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YOU ARE OF your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of Your father. he was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies. ( selective & private zebediah kilgrave from marvel’s jessica jones as told by charlie )

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hope you okay. :) <3

Hello guys,

I’m sorry for suddenly going quiet, but after my hospital stay I need time to rest and get better. I don’t really have strength for making posts right now, so it may take some time before I start posting again. Hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be back to full Hannibaling mode. Maybe sooner, maybe later, who knows.

However I love you all and wish you all the luck, health and hapiness in the world!

Vocabulary Lesson

This is from a prompt from the wonderful @chronicopheliac who wanted Will to explain a spank bank to Hannibal. 

        Will strolled into the late afternoon heat clutching a towel and inhaling the scent of the ocean. Letting the amber light bathe his face, he settled onto a sun-warmed chaise, resting the towel beside him. It would soon be his favorite part of the day.

         The house in El Quisco was steps from the beach, which Will loved, and minutes from Pablo Neruda’s Isla Negra home, which sold Hannibal before he even saw the property. At night, while sweat and come dried sweet and sticky on their bodies, Hannibal would read Neruda’s poems to Will. The empath wasn’t sure he could fall asleep anymore without the music of Hannibal’s voice and Neruda’s words.

         In the distance, he saw a head crest over the waves.


         Will watched, entranced, as Hannibal emerged from the rolling sea. Nearly a year ago, the cannibal had performed a parody of this act, bleeding from the gut and dragging Will with him. Now, the evidence of that night was reduced to a small puckered line that defined the doctor’s fuzzy stomach.

         Today, Lourdes had abandoned Will to join Hannibal in the water. The empath watched in amusement as man and dog paused to shake, waves lapping at their heels. Using both hands to sweep his rapidly growing hair off his face, Hannibal arched his back in a lazy stretch before walking toward the house.

         Will wasn’t positive he could breathe. Lourdes took off down the beach on important dog business, but Will’s eyes remained on Hannibal, who was striding slowly toward him with a smile ghosting his lips.  

         “How was the swim?” Will’s voice was as tight as his pants. He shifted and tried not to notice the grains of sand clinging to Hannibal’s powerful calves as he approached the veranda. Rivulets of sea water cut paths across Hannibal’s cheekbones, flowing down his strong neck before dotting the doctor’s thick thatch of greying chest hair, shining like diamonds in the fading light.

         Will knew when he laved Hannibal’s skin tonight, he’d taste salt. His mouth watered.

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Why Hannibal is "trustworthy" and Will is "suspect"

It’s been well observed already, by @bonearenaofmyskull in particular, that people tend to see a reflection of themselves in Will, or else a reflection of something they desire.

Will sometimes utilizes this voluntarily, but in his baseline interactions with others he often can’t help but reflect them back at themselves. It goes back to book canon that this is part of his condition.

With this, people then project certain expectations onto him which he never necessarily intended to elicit, much less fulfil. There he is minding his own business, and just by being himself, he cuts across other people’s expectations that they should be extensions of their selves. By his very existence people perceive him as denying them something they - naturally, it seems to them - expected. If you decided to raise your right arm and it wouldn’t move, you’d be perplexed and enraged, wouldn’t you? This is also why two-year-olds, who are in the process of learning that they’re separate from their parents, throw so many tantrums.

If someone wants what Will is offering, like Jack does, they’re gonna keep Will around but be frustrated whenever he behaves like a person instead of a service provider. If someone hates themselves, as Zeller does, then obviously they’re not gonna like Will. In between there are nuances. Note that Alana’s almost first words to Will on his release from prison weren’t “you tried to kill Hannibal”. That was the second thing. The first thing she talks about is her perception that Will has betrayed her: “You challenged my whole framework of assumptions about who you are.” In other words, she wanted him to be a certain way, and he gave her the opposite of what she wanted. Nor is it irrelevant that her framework of assumptions required him to be, literally, an automaton with no mind of his own.

Contrast this with Hannibal, whose entire mode of social interaction consists of divining what the other person wants the most, and then becoming that thing. That’s how he’s able to get Will on side so quickly: by saying “you’re totally functional and more or less sane”. It so happens that Will *is* totally functional and more or less sane (then), but Hannibal is the first person ever to acknowledge that, and he even has the credentials to back it up. So he told Will the one thing he never even knew he wanted to hear, because he had no idea that hearing such a thing was possible.

From Hannibal people always - naturally, it seems to them - get what they expected and maybe more, and benefit noticeably from the interactions. The more he does this, the more rewards and resources he accumulates and thus the more he has to give away.

This is exactly how the Kurzban paper construes the origins of stigmatization. You benefit from providing the group with something it wants and you get stigmatized if you resemble something the group hates. Not only does Will literally imitate the killers the group is dedicated to eliminating but he is darned unrewarding to deal with. Who even cares if Will did it or not? The obvious thing to do is toss Will and keep Hannibal, and write off Art Murder as just part of the cost of living in Baltimore. I’m sure it was some other exotic middle aged dude with surgical skill, a superiority complex, and a view of himself as an artist.

It’s also the reason why Hannibal always gets his way and Alana never does. Hannibal says yes to almost everything, encourages people to do things, and tells people their feelings and perceptions are right [1]. Alana says no to everything, tells people not to do things, and tells them their feelings and perceptions are wrong. So of course people comply with Hannibal and resist Alana. That’s how you train cats: let them do exactly what they want.

[1] Except to Franklyn, and notice that Franklyn is correspondingly noncompliant as a patient.

Hannigram Halloween AU where Will is having a meltdown and can’t seem to separate himself from the killer-of-the-week’s mind so Hannibal decides the best course of action is for Will to help hand out candy and find himself and his humanity through cute kids dressed as pumpkins and ghosts yelling ‘trick or treat’ up at him.

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Seeing Mads in Valhalla Rising makes me want to see him allowed to go wild in Hannibal so badly. Not just him getting his ass kicked a couple of times per season. Why hasn't Hannibal even bitten anyone, he's Hannibal the cannibal! He needs to show why he should be feared physically. Not just a guy who can make murder murals by smoke and magic.





and tbh, he was hardly ‘wild’ even in Kaiseki/Mizumono or any of the Hannibal fights, so my biggest BIGGEST s3 wish (ok one of several) is Hannibal going FULL beast mode and TEARING SHIT APART before he gets caught

imagine Hannibal cornered and out of options and actually desperate

imagine Hannibal not being in control and him knowing it and him fighting tooth and nail to try to escape because he isn’t about to let go of his freedom that easily

imagine the authorities staring slack-jawed at the carnage after they finally manage to put him down

imagine how fucking terrifying that would be, it would be on a totally different level than say, when he attacks Bev or Miriam