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Hannibal Recap: Antipasto

The episode opens with some motorcycle fanservice Hannibal riding through the streets of a European city on his motorcycle, disobeying every traffic law along the way because road rules don’t apply to hungry cannibals. If at this moment you are confused about where in time and space we are located all I can say is, get fucking used to it.

He arrives at a soirée, for which he is egregiously underdressed in his leather biker jacket. But Hannibal is in his badass cannibal mode. He doesn’t conform to dress codes, dress codes conform to him.

Everyone ignores him while he hones in on tonight’s dinner, a Dr. Fell. Everyone except Anthony Dimmond, who, like Will Graham, is both scruffy and boyishly handsome. However, he lacks both Will Graham’s sense of morality and protagonist status, so I would highly advise getting too attached to him. (Too late? Well, then. This is gonna suck.). 

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Hannibal 3x10, a summary.
  • Will:I was his wife first.
  • Bedelia:I was his wife better.
  • Will:He loves me more.
  • Bedelia:No, he loves ME more.
  • Will:He loves me so much he wanted to eat me.
  • Bedelia:He did eat me... *wink wink*
  • Will:...
  • Bedelia:...
  • Hannibal:... Oh what a cute little dragon, how beautiful. You're like my new favourite thing in the world!
Hannibal Recap: Contorno

The episode opens with Will and Chiyo sitting in a dark train headed through  a dreary countryside toward Florence and whispering slowly to each other about Hannibal.

Honestly, I don’t understand why people complain about how dark this show is. I personally have rectified this problem by locking myself into a windowless vault and donning night vision goggles every Thursday night at 10. After making this adjustment, I can 100% see everything on the screen most of the time.

It’s easy, guys. Come on now.

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Hannibal Recap: Dolce

PREVIOUSLY ON HANNIBAL: Both Will and Hannibal were unceremoniously tossed from great heights. Battered, broken, bruised, and bloody, they continue to take their goddamn sweet ass time to reunite at their telepathically agreed upon meeting place. Jack looks on in mild surprise.

The episode opens with a bloody Hannibal limping through the luckily empty streets of Florence, only stopping to fashion a tourniquet for his leg.

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Hannibal Rewatch: 2x01

Season 2, Episode 1: “Kaiseki”

**Warning: rewatch blogging, written with knowledge of the full series

Maybe not the expected opening, but, I feel S2 is significantly funnier than S1? Like, generally more ridiculous, as well more actual punchlines. Although, also more beautiful, and more heartbreaking… idk, #PEAK TV. Season 2 is everything MORE, so I’m sure I’ll be over here finger-painting tears in the shape of words and everything, but that means we’re gonna need some lols, and when they are not already there I WILL ENDEAVOR TO BRING THEM.

Ok! So let’s see if I can turn Hannibal: Season Two into a TRAGIC ROMP. Hahahaha*crying* (oh great, we’re already in the money)


Huh. I had completely forgotten that 2x01 begins with the Crawford v. Lecter Rumble of 2x13. Just, utterly out of my head. Which is crazy because this fight is so good. Bless you Laurence Fishburne & Mads Mikkelsen, bless you and your sheep and your family’s sheep.

I feel like I’m looking at my family’s cat right before she sinks her teeth into my arm.

God imagine being Jack though, and Frasier Crane is leaping bodily over his kitchen counter to come snarling after the knife he just flung into your hand. I WOULD PEE.

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Hannibal Rewatch: 2x02

Season 2, Episode 2: “Sakizuke”

**Warning: rewatch blogging, written with knowledge of the full series

I don’t think this is exactly *interesting* or what have you, more just a result of rewatching a television season about a year after the fact, but going into S2, I did not have a solid idea in my head of what happened in the first two episodes. I knew ep. 3 was the trial, I had that on lock, but if you’d asked me to place specific events I recalled from before the trial, I would have struggled. It’s probably a side effect of the case being strung between the the two episodes as well, and speaking of the case and also the word strung….


Y’know that kind of teeth-baring that’s not a Hanners snarl but instead a sort of AFFRONTED REVULSION? So that’s me trying to watch this cold open. Again, NO STILLS, NO SORRY. Running into the corn field though, gotta say that’s such a good horror gesture. “Let me be a child of the corn anything but thiiiss” - that poor, poor guy with the nice skin

I like where Hannibal & Alana are standing on their squares. I like that Will’s cage is centered on the line between them, too. I like I like. I think more than in S1, S2 does visual puns with patterns and symmetry that really remind you that this show is by the same man who made Pushing Daisies.

Will: “I’ve lost the plot. I’m the unreliable narrator of my own story.” Well actually deer one, Hannibal is unreliably narrating your story for you. Unless you’ve become like, the uncooperative second-person lead of an Italo Calvino novel or something. Actually that might be a decent analogy, but I can’t quite tell because trying to actually figure out what I mean by that feels like looking at an M.C. Escher drawing.

Will says he’s afraid twice in one line, and that must depress Hannibal, as he wanted Will to get better at managing his fear and he’s just made it worse. Tough rocks, Lecter.

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