hannibal finale

{I apologize for being absent the last day or two. My SO made the mistake of discovering that season 3 of Hannibal was finally added to Amazon Prime and may or may not have forced me to binge the first half of the season in one go. It was completely against my will I assure you.}

Better than to Breed - feyestwords - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Summary: Will learns what happened to his & Margot’s baby. Alana learns she is pregnant. Years later, Will & Hannibal welcome home a newborn, and learn to navigate the ups and downs of having children of their own.

Chapter 1 

Spring settled in and stuck. Will hated the warmer days. The cold gave him an excuse to stay indoors, but now the sun burnt through his flimsy rationalizations, shone a harsh light on his state of mind. He spent his days crafting lures and not fishing. Reading. Drinking. Mostly drinking, waiting for the lengthened days to end, the daylight to leave him be.

Jack called as the sun set one evening, asking in monotone how Will had been doing, rushing through awkward pleasantries before telling Will that two young couples had been found mutilated in Delaware. Something in Will’s chest cracked, and he laughed as he hung up the phone.

Jack didn’t call again.

His house, his bones, grew dusty. Everything that was once comforting and familiar felt strange. Wrong. An unnamed emptiness. He tried, for a while, to blame it on the lack of human contact. Went on one date with a woman and decided, no, that wasn’t it, and decided not to contact her again. Drank himself to sleep.

The dogs woke Will up the next morning, chorus of frantic barks sharp and painful in his ears, head spinning as he sat up, squinting out his window. He spotted the black car in his driveway at the same moment as he heard a knock on his door. No doubt they’d already seen him, so he stood, walked to the door, pajamas and dark circles.

Margot Verger regarded the sight of him with raised eyebrows.

clearbluewater  asked:

Okay by wilder mind and the wolf by Mumford and sons for hannigram is my jam

my mum and i just finished watching the s1 finale and !!!! HANNIBAL NO BAD HANNI BANANI

oh man, friendo these songs are SO FUCKING HANNIGRAM shiiiit

wilder mind 

In the place that’s safe from harm
I had been blessed with a wilder mind

You can be every little thing you want nobody to know
And you can try to drown out the street below

the wolf

Been wondering for days
How you felt me slip your mind
Leave behind your wanton ways
I want to learn to love in kind
‘Cause you were all I ever longed for

here are my hannigram jams!

two of us on the run by lucius

There are two of us on the run
Going so fast, every doubt we had is coming undone
And falling behind with everything we left there
We held on for far too long

505 by the arctic monkeys

Not shy of a spark
A knife twists at the thought that I should fall short of the mark
Frightened by the bite though it’s no harsher than the bark
Middle of adventure, such a perfect place to start

the trouble with us by chet faker and markus marr (also! on an unrelated note, i dont care if corvo attano from dishonored is now officially voiced, chet faker will always be my voice claim for him lmao)

Got me
Fighting making nothing sacred
We’re tearing paint off the walls
Nights are made of kiss and makeup;
It’s on the edge of emotional

wrenhaven river by daniel licht (for all those dishonored/hannibal crossover feels im sorry im so obsessed ahahaha)

colors pt. ii by halsey

Everything is
Everything is (blue)
Everything is (blue)
And you’re dripping like a saturated sun (sun)

burning desire by lana del rey (hanni pov much???)

You ask me where I been?
I’ve been everywhere
I don’t wanna be no where but here
(Come on, tell me boy)

sad girl by lana del rey

Being a mistress on the side,
It might not appeal to fools like you.
Creeping around on the side
Might not be somethin’ you would do.

But you haven’t seen my man

damn you by lana del rey (for end of s1, start of s2 feels lmao)

I won’t cry myself to sleep like a sucker
I won’t cry myself to sleep
If I do I’ll die
Now you fall asleep with another
Damn you

black milk by massive attack

Eat me
In the space
Within my heart
Love you for God
Love you for the Mother

flowers of flesh and blood by nicole dollanganger

the books, sad songs, and cinemas
they all lied lied lied
why didn’t anyone tell me
love is like being fucked with a knife?

nara dreamland by nicole dollanganger

he tried to tell me things get abandoned
it’s okay for them to rot
i told him that we should find some gasoline
he said we’d better not

three headed woman by boy & bear

See I’ve been ripping off my skin
To see what’s on the inside
To see what’s going on

Oh but I hate you sometimes, for making me feel
The way I feel, for the love that keeps me sane
Is killing me all the same

old town blues by boy & bear

To my aching glow
You got a hold of me now
How you rendered slow
But harder than hell to my ground

It’s been over a year since the Hannibal S3 finale and I still can’t get over it. I mean, even though all signs were pointing to a pretty gay finish, the moment fucking Love Crime starts, it’s like I was having a fever dream of a fanfiction I always wished would be canon and it took like five viewings for it to sink in that it was really happening.