hannibal teams

Come dine with us on June 4th-10th for a special AU fic rec event!

What’s going on?

From June 4th to June 10th, we are encouraging each and every one of you to rec one (or more) of your favorite Alternate Universe fics.

Hannibal as pirate? Yes.

Will as an assassin? Hell yes!

Hannibal and Will as pirate assassins? WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE!?

How do I participate?

Tag your rec with the hashtag #FannibalFicRecs and loop us in at @hannibalficwriters so we can reblog your recommendation and spread the love! We’ll do our best to catch them all, but as you all know, Tumblr can be fickle at times (and that’s being generous). If you don’t see your rec in a few days time, drop us a message and we’ll add it to the queue!

This will be the first of several themed rec weeks this year. Stay tuned for more info!

Who can I rec?

Anyone at all! Long or short; WiPs or completed works; crossovers or canon divergences; newbies or established writers; all pairs are welcomed! The choice is yours! Tell us what works and authors have made your heart sing. Our goal is to spread a bit of positivity and encourage every writer in this TREMENDOUSLY talented fandom to continue sharing their creativity.

Love to you all!

- The Mod Team

#FannibalSelfRecs: Season One - July 14th-16th

We’re changing things up this month and asking you to rec one of YOUR OWN works. Self-promo can be hard and awkward at times, but without it we would all miss out on a lot of utterly wonderful works. So we’d like to invite you to recommend to us your favorite work for our inaugural #FannibalSelfRecs event!


Rec ONE of your own pieces that fits this month’s theme : HANNIBAL SEASON ONE.

  • The timeline of your chosen fic must be set in the first season of Hannibal, while canon divergent fics are all welcomed, too.

  • Tag @hannibalficwriters so we can promote your work!

  • Use the tag #FannibalSelfRecs so others can find and love on your story, too.

  • Tell us about the journey to publication. We love peeking behind the curtain since everyone’s process is unique! Here are a few sample questions to get you started:

1. What does the piece mean to you?
2. What was your favorite line in your piece/what was your favourite comment that you’ve received on the work?
3. Did you research for the piece extensively when you wrote it? Did you learn anything new and unusual from writing it? Tell us something unique about the process.

And that’s it. Easy! We hope you’ll participate because we’re looking forward to reading your work!

- The Mod Team