Headcanon that Will has an entire room in his memory palace dedicated to the Ortolan dinner. He sits in there and listens to Hannibal call him radiant over and over and smiles because it was the happiest and most important moment of his life. 

Which is why he can recite it perfectly in Hannibal’s voice to the Red Dragon.

Gather around everybody because l’m gonna talk about our new Marvel baby baddie, Kaecilius.

So basically, a very enthusiastic person found me over on dA and was generous enough to share knowledge on Kaecilius WHICH, as they showed me, Marvel had went ahead and made a one-shot of specifically for the movie. You could read the comic for yourself here though it’s a very trippy comic if I do say so myself.

(This is dedicated to the amazing fanfic writers out there who have shown their interest on Kaecilius. Whether it be a Marvel fic or a Hannigram AU fic, I would LOVE to read it and shower you with as many kudos as I can get away with <3 I hope this post helps you in some way and I’m really sorry for my non-writer gibberish)

Now the comic is very much prelude material and is all just basic info but it still may contain light spoilers, so if you’d rather wait for the movie and find out his entire story though there then please stop reading now. If you’re okay with that then WHOO BOY are you in for a ride.

OKAY. SO. Just like Stephen Strange, Kaecilius was a normal guy that had a normal life. He had a partner (it wasn’t specified if she was his girlfriend or wife) and was deeply in love with her as she was with him. One day as they were enjoying their date (?) on the waterfront of the Nyhavn Canal in Denmark (YES. YOU READ THAT RIGHT.)

His partner, Adria, faints for an unknown reason.

Helpless, Kaecilius shouts for help and gets Adria to a hospital, but he already knew that it was too late for her and for their son.

And oh man, if you think that’s sad it gets even MORE DEPRESSING. Like…

This is basically where his downward spiral began, and for fuck’s sake even though it wasn’t said out loud it was pretty obvious that the man friggin considers suicide


But ultimately, Kaecilius became an alcoholic

A pretty… aggressive alcoholic..

Until a mysterious man shows up and offers him help

And help him he does. Again, it wasn’t shown, but basically that man was Mordo, a Master of the Mystic Arts, and had recruited him for The Ancient One who taught him their ways in order to make him stronger and to have “healthier” ways of letting his aggression out.

Years later, Kaecilius becomes a master himself and trains the youngins of the group, and man oh man

he is GOOD


hey look doctor foreshadowing

But in the end, Kaecilius isn’t satisfied because this wasn’t what he had wanted to learn from them.

He didn’t want to move on. He wanted his family back.

And he knew all too well why he wasn’t getting anywhere

And so basically, no matter what he did, The Ancient One refused to teach him anything on how to get what he wanted because they knew there were some forces that weren’t meant to be messed with, but Kaecilius has none of it and goes ahead and looks for answers on his own.

And while doing so, begins to question The Ancient One as well.

And though his friends may be showing him that he may be overthinking, he still wants to go with his plans

Also have this totally important panel that explains all of that in intricate detail

*cough* Anyway, he does end up finding something that’ll help him, but would require “help”.

And so proceeds to recruit the trainees he had, convincing them that The Ancient One wasn’t who they hoped she’d be.

So Kaecilius successfully gains his new followers..

…and his quest to bring his family back finally begins.

TL;DR: Kaecilius is a misunderstood man who suffered through a horrible family loss, who was then taken up and taught ways to help him cope but ultimately wants to turn back time and would do ANYTHING for the ones he loved.

Sound familiar? (๑꒪▿꒪)*

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Anyway, thank you for reading this post! I hope this was helpful. <3 <3

Three Times the Great Chesapeake Ripper was a Big Ass Baby, and His Mongoose Totally Played Into It

Summary:  Well, the title really says it all.  Post Wrath of the Lamb Murder Husband fluff, during their time in France.  Same universe as We’ll Always Have Paris.  For @chronicopheliac.  Sending you lots of love! <3


“But I have no desire to drink that. It’s horrid,” Hannibal said shooing Will away.

“Lord have mercy! Count Hannibal Lecter-Graham, VIII, M.D. –- take the damn NyQuil. I promise you, love, it will help you sleep.”

Hannibal sniffled, pulled the blanket up to his chin and vigorously shook his head.

“Come on, it’s not that bad. It tastes like absinthe. Let’s go, sit up.”

“I despise absinthe. I’ll take it, if you do as well.” Hannibal hoped this move would get him out of having to ingest the anise-scented green goop.

“Look, I’m not the one with a 101 fever who hasn’t been able to sleep all day. I may not be a doctor, but I can see you’re exhausted. This will knock you out – I promise you. You’ll sleep.”

“I’ll take it, if you do as well,” Hannibal repeated, standing his ground.

“I’d like to knock you out,” Will mumbled under his breath. He then looked at his husband, who was flushed with sweat, pajamas clinging to his fantastically hairy chest, and then Will’s resolved crumbled.

“Fine. I’ll take it and then you, Doctor Lecter, will shut up and take it as well.”

“Very well, Mongoose.”

“Oh, don’t ‘Mongoose’ me, you Lithuanian brat.”

Hannibal smiled, nose snotty, as Will grimaced and downed a shot of NyQuil.

Soon the two were fast asleep.

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