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The constant focus on water throughout each season of the show has fascinated me, and I have come to the conclusion that water represents Hannibal’s influence. Both Alana and Bedelia dream of drowning in deep, black water when they are most under Hannibal’s control. Whereas they are unwillingly consumed by the water, Will dives into it.  

Therefore, Hannibal and Will do not actually go over the cliff; rather, it is a dreamy, metaphorical sequence, just like Alana and Bedelia drowning. This sequence is meant to show Will’s complete and unequivocal acceptance of Hannibal’s presence in his life. Whereas Alana and Bedelia struggle against the water, Will openly embraces it.

Water normally symbolizes purity, cleansing, and rebirth, none of which have ever been the case in Hannibal, until the finale. In this case, the water carries a dual symbolism of both Hannibal’s influence and of rebirth: it is through Hannibal that Will is reborn. So, yes, they do “die,” but it is a symbolic death, in that their old selves die so that they may emerge from the water reborn and ready for their new life together.

Finally, Hannibal mentions the erosion of the bluff to Will, that the land has slowly been devoured by the relentless power of the ocean. To me, this makes their union destiny. Had they arrived too soon, the shore might have broken their metaphorical fall, instead of the ocean. In other words, Will would not have been ready to give himself over completely to Hannibal. However, over the course of three seasons, from Miriam to Abigail, Will is finally ready to embrace Hannibal, and so he delivers them both to the power of the sea.

Yet another Yuri on Ice vs Hannibal analysis

So @lottitheunicorn and I were talking about all those people who compare the anime series Yuri on Ice with NBC‘s Hannibal and at first, I was laughing but then I realized that there are actually quite a few similarities. Don’t expect an in-depth analysis and don‘t take it too seriously ;). Here it comes!

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