hannibal jackson

Okay, Netflix. Now, I want Percy Jackson, Chronicles of Narnia, Spiderwick Chronicles, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Junie B. Jones, Magic Tree House, Boxcar Children, and Hannibal Season 4.
—  my greedy ass after finishing the first season of A Series of Unfortunate Events 
The Tumblr Story
  • Me: Sherlock sounds pretty good. I should read one of the books sometime.
  • Me: *reads all the books*
  • Me: *watches BBC Sherlock* *watches almost every Sherlock Holmes film available.
  • Me: *is ruined and obsessed*
  • Me: I've to express my love somehow!!! * makes a Tumblr blog*!
  • Me: *follows some fandom blogs*
  • Me: *sees other fandoms*
  • Me: What's Doctor Who? Looks great. I should watch one episode
  • Me: *watches one episode*
  • Me: *watches all the episodes*
  • Me: *starts obsessing*
  • Me: *starts blogging Doctor Who*
  • Me: SuperWhoLock??? What's the super?
  • Me: Supernatural??????
  • Me: Oh, a horror show, nice. One can't get attached to a weird horror show, right?
  • Me: *watches first episode*
  • Me: *watches nine years worth of television in two weeks*
  • Me: Well, fuck!
  • Me: So, this is a multifandom blog now. Cool? Cool.
  • Me: Omg, Percy Jackson has a huge fandom on Tumblr!? How great is that?
  • Me: *digs around in the PJO tag*
  • Me: *gets into Percy Jackson again*
  • Me: ...oh no
  • Me: *blogs about Percy Jackson*
  • Me: Such amazing artists in this fandom. Wow.
  • Me: If this book has such a fandom. Does that mean that there are Harry Potter tumblr people?
  • Me: OH MY GOD YES!!!
  • Me: *reblogs all the Harry Potter stuff*
  • Me: If I'm a multifandom blog anyway I could also check out the tag of some favourite movies.
  • Me: *blogs about MCU and Lotr*
  • Me: What's the 100? I have to watch it.
  • Me: I should read the maze runner.
  • Me: I didn't know there was a Hannibal show. I liked red dragon, can't harm to watch the show.
  • Me: Oh, Game of Thrones!
  • Me: *sees posts about equality*
  • Me: *gets courage to come out of the closet*
  • Me: *aggressively blogs*
  • Me: Ah, what a time to be alive
We Are Fangirls

We are kinda nerdy,

We read lots of books.

We’d be better off studying,

Or learning how to cook.

But Harry Potter got us,

Divergent, the Hunger Games,

Insurgent and Allegiant,

Catching Fire, Mockingjay!

Marvel movies are our lives,

Iron Man and Thor,

But of the bros of Asgard,

It’s Loki we adore.

PJO and TMI,

The Hobbit, LotR.

Hannibal’s the youngest,

Merlin’s oldest by far.

For most of us, this is true,

That Cumberbatch is bae.

The Tumblr blogging website,

Is where we spend our lazy days.

Supernatural, Doctor Who

And Sherlock are our worlds,

We laugh and cry until we die,

Because we are fangirls!

Written by ciaraisafangirl

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I’m really angry that we don’t have wings. Imagine having wings based on your personality, like you are calm and shy person but deep down you’re brave so you get sky blue eagle wings or someone who thinks he’s great and doesn’t respect anyone has dirty small chicken wings. But no one can see your wings until you truly open up to a person and show him who you really are. Wouldn’t that be really cool.

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Do you ever get a relapse of fandom obsession?

Like, you can feel it and you’re kind of anticipating it but at the same time you’re like “Hey, me. It’s me. Listen. Remember when you were completely submerged in that fandom? You cried for weeks about this one thing? Yeah… Do you want to go through that again?”

But then you’re like

And then you fall into the spiral of fandom again while still trying to deny and avoid the obsession at all cost.