hannibal x jack


I wanted to put all these drawings together because I think is more funny to see them together. If you select the images you’ll see they have the same size than the ones I posted separately. I wish it makes you laugh. Also a celebration of @hannibalcreative‘s ItsStillBeautiful 2017. 💕☕️🔪

I’m friends with the monster in my head {Hannibal Au}

A letter from the past awakens distant memories, past and present begin to realign
Bedelia’s always felt different, her mind observes the world in a different way. She always tried to ignore the voice in her head, she didn’t want people to think she’s crazy but when she meets Hannibal he immediately sees her true sparkles. He’s kind to her and honest about the possibilities of her mind.
They lose contacts when she decides to join the academy, so that her mind could be focused on the monsters outside; one of her tutor, Alana is aware of her special abilities and suggests her for an important FBI case. Bedelia meets again Hannibal, who’s there to give psychological support to the team. Bedelia is forced to kill the suspect to save another life but this trigger her empathy and her vision starts again. When Hannibal is imprisoned for a crime he declares he did not commit Bedelia feels betrayed and overwhelmed but eventually takes his case because she still trust him. He was already attached but Hannibal’s affection for her just grows after her declaration. Bedelia’s search for the truth leads her to a dangerous path, she discovers that Hannibal is not guilt for the crime he’s charge but hides a darker secret, something that, she realizes, he never actually lied about, her mind had already registered it, she just has kept it hidden behind a veil. She keeps his secret and he keeps hers. While Bedelia finds the real suspect of the official case, Hannibal menages his escape and finds Bedelia for their goodbye.
Years later Bedelia’s still learning how to calm her mind but feels more comfortable with it, she hasn’t seen Hannibal in years but somehow she has always felt his presence. When a letter arrives with vital informations about the case she’s working on and a mysterious figure saves her life, she feels that they’ll soon meet again

“You’re family”
“It’s part of you so use it!”
“Yet you choose to ignore it”
“It’s the price of imagination”
“You empathize so completely with the killers Jack Crawford has your mind wrapped around that you lose yourself to them”
“What you feel is overwhelming you. Jack Crawford gave you a chance to quit, and you didn’t take it. Why?”
“You’re the only one I trust”
“Stop looking in the wrong corner for an answer to this”
“You think is a weakness make it a strength”
“I feel protective of you”
“I’m your friend, I don’t care about the lives you save, I care about your life”