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of course you would want to use the poop emoji

💩 ship that you find disgusting: okay that’s harsh language, but… crowley/bobby? i mean it makes me laugh at first but then if i look too closely… no. (also season 3 finale will/hannibal… more so for how the entire thing ended in general)
💙 ship that you used to have as an OTP: daryl/andrea (TWD) bc i was young and naive 
💢 ship that is most misunderstood: samifer but like look here’s the thing, i don’t expect anyone to like the ship, i just don’t want to be assumed an abuse apologist or the like and given nasty scowls in public, bc you didn’t even bother to inquire about the details of how i ship the thing. 


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Rn, I have hartwin, hannigram feelss. damn it. I can see Same age Hartwin. Harry being Hannigram's son and soon they will entice Eggsy into their home. 2 sets of murder husbands. Just imagine the courting?! If you've read the Roux world by Rhiw, bloody imagine the COURTING. Unff. I need my Beefcakes!

Or or or, Napollya as Harry’s parents, the gentleman-ess from Napoleon and the craziness from Illya and Eggsy is Hannigram’s (adopted cos Dean is food for being rude to Hanni, Michelle dying from OD? And nesting Will -prey with Daisy- is in love with bb Eggsy). What do you think? Hartwin happening. I can’t imagine how the in laws meet.


HARRY AS HANNIGRAMS SON. Hannibal finally - FINALLY - having someone to aPPRECIATE HIS LOVELY SUITS; nO, William, your suit fetish does nOT COUNt (in this one particular instance)

Sweet baby Eggsy except hes nOT so sweet he’s actually a ridiculously high functioning psychopath, and Harry’s sociopathic tendencies really help balance him out in all the explosively baaaaaadgoood ways.

and okay you say Napollya like YOU KNOW EXACTLY HOW OBSESSED WITH NAPOLLYA I AM AND I LOVE YOU FOR IT NONNY. Because WHAT IF Napollya is actuAAAALLY Eggsy’s adoptive family. Bc Michelle OD’d like you said. And Napoleon and Illya (totally flying below the radar as murder husbands in their own right) take in Eggsy and Daisy.

But then cue Eggsy and Harry’s meet cute. Hannigram meets Napollya and they recognize each others’ work or something (or maybe murder husbands just know each other you know) Annnnnd then they juuuuuuust start being a happy murder family.

Maybe Daisy grows up and falls for Gaby.


“IN RETROSPECT---” Hannibal 3x12 Again

**Warning: PENULTIMATE rewatch live-blogging, written with knowledge of the full series

Ridiculously, it looks like I could be posting my final Hannibal episode write-up precisely one calendar year from when the finale first aired. Ha ha, what even the hell.

Season 3, Episode 12: “The Number of the Beast Is 666”

I had originally thought the “brittle materials” Bedelia refers to, the ones on the edge of breaking, was Will himself, but in retrospect (#titular), it might be Will’s constructed family! “Hannibal gave you three years to build a family,” she follows, “confident that he would find a way to take them from you.”

Huh. I feel like I’ve been re-going over this ~pivotal scene~ throughout this whole rewatch, so by the time I actually reach it I’m like “Nope, already talked about that one! Whoop, that one too…”

Anyway, love this neckline on her.

Oh hey, I had thought that Will’s bitter “You play, you pay” was his response to Bedelia asking if it’s important to him that Hannibal take something from her, but actually that comes later — right here he just gives this sorta sigh of something like…pained frustration? I don’t know, but I do know that Dancy’s delivery on “What’s he going to take from you?” has the same sad curious light tone that he mostly uses with Alana.

GLORIES, Bedelia’s muted triumphant slip of a smile on “I would have preferred to be the last.” She KNOWS she’s finally landed a direct marriage hit, third time’s the fucking charm.


Yes Will, welcome to Hannigram hell! It’s horrible I’m so sorry.

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I was watching the season 2 finale of Hannibal with my mum (I had already seen it, but I wanted to see her reaction) and she asked, completely unprompted, “Is Hannibal in love with Will?”

What do I answer when my frikkin mother is asking that???

Also, if even she can see it, I want to know how in the world anyone is going to “#NoHomo” this series. I’m sure someone has tried, and it must have been hilarious.

SO I finally started Hannibal Season 2 (I had to binge it; was it healthy for my mental state? No. But if I didn’t get through Will’s prison eps I KNEW I’d never finish the series). 


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Aw, Winston was so loyal to Will. He was like “WHERE’S MY WILL?! BRING HIM BACK NOW.” 

I laughed when Bella slapped Hannibal; he deserved it. Let me see if I can’t find a gif of it for everyone to enjoy…

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DO IT AGAIN BELLA! DO IT AGAIN! God, I feel so sorry for Bella and Jack. They don’t deserve this. LET THEM BE HAPPY GOD DAMN IT.

Oh god I cried during episodes 4 and 5. When Will was fishing the Abigail, my Abigram heart swelled and then died. Speaking of ships, despite it being fucked up as HELL, a part of me can’t help but still ship Hannigram. Something about their fucked up dynamic (and it IS fucked up; I could list all the ways but in sake of dash space I won’t) draws me in. Obviously my Abigram heart rejoiced and then died with episode 4, and now….now I’m starting to ship Hannibloom. EVEN THOUGH ALANA DESERVES FAR BETTER. And I like the idea of Will/Matthew Brown. It’s like, if I had to choose a killer for Will to end up with, it would be Matthew (because at least he never framed him for his crimes or manipulated him or hid his sickness from him or gutted him or slit the throat of the young girl he cared about and can you tell I’m bitter af?)

Ooh, speaking of manipulation: I’m LOVING this darker side of Will. I’ve already been told there never is the ‘reckoning’ Will promised Hannibal, but I’m still hoping for SOMETHING. Dark!Will is just like Dark!Luke Skywalker or Dark!Rey: a number one weakness.