hannibal really really loves will


I think that after you killed the cat and threw it into the yard, my man, you climbed up  here  and  waited.  I  think  you  watched  the  children  and  passed  the  time  whittling  and  dreaming.  When  night  came,  you  saw  them  passing  their  bright  windows  and you  watched  the  shades  go  down,  and  you  saw  the  lights  go out  one  by  one.  And  after  a  while  you  climbed  down  and  went  in  to  them.  Didn’t  you?  It  wouldn’t  be  too  hard  a  climb straight  down  from  the  big  limb  with  a  flashlight  and  the bright  moon  rising.

- Thomas Harris, Red Dragon


Mads “fake it till you make it” Mikkelsen.

Can we talk about how teary eyed Hannibal got in Sorbet, when the opera singer finished singing. Not to mention he was the first one to his feet and clapping.

Good. Lord.

I should not be in love with a fictional psychopath. God save my soul.

anonymous asked:

Since Beyoncé is having twins it got me daydreaming of a/b/o hannigram with twins alike would each baby have a specific trait from each parent or take only after hannibal leaving poor will keeping them in check? Would it be a boy and girl or two boys? How big would will's belly be and does he fill out more in the bum? Everything comes back to a/b/o hannigram for me

They would be the most beautiful children in the world; one would be a boy who would look like a baby Jensen Ackles with Hannibal’s sandy hair but Will’s mouth, and green eyes, and be called Mischa, who is a totally chilled out and kind lil guy like Will, and the other would be a tiny vicious little kit of a girl who is the spitting image of Will, who they will name Annabelle, and she is an absolute monster who bites all the time when she has tantrums and is Daddy’s Little Girl to the max and everyone thinks she is the real trouble maker until one day she gets pushed over in the playground and cries and Mischa very calmly LOSES it. 

Pregnant!Will would be like a bloated version of normal sarcastic Will but cranked up to 11 with bursts of uncontrollable bloodlust and insane food cravings thrown in, and impossible standards, so he’d probably turn perfectly plated meals away untouched like ‘I’ve changed my mind this is disgusting I’m not eating that take it away’ which Hannibal would accept meekly because good lord he’s so cruel when he’s pregnant it’s so hot 

and Will would have a real craving for red meat, so rare it’s bloody, and probably insist on helping Hannibal kill someone for him even when he’s like 7 months gone (which would not be a problem because Hannibal’s possessive instincts are through the Roof and he will literally kill people for complimenting Will on his dewy radiance with insufficient sincerity AND/OR for complimenting Will on his dewy radiance with too much familiarity) and a wet-eyed Hannibal would then hand feed him the very best morsels of everything while Will snarls and looks mutinous

and Hannibal would have immaculately tailored paternity clothes made for him and the highest thread-count silk sheets and extra-down cushions and import ingredients from all over the world and have a lift installed to prevent Will straining himself going up the stairs and hire a company to design and build the nursery with hand-painted murals inspired by some Renaissance scene and a playpen made of hand-carved rare woods and a marble birthing pool built into his master bathroom just in case

and he’d throw an immaculately catered baby shower where the gift-list only includes items of $300+ or more and at night he plays the harpsichord to the babies while they are in utero and then personally bathes Will by hand like he is Venus or something and then spoons behind him in bed with his hand on the bump waiting for them to kick and saying things like ‘and here’s where daddy will make the incision to bring you out into the world my darlings.’



Hide us from the wrath of the lamb.

Memory Palace's foyer/Norman Chapel in Palermo
  • Memory Palace's foyer/Norman Chapel in Palermo
  • Brian Reitzell
  • Hannibal Season 3 (OTS)

-Hello Doctor Lecter.
-Hello Will.

And of course the lovely variation from this, featuring Will and Hannibal’s ‘hello’ after 3 years.