hannibal lyrics

[ And it’s haunting me
These feet of mine
Won’t let me march away 

- Wrapped around your finger.

each day you’ll feel me devour your soul

Daily Hannibal Lyrics

A theme song today. This is about our favorite Doctor. This song has such a good rhythm, I highly suggest looking it up.

“Wild eyed, he is dressed to the nines.
The moon is hanging above him
Like a halo on fire.
Black hands, he’s out there
Looking for lambs.
You better lock up the mansion.
Baby, throw away the key

‘Cause wolves are at the door.
Don’t let them in cause
You know what they came for.
Full blown silver tongue.
Keep one eye open and
Your hand on the shotgun.
Oh, what an innocent child.
What a beautiful prey.
When those wolves come around,
You better keep them away.”
- Wolves at the Door, Bad Seed Rising

I mean, come on! Dressed to the nines, looking for lambs, prey? This is our main man, Hannibal, to a tee.


          Freeing yourself from me and… me freeing myself from you, they’re the same.
                                                              We’re conjoined.

Just wanted to point out that “The skies tumbling from your eyes” and “The dye, a blood red setting sun” always make me think about Will’s and Hannibal’s eyecolors… so yas, do we really need further proof that they’re in love? Nope.
But do we really want it? FUCK YEAH BITCH, BRING IT ON!