final HANNIBAL/SAW crossover AU. Will, Hannibal and several of the other main cast members are put in a game by John/Jigsaw and have to struggle to survive. John’s hook is that everyone there, one way or another, knows what Hannibal is and what he’s done, and is either in denial about that or has failed to stop him, and John feels that makes them accountable. 

The game is probably rigged so no one is able to escape unless Hannibal is killed, though this doesn’t become obvious right away. What John is really trying to do is to recruit Will as a disciple. There’s MCD in this one, though I’m sure that at least Will and Hannibal will find a way out. 

2.) Universe swap fic where, seven years after the final, show!Will wakes up in novel!Will’s body and vise-versa. Novel!Will wakes up to find himself healthy and only negligible scarred, somehow entwined in a cozy domestic life with the man he fears most in the world.Show!Will finds himself in a wreck of a body, in some filthy shotgun shack in southern Florida. He’s all alone, but maybe not for long, because news of Hannibal’s escape is all over the news.I talked about this more here

3.) AU where Reba and Francis meet before the latter becomes a murderer. Francis is able to get his life on track, and they have a healthy relationship, and eventually become militant disability rights activists. The meat of this one is Francis working to get healthy, both for Reba’s and his own sake (very important that he learns to accept himself even absent the relationship, which probably means them taking a break somewhere in there). They will also be protesting the conditions for inmates at BSHCI, which means allying with Hannibal, who is an inmate there at the time. More here

4.) CANNIBALS VS PREDATOR fic. This is the one where Will and Hannibal are being hunted by one of the alien’s from the Predator series. Now, this Predator is no slouch, but he’s rather young and inexperienced and Will and Hannibal, being the probably the two most dangerous people on the planet, are giving him a rough time, even though Will is struggling with an encephalitis relapse. I had a big post for this but I can’t find it, but have art of Will and Hannibal’s giant alien son.  

5.) Zombie Apocalypse w Francis/Reba/Will as well as eventual hannigram. I had a big post on this one that is also hiding but basically Francis and Will meet outside the museum just as shit is getting crazy bc zombies, Will (who doesn’t realize who Francis is) ends up saving Francis (who def knows who Will is but has no idea what to do with him) and they go on the road together to pick up Reba. 

They end up protecting each other, and Francis has a much better shot of reclaiming his humanity in a world currently overrun by monsters. Hannibal was, as of the crisis, locked away at the BSHCI, and because it’s untenable to Will to leave him there to starve to death, they turn in that direction and eventually fight their way into the BSHCI, though Hannibal is in bad shape when they get there. 

Who wants which thing? 

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YES thank u 
favorite character: beverly katz, my darling 
second favorite character: alana bloom 
least favorite character: HEFLS JGSDJF LSD SO MANY OF THE CHARACTERS ARE JUST MORALLY REPREHENSIBLE PEOPLE LMFAOO but i gotta say, mason verger is my least favorite bc he’s UGLY and EVIL and TERRIBLE and STUPID and not even as remotely interesting as hannibal or some of the other evil people are 
favorite pairing: well slap on the problematic label bc it’s obviously hannibal/will! 
least favorite pairing: i’m a heterophobe so i skipped through all the hetero scenes LMFAO 
favorite moment: oh boy…… the last scene of the s3 finale…. the last scene of the s2 finale….. hannibal and will being a father to abigail…. beverly being badass and a good friend to will…. will sending someone to kill hannibal…. the first time we see margot and alana get with each other…. mason’s death at the hands of margot and alana….. margot and alana escaping w/ their son and getting a happy ending…. can i just say this entire show? bc This Entire Show tbh 
rating: 600/10!!!!!! 

#1 thing no one remembered about Hannibal's S3 finale:

When Hannigram fell on the cliff.
Ya’ll remember the episode (S02E02) of the corpses’ eye killer, when that guy on the beginning jumps off of a cliff on the river like equally deep where Will x Hannibal fell? He died with that fall because he deadly hit his head, so his body quicky emerged above water in like less than 20 secs. Actually it’s science. So when Hannigram fell on the water, they purposely kept the scene deep down last like ¾ min, plus the waves were coming hard to the rocks, so if them were deadly injured x dead, the body naturally would emerge quickly there. Also note the design where they fell,

the body/ies would emerge right in the circle. So, I totally believe since I finished they’re well alive, sooo… they’re alive indeed. that’s all, folks


Oswald x Edward| Nygmobblepot| Love Crime

Warning: MASSIVE SPOILERS. Do not watch this unless you have finished Season 3.
So, this is my second edit ever and it had to be Nygmobblepot. I swear this ship is going to be the end of me. Originally this was supposed to be a 1 minute edit but these two had so many intense scenes. The song is Love Crime from the Hannibal season finale.

If you liked the video make sure to check out my youtube, there will be many many more Gotham edits in the future! xx

Me Watching Hannibal Series Finale
  • Hannibal and Will: *fight The Dragon in slow motion*
  • Me: Ugh, I love the slow motion.
  • Hannibal and Will: *holding each other near the cliff*
  • Me: Now, can we just get this over with? Just kiss, for the sake of everyone who died because Hannibal couldn't fuck your ass, just kiss. Three seasons of killing because a pair of men wouldn't have sex and---
  • Hannibal and Will: *fall*
  • Bedelia: *show up in the post credit*
  • Me: Ah, good, I was wondering where you--- OH SHIT! Disappointed, but not surprised. Delia, they're dead, you're gonna have to eat your leg on your own... This is really sad.
  • Me: Good thing this show is over, I'm out. So done.
Pull Of The Moon

Pull Of The Moon

Hannibal lays in bed waiting for Will to get back from his last run of the evening with his dogs, propped up and reading in the low lamp light.
Pausing for a moment when he hears multiple sets of nails clicking across the Italian marble kitchen floors, a half smile curving his lips as he turns back the covers in preparation for his lovers return to their bedroom.
Just as Hannibal goes back to reading he hears the unmistakable sound of nails raking against the heavy wood panel of their bedroom door. Closing his book after marking his place, sliding on his slippers as he gets up to open it.
Once upon a time Hannibal had demanded that the dogs not be allowed in their chambers. Especially after he’d discovered several mauled ties that had been pulled down from the rack where they’d been placed.
But that was so long ago.
And Hannibal had finally relented to the younger man and allowed them to sleep in the room. But not on the bed. He still managed to find animal hair between the sheets, however.
Opening the door a crack at first to see if the entire group would be joining them, stepping back, surprised to see just one fur covered body in the hallway.
Opening the door further to allow the large chocolate colored beast into their room.
It walks by him without a sound, head hanging low.
Letting out a sigh as Hannibal closes the door back, making his way back to the bed.
Patting Will’s side as he picks his book back up.
The beast jumps up after a moment, laying its massive head in the cannibal’s lap. Rolling its eyes up and making a soft whimpering sound low in it’s throat.
Hannibal closes his book once again and stares down into those haunted blue eyes, murmuring softly.
“I know, Will. I’ll change when the moon is full. This does not mean you can’t still sleep in your bed.”
Will, as an Omega, was weaker than Hannibal and he couldn’t resist the pull of the moon as well as his Alpha.