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suave terribly lonely sexy gay man who wears nothing but suits and loves his hair more than most people falls for a boy next door type who is oblivious to his feelings ( so he quietly burns ) 

Spamano Hannibal Au

With unstable and socially awkward FBI profiler Lovino Vargas getting help from the seemingly cheerful renowned psychiatrist Antonio Fernandez Carriedo to solve murder mysteries and also to cease the traumatic effect those cases have on him while being unaware that Dr. Fernandez is a serial killer himself, a cannibal no less, who is also slowly falling in love with Lovino and tries to manipulate him into joining his side.

‘Life has gotten really tough for secret-Omega Will Graham. First he lost his suppressants, then his glasses. Now he’s getting uncomfortably warm and everyone is staring at him-WHAT IF THEY FIND OUT! Good thing he has his loyal Alpha-friend, Hannibal, at his side (constantly)!’ –All The Best Hannigram Omagaverse FanFics

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The Worst

Black coffee.
That was all he was allowed to make.
No cream. No sugar.
And for god’s sake, stay away from the espresso machine.
Bev’s words. Not his.
Drumming his fingers on the countertop out of absolute boredom, waiting for the next surly customer was where he found himself this morning.
Five am was an unholy hour to be awake but Bev, his best friend and his boss, had informed him that too many of their nightly customers were complaining about the quality of their drinks. One old man had even called the Omega ‘cantankerous’. Never had barely been able to say that with a straight face.
He honestly didn’t see what the big deal was, he was perfectly happy living on the instant coffee that was granulated in jars. But some people had to be picky.
The bell over the door ringing causing him to stand up straight and paste of a pitiful fake smile only to slump his shoulders once again when he saw Bev come through the door.
“Mornin’.”, she called out happily, smiling when she saw that he’d put out the muffins and the doughnuts for the rush that was coming.
“At least you didn’t give me the obligation for it to be a good one.” He grumbled out as crossed his arms over his chest, leaning his hip against the counter as he watched her tie on her apron.
He needed this job and Bev knew that and that’s the only reason she kept him here. Not that he hated the work, he really didn’t, he hated the customers. The forced pleasantries grated on his nerves. Having been fired from three jobs this semester alone for his ‘unwillingness to grant superior service’. The exact words of two former employers. He thought they were colluding anyway.
“No one can force you to do anything, and we both know it.” Bev’s response was chipper anyway.
“Says the person who made me be here at dawn.” Grabbing a towel and wiping down an already spotless counter as he grumped.
“Did you drink your own coffee this morning?” Bev asked with the hint of a smile.
“No. I ran out. And the store doesn’t open for another hour.”
“Have a cup, then. Maybe, just maybe, it’ll brighten you up some.” A teasing edge to her voice.
“Fine.” Tossing the towel in the bin and turning to look at the machines with an exasperated sigh.
“Yeah. You need coffee.” She knew that he could be a bear in the mornings and yet, here he stood. At dawn. At work.
He was grumbling so much to himself that he didn’t hear the little bell over the door announce the arrival of a customer until he heard a throaty clearing behind him.
Spinning around, his eyes first landed on the leather gloves braced against the counter top, traveling up to the bright warm eyes of the Alpha looking back at him.
“Can I get you what?” He asked quickly, tongue stumbling over his words, coughing and giving it another go. “What can I get you, sir?” He asked as his eyes danced away.
“Caffè Americano, if you please?” Came a thickly accented response. “Single shot.”
Swallow audibly, his anxiety about the espresso machine overriding any biological response he may have otherwise had. Giving the man an abbreviated nod and turning his back to him once again, calling out with a hiss, “Bev!”
Waiting a beat for her response which never came.
Squaring his shoulders and eyeing the equipment disdainfully before thinking fuck it and proceeding with the man’s order.
The color and aroma were correct as far a he could tell, turning and placing the porcelain cup on the counter with a smile that probably looked more like a grimace as he rung him up.
“Thank you…Will.” The man ducking his head slightly to read his name tag.
“You’re welcome, let me know if you need anything else.” Wiping his hands on his apron and making a beeline for the back as soon as the Alpha turned away.
“Bev! Where are you!?” Calling out lowly just as she was stepping from her office.
“What happened?” A curious expression on her face.
“A customer and a Caffè Americano happened.” He hissed back at her.
Eyes growing wide as she looked at him. “You didn’t break the espresso machine, did you?”
Resting his fists on his hips, nearly snorting. “No! It’s not broken.”
But he was talking to the swinging kitchen door as she already gone out front to check on her machine.
“Uh…Will? Come here.”
His shoulders rounding at her tone, at least he thought he didn’t break it. Pushing open the door only to stop, Bev standing at the counter with a full cup in one hand a business card in the other. “I think this is for you.” Holding out the card between two fingers as she moved to pour out the coffee.
In small copperplate scrawl was written:
Your smile goes further than your coffee. If you’re so amendable, I like to enjoy a proper cup with you.
H. Lecter”

Flipping the card over to read Dr. Hannibal Lecter MD PhD. His phone number penned above his name.

#SummertimeSlick 2017 Ficlets Collection - Chapter 4 - TheSilverQueen - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

It’s not Tuesday. My bad. I asked my creator friends to chuck some tropes at me and maybe that was a mistake, because, well…… they threw “magical healing cock” at me and my muse chose that one to run with.

  • Fandom: Hannibal
  • Relationship: Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter
  • Summary: Day 4: Tropes Tuesday = When the sun rises, in addition to blinking to adjust his eyes, Hannibal gets the added psychedelic bonus of having a talking, glittering golden lamb parked on his chest with a facial expression more suited to grumpy cat than a cute, fluffy baby sheep. He wonders if this is punishment for all of his metaphors.
  • Warnings: No major warnings apply
  • Fun Fact: Kay, originally, there was no lamb and no dragon. Things just … happened.
  • Dynamics: Alpha!Will/Omega!Hannibal

When Hannibal wakes up, he already knows he’s on a boat. He can smell the salt of the sea, he can feel the rhythm of the waves, and most importantly, he’s not currently drowning at the bottom of the ocean. The only thing he cannot sense is Will, and upon that realization, an emotion he could almost call alarm fills his stomach, and he finds himself attempting to sit up despite his mind insisting how terrible an idea that is given the wound in his side. He even manages to get his arms underneath him until he finally manages to pry his eyes open to see –

A lamb.

A lamb, fluffy and tiny and so soft-looking that the only reason Hannibal doesn’t promptly shove it off his chest to go searching for Will is the fact that the lamb also has the grumpiest expression Hannibal has ever seen on a baby animal’s face.

Then the lamb opens its mouth, and out comes – well. Will’s voice, for a lack of a better explanation.

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Intimate Instincts | Hannigram University - College AU

Rating: Explicit 

Relationship: Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter

Summary:  Young university student Will Graham has suffered a recent tragedy and is in need of psychiatric care. Dr. Hannibal Lecter is a retired psychiatrist now teaching at the university, and is persuaded to offer his assistance. He guides Will down an unconventional path of therapy in hopes of helping him cope with his trauma. As the therapy progresses, they discover a mutual understanding they have never experienced before. At the mercy of their growing affections, their doctor-patient relationship develops into something more.

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aconitebite  asked:

I'm going bananas trying to find this A/B/O Hannigram fic, and if you have any idea what it's called, I would greatly appreciate your help! Omega!Will and Alpha!Hannibal. Omegas subconsciously choose an Alpha and scream (or wail) and are frozen in place until accepted or rejected by the Alpha. Will screams for Hannibal when he sees him wrist-deep in the torso of the 2nd "kidney thief" victim in the ambulance. Hannibal saves the guy and uses the ambulance to claim Will. More or less?

Hi there! 

Yes we know exactly the one you are talking about, because it was written by our mod @victorineb​ - it’s called A Siren Cry and is part of her fab Hannibal: The Alpha/Omega Remixes series -

A Siren Cry by victorine
Teen And Up Audiences // M/M // Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter // Selected Tags: Episode: s01e07 Sorbet // Alpha/Omega, Bonding, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Hannibal Loves Will, Will Loves Hannibal, First Kiss, Minor description of surgery, That Look, you know the one
“Hannibal Lecter has his hands inside the body cavity of another human being. It is, without question, the loveliest thing Will Graham has ever seen.”
Alpha/Omega AU of the scene in Sorbet where Will watches Hannibal perform impromptu life-saving surgery in the back of an ambulance.
Words: 2,269 Chapters: 1/1



T.V. Tropes in Hannibal: Anyone Can Die 

A story wherein anyone, even important characters, can be killed - often without their death being truly meaningful, or heroic 

As was the case for Franklyn, Abel Gideon, Abigail Hobbs, and Beverly Katz - though the latter’s death was arguably quite heroic

to say thank you fannibals for completely funding the RAW fanthology! have some student/teacher AU !

will is a grad student at quantico studying criminal psychology and hannibal is his professor teaching PSY 549; a semester on developmental psychopathology 

Will Graham & Hannibal Are Dead

“Do you think death could possibly be a boat?”

Oh yes, I’ve written it. With deep apologies to Tom Stoppard. And Bryan Fuller. And punctuation. I used all of you to hell. But mostly Stoppard, thank you for a good third of this dialogue u are a tru bro.

1743 words, rated H for Hands

It was grey.

The sky was grey, and the sea. Hannibal’s stubble, too, that was grey, which was surprising. Will had never seen him unshaven, hadn’t even imagined it. That was a good sign, he felt, that maybe this was all real — the boat, the grey sky and the grey sea. Hannibal.

He stared at Hannibal’s grey cheek, this one piece of strangeness like an anchor in all the rest of it. He stared a bit longer, just for good measure. Will’s own cheek was stitched and sore and tight in the breeze. That was another good sign. I wouldn’t imagine myself in pain, Will thought.

That’s not true, Will thought.

He looked away at the waves.

Will’s stitches stood out stark in the grey light, a crimson black slice beneath his cheekbone. Hannibal knew it ached, he could tell by the way Will held his jaw. I wouldn’t imagine him in pain, Hannibal thought.

That’s a good sign, he thought.

He looked at Will, looking at the waves, and pretended that were true.

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