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We would like you to rec a work that you loved from any of these fests but which hasn’t received the attention it deserves. So whether it’s a great fic that has received very few kudos or comments, or a stunning piece of art or gifset which has been overlooked in the crush of new works, let us know about it from this coming Friday 28th. We will accept recs for a few days this time to allow works posted over Halloween weekend to be included :D

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Hannibal Rewatch 100 Word Drabble: S03E06 Dolce

The universe contracts again. Will stares into Hannibal. Sees himself: blunted by forgiveness, remoulded by the need to understand. Feels the smooth edges of reconnection in the affection of Hannibal’s regard, the tender cadence of his voice. The pieces that are Hannibal’s Will reassemble like strokes of pencil on paper.

Past and future forgotten. Hannibal stares into his remarkable boy. Sees himself: restored by acceptance, unreserved and unconditional. Feels softened by the healing warmth of Will’s unguarded smile; made malleable by his easy, eager closeness. Will’s Hannibal is whole again, recreated and reformed under the benign gaze of Botticelli’s Primavera.

The story so far on AO3.

Never Tell Me The Odds

A humble present for @lecteronthelam in the spirit of sportsmanship. 

Once upon a Mile High trip, @lecteronthelam requested a fic where the boys make a friendly little sports wager. I ran out of time on that trip to write it but bookmarked the idea for later. So here you finally are!  :)

Set in the universe where these two Mile High Prompts occurred for context:

 "I’m not doing it Hannibal,“ Will said with his hands in his pockets and shoulders rolled forward defensively. 

"A deal is a deal, Will. I thought you were a man of your word," Hannibal scolded and slid the red pom poms across the table towards him. "Maybe this will teach you not to bet against the New England Patriots." 

"Why are you being like this!? I’d have let you off the hook if I won. It was just a joke.”  The defense was a poor one, and Will knew it because he began to pace back and forth at the foot of the table. 

“Oh yes, a joke requiring me to give a guest lecture to your class wherein I must introduce myself to your little court as Count “von” Hannibal Lecter VIII. Hilarious. Insulting my Lithuanian and familial heritage is–how does Abigail say it–laugh out loud.” Hannibal said and crossed his arms over his chest. 

Will turned two shades pinker and lowered his head. 

“Really, Will. How rude,” Hannibal huffed, “I think it is the "von” part that vexes me most.“ 

"I’m so sorry,” he said. 

Hannibal waived him off. “I am not interested in your apologies. I am interested in seeing those cheerleading skills in action. I would have preferred a picture; however, since you burned them all, this will have to do. Come on now, chop, chop." 

There were pictures of course–none in Will Graham’s possession–but Freddie Lounds had proven her usefulness once again in digging up an old yearbook at a local library in Michigan. Hannibal pretended not to have seen them for Will’s sake, but he had ordered the coffee mug the moment it became available for purchase on Tattlecrime.com

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Wanting You

A/N: This was request by @sassysupernaturalsweetheart, I hope you like it :D. Please enjoy and all feedback is appreciated. Requests are open. If you want on my Taglist let me know!

Summary: You find Hannibal hurt in the woods.

Words: 2220

Hannibal (silence of the lambs) x Reader

Warnings: Smut.

Tags: My Amazingly Wonderful Beta @scarletwinchester84 @mamapeterson @cici0507 @littlefreakingfangirl @spidermans-l-o-v-e-r @highonpastries @girl-next-door-writes @dreamycloud1

Gifs/pictures not mine.

You stretched as you woke up, getting up you got dressed and ready for your morning walk. You lived alone in a cabin way in the woods, you liked being alone without any neighbors. It gave you the freedom to do what you liked without being judged, stepping outside you locked the door and headed down the steps.

You didn’t get many visitors, not many people liked to veer to far into the woods and your cabin was smack dead in the center. You still had wifi and t.v, your mother said it was necessary so that you can keep tabs on the wanted, she didn’t like you being out on your own so far from civilization but you did.

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Basically we are trying to woo the Marvel audience with Mads, OKAY?  <3 HOW HARD CAN IT BE???? ;)

Get the awesome cut outs, get trimming, AND HANNIVANGELIZE. (QR code goes to s1 on itunes <3): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AanoVt2UfeP1UIV_LqXPJIF4HYsSv7exGAlsWqran7o/edit?usp=sharing


me, remembering that hannibal has a chance of coming back:

me, remembering that hannigram is canon:

me, remembering that alana and margot survived instead of being uselessly killed off:

me, remembering that we have a bomb ass director who supports us and genuinely cares about our opinions/thoughts even though he’s super busy and still wants the show back just as much as we do: