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Yeah, right, Will can do whatever he wants – PART 2

Again. The leaning. If Hannibal’s…vertical stuff could talk.

The touching

The coming at your house because I don’t give a fuck about what you’re doing and… Do you have a life? Who cares?

The ass sitting

The door opening without the knocking


The sitting on a chair that’s not meant for other people apart from Hannibal.

The putting the arms on shiny polished tables.

The occasional seizures all around the place

The stealing

The restless walking around.

The hiding in high places like monkeys.

And the last but not least sleeping in the car while Hannibal is driving like he is some kind of taxi driver.

Yeah, right, Will can do what he wants – PART 1

For some context - SEASON 1

Will is a lucky lucky guy. He has privileges in season 2 as well…


So, my Hannibal’s reading goes on and I really need to write this down because of reasons.

Hannibal Lecter follows Clarice -in my opinion, as always, nobody fears Hannibal as they should- anyway, Hannibal Lecter opens her car, Hannibal Lecter sits in the front seat…

Hannibal Lecter licks the wheel where she puts her hands.

He does that.

So, now, I want headcanon that, alongside Will can do whatever he wants, there’s surely

Hannibal licks everything that Will touched after Will leaves the office.

It’s a long and tough job but somebody has to do it.

Obviously Hannibal does the same at Will’s house, despite dogs’ hair.

The one where they go to a music festival.

Hannibal AU: Will brings Hannibal to a music festival (Somewhereville, US).

Rating: M
Word Count: 5,000
Tags: Recreational drug use, explicit language, crack-ish, fluff, some American Gods characters appear 

Hannibal stared down at his phone. Strands of hair stuck out through his fingers as he palmed his face, groaning out a loud sigh.

The screen lit up again and the desk vibrated, rattling the small jar of change nearby.

        “Please come with. Everyone else is boring.”

His lips fought with every muscle, twisting in restraint to keep from smiling. No one else could have talked to him into this, this nightmarish display of banality.

But Will Graham, it seemed, possessed a strange pull over Hannibal. As a teaching assistant, his former student of sorts had captured his attention on the first day of class. Will took to staying late after he’d failed his first exam, but he seemed to thrive in the personalized setting of his office. They’d spent so much time studying at office hours that Will soared to the top of the class. But still the visits continued, more frequently if anything.

In class, Will mostly slept, with his lost-puppy looking curls covering his face. But in Hannibal’s office, Will opened up quickly, sometimes rambling way past their appointment times. He’d never taken care to stop him, of course, and after their last appointment of the semester, Will had promised to keep pestering him.

Please do,” Hannibal had said then, with an idiotic smile. He regretted those words now, as his thumbs navigated the quick response into his phone.

        “Alright, fine.

Immediately he saw the ellipses that indicated that Will was typing. A warmth tingled in his belly, realizing that Will had been waiting for Hannibal’s answer, and when his phone vibrated back he burst into an ear to ear smile at the belligerent spew of celebratory emojis that followed.

        ”Promise we’ll have fun. I got tix and supplies. Pick you up at 8.

Hannibal leered miserably at the screen, trying not to grin at the multiple texts that followed. Sunglasses emoji. Thumbs up emoji. Sun emoji. Guitar emoji. He snorted, trying to hold in his laughter at the cigarette and beer emojis. Music note emoji.

Fuck, he thought idly, relaxing into his couch. He was going to a music festival.

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devereauxsdisease  asked:

BOOM! I'm prompting you: “do it. i dare you.”

Alright!  I see how you work, Murder Bestie.  @devereauxsdisease has prompted me.  Sassy.

“Do it. I dare you.”

“I am not a child, Will.  I do not take dares,” Hannibal said with a slight tone of indignation.

“Or maybe you’re just afraid,” Will said.

“Why would I be afraid of this?”

Will shrugged, and looked out the passenger side car window.

“I have been chased by murderous Verger hoodlums, had a fight to the death with a pompous string shop owner, was pursued by agents of the FBI – a darling one in particular –  fear is not something that I often encounter.”

“Well then do it,” Will sassed, as he poked Hannibal on the right shoulder.

Hannibal gripped the steering wheel of the car tightly and exhaled.  He then turned to look at Will, raised an eyebrow and coquettishly said, “You are looking very, very handsome this evening.”

Will laughed and threw his head back, “Wow!  You are smooth.” He continued to laugh, “Actually, you aren’t.  That was so obvious, love.” 

Hannibal pouted, and then gave it one last valiant effort, “I could just turn the car back and we could be home shortly, where I can then lower you onto our bed, and take you into my mouth…making you quiver with delight.”

Will’s laughter died instantly.  He looked at Hannibal lips while biting his own, “You are evil, and as tempting as that may be…”

Hannibal gripped Will’s thigh tightly, tilted his head and smiled.

“I only have three words for you,” Will said as he leaned in close to Hannibal, lips hovering near his, “I dare you.”  He then quickly licked the tip of Hannibal’s nose and sat back in his seat.

Hannibal scrunched up his face, and wiped his nose.  “Very well!  I concede. Let me just do this, so we can move on with our evening and our lives.”

Hannibal put the car into drive, pulled into the driveway and rolled down his window.

“How may I help you?” the voice asked.

“Ah, yes…thank you.  I would like one hamburger with cheese, one large order of frites, one vanilla milkshake…”

Will smiled triumphantly, “Oh!  And ask for some BBQ sauce!”

soundingonlyatnightasyousleep  asked:

So the natural follow-up question: What do the Hannibal characters think about "self-driving cars must be programmed to kill"? :D

“No,” said Will.  “I like driving, and I am not ceding control of my car to a robot.”

“They beat us at chess,” said Price.  “They beat us at Jeopardy.  They probably beat us at driving.”

“Yeah,” said Zeller.  “It’ll probably reduce automobile accidents.”

“Oh man, I can’t wait until I can get a car that drives itself,” Beverly sighed.  “Do you think they’ll make one that pumps its own gas, too?”

“They’ll probably all be electric,” said Price.  “The future is here.”

Jack came striding in at that moment, Dr. Lecter in tow.  “Aren’t you supposed to be working?” he demanded.

“We’re talking about self-driving cars,” Price supplied.  “And whether we’d drive one.”

“How fascinating,” said Dr. Lecter.  “How do they decide who to kill?”

Silence descended on the room.

“Excuse me?” Zeller said, finally.

“In the event that the driver must make a decision on whom to sacrifice,” said Dr. Lecter, “let’s say, whether or not to run into a wall to avoid a pedestrian.  How does the car decide what to do?”

Everyone stared at him.

“I don’t think any of us had thought about that,” said Beverly.

“Pity,” said Dr. Lecter.  “Perhaps you should.”

tcbook  asked:

Hannibal or Will after the dentist being too romantic too affectionate in public and also horny 😘

Thanks @tcbook this is lovely! I hope you enjoy the ficlet - your prompt seemed like established relationship, but my brain went to other places. Sorry if I missed the mark :-/

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“Will, I nee, I need you.”

“Hannibal?” Will was instantly concerned, not only by the words but the way in which they were slurred. It was not like Hannibal to get drunk, much less in the middle of the day.

“They said to call a friend, I know so many people. Are we friends, Will?” He sounded forlorn. Had something happened? Was that why he was paralytic by 3 in the afternoon?

“Hannibal, what’s going on? Are you ok? Are you drunk?”

“No. I…” A light laugh. “I… I need you. Will you help me?”

“Where are you?”


“Thank you for coming Mr Graham. He’s in the waiti-” The receptionist was unable to finish, giving only a sympathetic smile when she was cut off by Hannibal lumbering from the waiting room to the reception desk.

“Will! You’re here. I thought you might not… I had hoped…” he tried to straighten himself up a little. “Thank you for coming.”

Will was speechless. Hannibal leaned heavily against the door frame. His hair was mussed, his jacket discarded, vest undone, top button of his shirt popped and tie loose. More than speechless, his breath hitched. Mussed up Hannibal was something he could stand to see more of. He squeezed his eyes shut and pushed down the thought.

“Will you take me home? I had not anticipated the sedation.” He cupped his jaw and rubbed, looking a little pathetic and vulnerable. Will sighed, and reached out, realising he was going to stroke Hannibal’s cheek - he diverted at the last moment and squeezed his shoulder.

“The car is outside.”


Getting to the car was interesting. The long corridor  from reception to the exit started with Hannibal leaning slightly on Will for balance. By the time they reached the exit, Hannibal was pressed against Will and nuzzling into him. Will tried to push him up and off twice without any luck, the third effort wasn’t even half hearted. By the time they got out the door of the dentist office, Will had wrapped an arm around Hannibal and was holding him close. For support of course.

At the car Will fished out his keys whilst Hannibal still leaned into him, he froze when he felt the steady breath on his neck turn to lips. Hannibal let out a little moan and then muttered “you’re so good to me Will.” before resuming kisses, some nipping, some almost sloppy.

“Uh, Hannibal…” Will tried to manoeuvre him off but whilst getting out his keys Hannibal seemed to have completely wound himself around Will and was holding on like a limpet. Will couldn’t even move to get the key in the door. He tried to extricate himself but this only resulting in his being able to turn, Hannibal then in his arms, still nuzzling into his neck.

A group of young women, college-aged, walked by and giggled at the sight. One even “aww’d”. Will was just grateful they weren’t his students.

“Hannibal, stop, you need to-” his words spilled into a low moan as Hannibal happened upon a very sensitive spot. He felt a hand move and suddenly Hannibal was cupping his dick “Stop. Hannibal STOP!” Will managed to push him back and Hannibal looked so deeply contrite it was painful.

“I want us to be friends Will.”

“We are, uh… we are friends… buddy.” Will gave a dismissive laugh and Hannibal nodded sadly. “You’re just… uh, having a bad day with the tooth and everything. Let’s just leave it there, I don’t want you to feel embarrassed when the drugs wear off, it’s just the, uh, the drugs.” Hannibal was looking up through his lashes like a damn puppy dog as Will spoke. If Will had wanted to kiss the man - self assured, cultured, well turned out Hannibal - before (and make no mistake he had very much wanted to do that for some time) - he really did now. Will had never been able to turn away a sweet and vulnerable puppy.

Will, now largely disentangled, got his key in the door and opened it. “Ok, I’m gonna take you home and sit with you until the drugs wear off. But you need to be good Hannibal. Ok? No grabby hands? We can talk about all this when you’re not high.”

Will manhandled Hannibal into the car, it taking a little doing as the man tried to grab at him a little even as he buckled him up and shut the door. Will leaned back against the closed door and took a breath. Now was not the time to make that move he’d been promising himself he would totally do at some point. He went around to the driver’s side and got in, Hannibal was snoring lightly and drooling copiously, which was probably for the best.


“Oh, hey sleepy head.” Will smiled from the armchair as Hannibal started to come to on the sofa. He’d half dragged the man inside after having to frisk him for keys, which had earned resulted in the doctor giggling uncontrollably. Hannibal had then slept a straight four hours.

Hannibal groaned and clutched his jaw as he sat up on the sofa. “Oh Will… I’m so sorry.”

“Hey, no problem. We all get weird when we’re high.” Will forced a laugh, not wanting Hannibal to feel bad.

Hannibal frowned at him. “Will… whilst I’m sorry that I made a public display of myself, I’m actually apologising for not making my feelings known earlier. Had I done so I might have been less inclined to make a fool of myself, and of you, in public like that. I apologise for any embarrassment I caused you.

“I’m sorry too.” Will smiled, moving to sit next to Hannibal. “If you’d told me before today things might have been different.”

Hannibal frowned and looked a little sad. “Oh, how so?”

“I’d have kissed you back.” Will grinned, leaning in to kiss Hannibal.

Hannibal yelped in pain and clutched his jaw as he pulled back sharply. “I believe our timing could have been infinitely better. Perhaps you won’t mind continuing this when I am a little less tender?”

Will laughed. “Of course. What are friends for.”


☆|| Murder Family Camping Trip ||☆

It’s the last week of summer and the air is starting to cool. The murder fam just packs up Will’s station wagon and goes where the road takes them. Will popping in some cassette tapes of that he just happened to have in the car. Abigail, Hannibal, and Will slowly but surely getting into the music until they’re all craning their necks out the windows obnoxiously singing along, even laughing when Encephalitis pokes his head out and barks while they sing.

Since Will can run on little to no sleep, he enjoys the the night drive so he can peek over at Hannibal and Abigail as they rest, their chests rising and falling in the quietness of the car. Even little Encephalitis is curled up by Abigail’s side dreaming of doggie treats and open fields. Once they reach a place where they can set up camp, Will can’t help but hold back laughter as he sees Hannibal struggle to pitch a tent. And of course Hannibal declines any offer of help because he’s a doctor god dammit, he has a PhD, pitching a tent shouldn’t be this hard. The lines of frustration straining on Hannibal’s brow and he even does that thing where his nose crinkles with cute anger. Finally Hannibal gives up and Will pitches the tent with ease.

Okay so the tent doesn’t go so well, but Hannibal turns into Lumberjack Lecter in like point five seconds, chopping wood like a machine and Will’s all like “Yeah, you chop that wood babe!” and Abigail rolls her eyes at how dorky her dads are. So then there’s a fire going and everyone has their tents up and they’re just sitting on a log cooking up some special humanpork brats Hannibal made for the trip and they’re just chillin’ under the stars. Then they go to bed in their respective tents. Hannibal and Will in one, Encephalitis and Abigail in the other.

So then some Murder Husband Cuddling™ in a tent happens which turns into Murder Husband Fondling™ where Will’s all like “Not here Hannibal, Abigail will hear…” and Abigail calls out from her tent like “Abigail can already hear…and would prefer not to!” *Cue disgruntled cannibal noises*.

But like the next day, the fam goes out to the river and since Will has taught Abigail how to fish, they catch hella fish and Hannibal deems Will and Abigail as the “Master Baiters”.

So like yeah, dorky Murder Dads, singing in the car, lots of eyerolls, Encephalitis the Dog. This is the stuff I live for tbh… 

Red’s Hannigram Fic Recs

So the ever lovely @sheepunderthemountain​ asked if I had any Hannigram fic recs. When I pulled out this massive list from my even more massive collection of bookmarks, I figured it might be nice to share with some of the rest of you as well.

DISCLAIMER: When I was making this list, I went with fics that stuck out for me, so a lot of these are skewed to my kinks and preferences. Your milage with them will probably vary. I also purposely avoided some of my favourite, but constantly rec’d fic by prominent authors in the community. These fics are on nearly every list I see, and figured anyone who has done even the bare minimum of digging into AO3 or Tumblr has found said fic. So I won’t take up space here rec’ing something you’ve probably already read. Finally, be sure to read all the tags on AO3. Many of these fics have too many for me to list here!

That said, Happy Reading!

The Sixth Seal by Ithiel_Dragon

Rating: E;  Words: 48628; Complete: Yes; Setting: Post-S3

“Will…” He refused to believe that Will was gone. Will would not have left him. Not now, not after everything. Will had expected to die with him. He would not let Hannibal go on without him. They would either live together, or die together. There was no other option.

“Please…” Hannibal had not begged anyone for anything for more years than he could remember, “Will, please…”

He was almost startled when Will’s body suddenly lurched beneath his hands, and water erupted from Will’s mouth as his lungs tried to expel the fluid in them. He was not so surprised however that he did not act immediately to turn Will to the side so that the young man wouldn’t choke on his own vomit. Hannibal used his fingers to help clear away the debris from Will’s mouth and closed his eyes in relief when he heard the younger man’s first pained gasp for air.

Diligo Inimicus by bokunojinsei

Rating: E; Words:  78199; Complete: No; Setting: Historical AU (Rome)

In second century Rome, the Persian empire creeps steadily towards Roman borders, war pressing from a distance. Will is a Roman legionary medic and a pariah among the soldiers. As war looms ever closer, he finds himself forming a unique bond with the captain of the mercenaries who accompany them. The captain’s name is Hannibal.

Reciprocity By Proxy by chronicopheliac

Rating: M; Words: 16431; Complete: Yes; Setting: Canon Divergent S2

Will likes to push Hannibal’s buttons, because he can. After Hannibal had sent Randall Tier after Will, they had called it even - no more need for murder-by-proxy. But Will is curious to see where else he can push Hannibal, how else he can wind him up and watch him go. He tries a different sort of proxy, using another person to accomplish something he’s not sure he can himself. Will Hannibal push back?

The Joy of Creation by  FKAHerSweetness

Rating: E;  Words: 54226 ; Complete: Yes; Setting: Post-S3

The Atlantic has dissolved the old Will Graham. Hannibal begins construction on the new one.

(Red’s Note: The fall renders Will mute in this fic, AND IT’S AMAZING HOW WELL THIS IS WRITTEN BECAUSE OF IT. I’m keeping this one open for my fourth reread now.)

Busted by FauxFidele

Rating: E;  Words: 2283; Complete: Yes; Setting: PWP

Will is busted for watching porn when Hannibal is away teaching a class at the local university. Cue the dirty pictures.

Don’t Lose Your Head (Because The Devil’s In The Details) by @thesilverqueenlady

Rating: T;  Words: 10274; Complete: Yes; Setting: Devil!Will AU

After Mischa’s death, Hannibal knows he can’t avenge her alone, so he does the reasonable thing: he summons the Devil himself. Will gives him the standard agreement: 5 years and a kiss for Hannibal’s immortal soul. When Hannibal demands more, Will decides to gift him with an invisibility cloak to help him in his quest for revenge.

Except five years later, Will realizes that he can’t find Hannibal, because the clever human has used his invisibility cloak to hide from the hellhounds. So Will settles in to wait, because eventually, every soul ends up where it belongs. Even if Hannibal did turn his invisibility cloak into a bloody murder suit.

Blackbird by @emungere

Rating: E;  Words: 88892; Complete: Yes; Setting: Canon Divergent S1 

Shortly after Will kills Garret Jacob Hobbs, he and Hannibal stumble into a D/s relationship. It’s a relief to have Hannibal telling him what to do, but the closer they become, the closer he gets to realizing who and what Hannibal really is.

A Growing Boy by @slashyrogue

Rating: M;  Words: 1169; Complete: Yes; Setting: Student/Teacher AU

Will Graham has a secret. He loves plants. Loves. He’s grown up around them all his life because he can hear their language for he’s part of them. He can grow vines from any part of his body and requires water and sun to thrive. He meets Professor Lecter and instantly sees the respect he has for plant life, making Will feel more at home than he has in years. But would Hannibal be disgusted with him if he knew the truth?

Cathexis by Weconqueratdawn

Rating: E;  Words: 57316; Complete: Yes; Setting: Hannibal is not a Cannibal AU   

What if Hannibal’s sadistic tendencies only find expression through consensual BDSM relationships? Set in a Season 1 AU where Will is allowed to continue teaching, relatively undisturbed by Jack, and seeks Hannibal’s professional help of his own accord.

In psychoanalysis, cathexis is the process of investment of mental or emotional energy in a person, object, or idea (especially to an unhealthy degree).

Peachfire Whiskey by @lovecrimevariations

Rating: E;  Words: 22076; Complete: Yes; Setting: A/B/O  

Will knows he’ll remember this scent until the day he dies. Hannibal smells like firewood, and malt whiskey, and roasted peaches drizzled in honey. He smells like nothing Will has ever scented before, and it is so divine it dizzies him.

The Adventures of Professor Will Graham and His Terribly Naughty Omega Student, Hannibal Fucking Lecter.

Close Shave by bluethegreat1

Rating: E;  Words: 2461; Complete: Yes; Setting: PWP

Hannibal asks Will if he can shave him.

Breaking the Waves by Melusine10

Rating: E;  Words: 12904; Complete: Yes; Setting: Post-S3

The Atlantic pulls them in every direction, pulls them apart, rushes them together. From deep within, Will summons a matchless, bottomless outrage. He survives. When he wakes, Hannibal is nowhere to be found. Will isn’t convinced he needs to move on, but while he waits, he decides it is high time to stop hiding behind rumpled clothes and slipping glasses. Can he trust Hannibal to return to him? Could they ever trust each other after all their misdirection and manipulation? Plot, fluff, and porn.

Blood and Feathers and Antlers by @thesilverqueenlady

Rating: M;  Words: 10068; Complete: Yes; Setting: Bambi!AU 

When Will was a young fawn, all he ever wanted was to grow up as proud and strong as his idol, the Prince of the Forest, Jack. And then one day he wandered off the path and into the strangest pool he’d ever seen. It was red as those sharp roses whose thorns Will had learned the hard way not to eat and smelled like the metal that he’d seen two-legs leave behind. It takes a few drinks to realize that it’s blood. When he jumps back in shock, he ends up bumping into the biggest stag he’s ever seen, bigger than Will’s father, bigger than even the great Prince of the Forest, with antlers as tall as Will himself and feathers as black as night.

“Hello, little fawn,” says the Ravenstag, “what have we here?”

Like Sudden Lightning by @shiphitsthefan

Rating: E;  Words: 23566; Complete: Yes; Setting: Post-S3

Will’s free hand was in Hannibal’s hair, pulling them together over the gearshift, and Will’s lips were against his. “In case we get caught,” he finally explained, pulling away, shoulders heaving. “I couldn’t bear the thought of us getting caught and never having kissed you.”

They walked to the shuttle. They walked through the terminal. They walked through security. They checked baggage and boarded and took their seats on opposite sides of the plane. They never held hands or acknowledged what happened in the car, Hannibal somewhat confused and riddled with new questions and Will having all of the answers but not sharing them.

First and foremost, Hannibal wondered, “How many dogs will he bring home?”