OK SO I REALLY debated putting up some of my school work, but with a nudge from another artist I decided I OUGHT TO! This was my final project for my publications class. One of the options was to design a book and since I’m an overachiever I chose to do an entire bookset. HANNIBAL.

The sleeve was laser engraved out of red touche paper. Since this was a publication class I also did the book jackets and some inside illustration/publication design which you can see {here} and {here}

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Dark and sophisticated boy

Hannibal, fourteen years old, falls in love with his aunt Lady Murasaki.

What does he do?

He goes to a shop asking for a cricket, the suzumushi cricket, because his aunt loves to hear the song of the suzumushi in that particular time of the year.

He goes to a shop… Asking for a cricket. Ok?

He is able to convince the owner to give him his own (because importation of insects is forbidden but the owner has his own cricket, yes, I’d love to have a cricket too) and he hides it in the plants while having dinner with his aunt.

When she hears the cricket she says

I see you and the cricket sings in concert with my heart.

And he answers

My heart hops at the sight of you, who taught my heart to sing.

Fourteen years old.


This is just to say to all the fic writers out there…

Yes, Hannibal would do anything for Will and yes, Hannibal can be the passionate, sweet, romantic and sophisticated lover many of you imagine. And it’s never too much for him.

Maybe you read Hannibal Rising, but if you didn’t I tell you that.

Reading Hannibal Rising

15 chapters in Hannibal Rising and I have the usual thing to say.

Bryan is amazing.

That’s our Hannibal.

I don’t know why Harris changed him so much in old age. Bryan took the young Hannibal and made him become the Hannibal of the tv serie. Our Hannibal can be the final result of that childhood and that adolescence.

I love this line.

Count Lecter asks if Hannibal is a bully at the Orphanage. They answer:

“It’s the bullies who get injured. Hannibal does not observe the pecking order. They’re always bigger and he hurts them very quickly and sometimes severely. Hannibal can be dangerous to persons larger than himself. He’s fine with the little ones. Lets them tease him a little.”

I could joke about the fact that Will is small and cute, that’s why Hannibal likes him.

But actually this description is perfect.

Hannibal saw his little sister being taken away from him. And he is too intelligent to react by becoming violent randomly with everyone. He knows what kind of people deserve to be punished. That gets lost somewhere in the other books.