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fun fact: in the Chinese-speaking Fannibals community, they call Hugh/Will little tea cup (If you don’t know why please rewatch S1E1 XD) and Mads/Hannibal Uncle Bal (the bal in Hannibal).

And the Will/Hannibal pairing is called Pluck(ing) Cup, ‘cup’ obviously refers to Will, pluck refers to Hannibal, because (Hanni)bal sounds similar to the word pluck in Chinese (拔: pluck, extract, pull out).

How do other fannibals around the world call this pairing? Do Hannibal and Will have other nickname in other language? 
please tell me, I’m interested! 😋

Hideo Kojima ships Hannigram/Madancy? oh what a beautiful world we live in

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Sentences translators for Hannibal fanfiction!

You want to write an au in which Will and Hannibal run off and speak to each other in a ton of languages? We got you covered. Here’s a list of people that offered to translate sentences in their first language.

( Languages in alphabetical order)

















Bonus –> Ancient Greek and Latin:




typicalher  asked:

With all of the talk about apprehensions concerning a Season 4, the main thing I want above all else is to see Will wanting to love Hannibal. I know he does love Hannibal, but we got to see a Hannibal who decided to completely devote himself to Will before the end of the show. However, Will largely seems to be fighting his love for Hannibal right up until the end and even then he threw them off a cliff. I want more of the Will implied by the alternate post-credit scene in their memory palace.

Season two was Will fighting his feelings for Hannibal, but I actually think season three showed Will’s feelings for Hannibal quite clearly

  • Will builds/restores a boat to sail across the ocean for Hannibal (the amount of pining is off the charts, it’s Hannibal level of pining. Which is a lot of pining)
  • He then tracks Hannibal’s childhood home down to find out more about him
  • He leaves a firefly murder tableau for Hannibal
  • He tracks Hannibal himself down (the revival of the stag leading him down the train tracks shows that their relationship and bond is very much still there and alive)
  • He forgives Hannibal 
  • The entire Uffizi Gallery scene where Hannibal and Will look at each other with the kind of quiet tenderness that only happens when two people are in love and have been reunited after being separated and pining away for months
  • Will getting jealous/bitchy with Bedelia over her relationship with Hannibal (Will is at his snarkiest when he’s talking with her)
  • Will donning his Murder Husband Hair Curls and breaking Hannibal out of prison
  • The entire Dolarhyde fight scene, which shows that Will couldn’t stand to watch idly while Dolarhyde killed Hannibal (essentially, Will going on the defensive and protecting Hannibal)
  • The ‘It’s beautiful’ (translating to ‘I see what you were trying to tell me, I understand you, I accept you, I accept what we did and I think it was powerful and it moved me’)
  • The embrace
  • The nuzzling (actual nuzzling, okay. Nuzzling. Fucking nuzzling.)
  • The plunge (you’re saying, how does the attempt to kill both of them show Will cares about Hannibal? It shows that Will can’t let Hannibal be locked up anymore, that he knows neither of them can survive or live without the other, that neither can handle a separation, it’s a mutual ending if they die and a joint rebirth if they live)
  • And then the after credits scene which shows Will at peace, for the first time, with Hannibal by his side

(gif source, @captainerror​ )

Season three did a great job at showing that Will isn’t fighting his feelings for Hannibal here, he’s accepted them. It showed their love is mutual. 


“[director] david slade and i had long conversations about the kubrick-ian feel of this show. we are telling a story of a man who makes his living with his imagination who slowly loses his mind over the course of the season. we are telling a version of [the shining], except the guy is not an alcoholic.”

#SummertimeSlick (References to Knotting)

A bit slapdash, but whatever. For @hannigram-a-b-o-library‘s #SummertimeSlick “References to Knotting” prompt.

“You have an extra ticket to the opera and you’re asking me?” Will was flabbergasted.

“If it isn’t to your taste- ” Hannibal began, but was swiftly cut off.

“No, no, it’s fine. I’m just surprised you would ask me. I’m not exactly, uh, high society.”

“One does not need a noble title in order to enjoy the opera.”

“One might need to know something a bit more sophisticated than a smattering of Creole French, though.”

“It would be my pleasure to provide translations.”

Will wasn’t sure he was going to make it through the third act.

Will had been prepared to deal with an uncomfortable suit, high-pitched arias, boring exposition and even small talk with Hannibal’s opera-going acquaintances. He had not been prepared to deal with Hannibal whispering flowery descriptions of an omegan heat in his ear.

“I burn, a passionate fire! My body is no longer my own, it is that of a fevered creature - longing only to consume and be consumed.” Hannibal murmured, translating the lyrical cries of the actor onstage.

Will could feel the warmth of Hannibal’s breath on the shell of his ear. He could smell the cardamom and cinnamon spice of Hannibal’s omegan scent. A muscle twitched in Will’s jaw as he clenched his teeth and tried to will his growing erection away.

“Where is my alpha? Only the cool press of his touch can fill the hollow in my soul.” Hannibal continued. “Until we are bound together, this ache will drive me to madness!”

Will definitely wasn’t going to make it through the third act.

Retrospective Episode - Side Elliot - English Translation - Part One

Hey there, everyone! I ended up getting distracted by TV shows (I was so close to finishing up OITNB, that I watched that, then Defiance, and after that Hannibal). So, I started translating a bit later. But, here is part one of the translation with pictures. I decided to break up the translation into four parts, so it would be easier and quicker to not only translate and take pictures, but so that I could also spread this short story out a bit. It’s been a long time since I translated Retrace 104, and this is likely the last time I am going to be translating a PH story in G-Fantasy, so I just want this to last a bit longer…Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the translations! :) (Also, sorry for the LQ pics!)

Retrospective Episode – Side Elliot -

Page One:

Pandora Hearts

Text Box (Elliot): “My name is Elliot Nightray. The fourth son of the noble Nightray Dukedom!”

Text (Left): This is the noble path that Elliot Nightray has taken.

Text Box (Elliot): “I have three older brothers and one older sister…I also…”

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“Io sono forse un fanciullo
che ha paura dei morti,
ma che la morte chiama
perché lo sciolga da tutte le creature:
i bambini, l'albero, gli insetti;
da ogni cosa che ha cuore di tristezza.

Perché non ha più doni
e le strade son buie,
e più non c'è nessuno
che sappia farlo piangere
vicino a te. Signore…”

“I am perhaps a child who is afraid of deads,                                                        but is allure by death,                                                                                          so that to free him from all the creatures:                                                      children, tree, bugs;                                                                                        from everything that has heart of sadness.

 Because he has no more gifts                                                                          and the streets are dark                                                                                    and now no one is left                                                                                      who can make him cry                                                                                          next to you, My Lord…”

- S. Quasimodo.                                                                                                    [My translation]

‘Tableau de Chasse’ // Hunting bag

I started watching Hannibal again, and I wanted to draw a panel of some of Hannibal’s 'victims’. The french expression 'tableau de chasse’ seemed to fit perfectly with Hannibal, since it litteraly translates to 'Hunt painting’ in english. Quite elegant, don’t you think ?

(Oh by the way this was totally inspired by paticmak because her hannibal art is the best)

background insight of hannibal - s2
  • Narrator: The background insight of American dramas! Thanks again for tuning in. c:
  • Narrator: He's back! The whole world is now made up of Fannibals - and it's thanks to the original AXN television drama, Hannibal season two!
  • Narrator: If you recall, the Hannibal launching event held in Korea was met with intense passion and great enthusiasm - but first, before we start, why don't we listen to their ( Hannibal and Will's ) music?
  • Lyrics: These days, it feels like you're mine, it seems like you're mine but you're not | it feels like I'm yours, it seems like I'm yours but I'm not
  • Hannibal: Are you going to let this love go to waste?
  • Lyrics: What are we? I'm confused, don't act aloof~*~**~*~
  • Narrator: We're gonna start up the party and dive right into Will and Hannibal's relationship right now, so everybody focus!
  • Narrator: Hannibal and Will had a great relationship! But because of Hannibal's ( too ) intense love for Will, their relationship soon took a turn for the worse ...
  • Narrator: And Hannibal even charmed Alana, who had been having some flirty moments with Will in season one! After a hot night together, Hannibal finally crosses the river that shouldn't ever be crossed -
  • Narrator: And finally, like an agonized spirit fueled by betrayal, Will's deadly vengeance erupts from within ...
  • Will: I want you to kill Hannibal Lecter.
  • Narrator: Even better than the last season, the art team truly does bring the masterpiece to a T; and Mads Mikkelsen looks even better ( than last time ) when wearing his suits.
  • Narrator: Aaaaaand who could forget the delectable array of food on the table? ( Am I drooling? )
  • Narrator: The fight of madness begins! -- wait, no, the fight of sexiness begins~*~**~*~
  • Narrator: Hannibal's crimes turn deadlier and bolder with each passing second - so you should know never to cross him, or you know what's going to happen to you!
  • Narrator: What will become of Jack Crawford - and the woman that came in between the two ( Hannibal and Will ), Alana Bloom?
  • Narrator: If you fall in to this series, you can never go back. Welcome back Hannibal season two -- only on AXN!

margotontheverge-deactivated201  asked:

//How is Will Graham a legitimate abuser? (Seriously confused)

Okay so I have a lot of upset feelings but I am also on mobile so unfortunately I can’t cut this post under a read more but please know I’m kind of going to funnel the general sewage into Will Graham’s mouth for this so if your feelings are warm and fuzzy do not go gentle into this good night.






(This is me giving everyone time to retreat.)




Número uno there is the fact that he’s responsible for Beverley’s death. He emotionally blackmails her when she gets involved during his incarceration. By forcing her to feel like she has to rely on his own unreliable (narrator of his own story) memories he makes her feel like if she doesn’t forsake her own morals, her career, and just about everything on a total hunch she’s at fault for allowing more people to die. He runs out the clock on a limb and gets her killed for it. A+

Let’s talk about Freddie Lounds. Let’s talk about how he brutally assaults her and unnecessarily intimidates her beyond human reason in a scenario where he rips a fucking chunk out of hair out of her head, drags her through the car window, and all around performs these tasks in a scene shot uncomfortably like a sexual assault that is borderline terrifying and maximizes the true potential of ‘Will Graham is a monster and a creep’???

Let’s hang back and talk about Alana Bloom for a minute. Let’s go for a conversation about how he takes everything she goes through as a personal offense. Trying to move on and deal with Abigail’s death but still cope by helping her supposed killer in order to reclaim his health and come to terms? Nah son, there’s no room for Will Graham in that discussion. It’s gotta be selfish. People neglect to remember that Alana also finds her own beliefs suspect, but her feelings do not one up Will Graham’s, so they must be invalid. He convinces her he is no longer a danger to Hannibal and makes her think they’re decent, while blackmailing Beverly and convincing Hannibal as well that they’re bros4life. I repeat, Will Graham is manipulating all these situations. Will Graham is literally playing the emotions of a woman who for all intents and purposes has been one of his biggest cheerleaders since early s2 and has done this out of the goodness of her heart.

By Futamono she is done. She is finished with Will. Because she has no reason to trust him after from her perception he has tried to murder her best friend of many speculated years. She does not have the same knowledge as the audience if one more person fights about this and calls her stupid I will scream. But Will goes home and Alana, bless her fucking heart, shows up with his dogs. So they’re there when he gets home because she is a kind person WHO CARES. He expects an apology from her and then the minute she brings up being upset HE TRIED TO MURDER HER BEST FRIEND Will turns around and he’s all what do you mean you think I’m a murderer I only tried to murder someone. Her concern for Hannibal translates immediately for Will to they’re fucking and he’s done with her because this diminishes her value completely since clearly she’s only an extension of Hannibal. He then proceeds to blame her for ‘seeing the best in Hannibal’. HER INCLINATION TOWARD GOODNESS AND POOR JUDGMENT??? HER FAULT.

He also intimidates her frightfully in an unnecessary display where she’s like 'I’m worried you’re a murderer??? And I think Hannibal is bad for you’ and then Will HANDS HER A GUN AND SHE IS TERRIFIED HE MIGHT SHOOT HER and he’s just 'idk I might be a murderer’ while shutting the door in the face of her mental breakdown.

Gonna toss in that time he fantasized the threesome and then envisioned her having non consensual sex with the reindeer satan man from hell and that’s grotesque and disgusting and it makes my skin crawl in gross ways.

He continues onward to gaslight Alana into the belief that he may have murdered Freddie with Hannibal’s help. He isolates her from everyone she cares about or trusts and forces her to believe everyone is lying to her, effectively shutting down all hope she can possibly have. Let’s discuss the perverse amusement he seems to derive from it ('No one will believe you just like no one believed me’ get the fucking smirk off your face) in cutting off all her coping mechanisms and defenses one by one in the same way he was made hopeless and seemingly enjoying his position of control. When Alana expresses concern that his relationship with Hannibal is abusive, Will turns around and literally victim blames her for being manipulated by the same person who is abusing him.

Will Graham facilitates a fucking season 1 Will mental breakdown in Alana Bloom and he isn’t even the one who tells her the truth. Jack Crawford is, who she goes to clearly emotionally distraught, destabilized, faith shaken to the point where she feels pointlessly empty enough for her to weep at Freddie’s reveal. Weep.

Will Graham is heinously emotionally (and in terms of Freddie) and physically abusive and I’m sick to death of him being defended and I’m angry about everything but thank you for this question and I hope you don’t mind if I make it public. If not, I’m willing to take it down. But it’s a pretty important rant to me that needed to be publicized because emotional abuse is a real and very serious thing that happens on this level and I’m fucking exhausted of it being excused.