TELL THEM - YOU. ARE. HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bryan Fuller: “Mads in a motorcycle jacket. Do you fancy Mads in a motorcycle jacket-”

Gillian Anderson: “Oh my God when… when I saw that scene with him driving up and then he takes his helmet … I mean come on. Come on!” 

Bryan Fuller: “So if you had to pick between the three-piece plaid suit  and the motorcycle jacket you would pick the motorcycle jacket?”

Gillian Anderson: “Oh yes, I’m sorry. Absolutely. I mean look at that (shows Hannibal in a leather jacket ).

Bryan Fuller: “The leather is much more of an olfactory experience. That's for sure.”

Gillian Anderson: “Um yes… amongst other things. Do you know the After Dark website… I wonder if they have done a drawing for Mads- I mean Hannibal. I was going to say Mads and Gillian instead of Hannibal and Bedelia.” 

I heard your heart beating, you were in the darkness too
So I stayed in the darkness with you
- Florence + The Machine, Cosmic Love

For #LadiesofHannibal appreciation week, I really wanted to do a murder wives thingy to match my murder husbands from a while back. The idea is that they see in each other what they both already have <3


Bryan Fuller: “So what did you think about entering a sort of sexual dynamic between Hannibal and Bedelia?”

Gillian Anderson: “It’s such an appealing idea with these two because they are so mysterious and their relationship is so peculiar and disturbing and the fact that there is a sexual tension between them is evident from the beginning, but the idea that there is something else going on and we never quite know… I mean the fact that there is a kiss shared at some point and there are these scenes where he is taking off her clothes and seeing her take off her clothes… do they have two separate bedrooms? Do they sleep in the same bedroom? Do they ever have sex? Or is it just toying with each other, the idea of it? The fact that there are those many questions is what is appealing to me. I’m glad that’s not answered. I’m glad we don’t see them in bed together or see… but just that there is a hint of deliciousness I find incredibly becoming.”