hannibal is a weird weird man


i am?? sort of?? probably more than sort of?? addicted?? with how these two?? are addicted?? to each other???

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Killing Stalking is such a weird story. It's about a kid who wanted to be with a guy who saved his life and it turned he's a serial killer who doesn't give a fuck. Then he's like I want out then he wants back then wants back out and in and out and Sangwoo is even like dude get the fuck out and Bum is like naw and then Woo is like your tragic backstory means nothing so Bum is like I'm done and out and now we're waiting for Woo to either be like Boo I'm sorry or Bum you fucking idiot. Weird man.

I mean, Hannibal is a pretty weird story, but I mean, human beings enjoy weird and strange things. 

Obviously there’s more depth to why Bum stays, but knows not too, and that we never really truly know how Sangwoo thinks, puzzles things together, and will determine the type of reaction he deems necessary. 

Life is weird man.

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this isnt even a headcannon and im not 100% sure im telling the right person but, i just want everyone to know that all ive ever wanted was for hannibal to eat wills ass. lmfao #godbless #ididntgotochurchtoday #pleasedontblockme #whyamiusinghashtags???

OKAY LIKE. I’m hoping/guessing you don’t mean literally? Even then, I’m so used to this fandom’s sinning that I’m not even fazed. I would never block you dear, especially not after sharing stuff. <3 #dontworryinevergotochurch

Just for you celestialafterhours SOME QUICK HANNIGRAM RIMMING SMUT:

“No one, Will?” Hannibal loomed over him as he stuffed another flat pillow under Will’s hips. 

Yeah, he always laid there, hips canted up on his boat in the middle of the Atlantic waiting for some guy to go down on him. It was one of his favourite pastimes other than fishing. “No, never. I’ve never seen the appeal.” Will scoffed as he squirmed, a little uncomfortable spread out like that on the bed with Hannibal free to pinch and stare. “And you? Is this your first time?”

He didn’t really know if he wanted the answer to that. “Nevermind, don’t answer that.” Of course someone with such a Freudian oral fixation would have serviced Alana and Bedelia in every manner they desired and Will hardly doubted that he was the first man to find himself in Hannibal’s bed.

“Relax, Will, you are in good hands.” Hannibal’s hand grazed over the bent curve in Will’s back, smoothing his knuckles over the harsh dip up to his ass.

“I never doubted that part. Just… get it over with alright?” It was uncomfortable to have his hard cock, tempted up by their shared kisses after dinner, trapped between him and the bed.

Hannibal only laughed as Will buried his head in the bed. He could hear him sinking down and at the feel of being spread apart Will opened his eyes to stare hotly down at the duvet. 

It really was a slippery slope. At some point he’d remembered when he was at the beginning of the Kinsey scale with only a mutual, meaningless jerk off with an old college roommate. Now he’d slipped and slid down without much crawling and clawing back, now he was hard and wanting for the man who he’d finally grown accustom to fucking and, more recently, being fucked by. 

Hannibal called it making love, Will never really protested that.

Shit,” Will hissed as he felt something wet slide along his entrance. Weird, it felt weird but not… bad. Talented fingers rolled around his entrance, spreading the wetness along his opening. It felt lewd to have Hannibal’s tongue run along his entrance again, to be spread open for someone in such an intimate way. Then again intimacy had always shadowed every action and look between them since the start, whether or not Will could fully admit that. No one had torn him open and made him vulnerable, figuratively and literally, like Hannibal did.

Will lowered his head fully and let out a shuddering breath as Hannibal’s tongue started up again, moving with what he could already tell was quite a bit of experience. Okay, it felt really good. The wet tongue prodded against his entrance, dipping in just enough to have Will’s eyes widen and his entire body clench up at the sensation. 

Long warm fingers pressed in, rooting around for the sweet spot that had Will pressing up against the pillows wedged below him, groaning. A tongue lapping against the fingers, hips stuttering against the bed, hands seeking purchase in the sheets.

Hannibal flat out tag team finger and tongue fucked him into a mess on the bed. Thankfully out in the ocean no one could hear the strangled cries Will didn’t bother to hide. 

“While I may never have the exquisite experience of getting my hands on that beautiful, cunning, mind of yours, at least I get the pleasurable experience of eating you in other ways.”

Oh god he didn’t just…

Will lifted his head up, his hair plastered against his sweaty forehead. Down by his legs Hannibal was grinning just enough to be infuriating. “Did you… just make a cannibal joke?” Will rasped. He kicked up his leg to push against Hannibal’s chest as best he could. The bastard was far too indulgent in his awful sense of humour. “I’d throw you in the ocean if I was in any position to. Leave you to the sharks.”

“Good thing that you are in the position you are in then.” Cheeks were spread.

The protesting groan in Will’s mouth warped into one of pleasure as he felt Hannibal’s tongue dive right in. The bastard.

I noticed that Raúl Esparza was in the “special thanks” section of the credits in Martha Marcy May Marlene– you know, that weird movie with the girl who escapes from the cult? And Hugh Dancy is in the movie? 

So I did some googling and it turns out Raúl did the first screenplay reading of it (at a theater in NYC, so idk if the script was a play or a movie at that point). 

Basically, both Raúl and Hugh worked on this movie in some way.

That’s some weird 6 degrees of Hannibal separation, man.

(plus, uh, he’s gorgeous in the pictures of the read-through.)

My brother always manages to walk in on the worst parts of  Hannibal. I always have to be like “Hey, man, things are about to get really weird.” And he’s just like “Okay. Whatever.” And then there’s mushroom people or beehives in heads or a man crawling out of horse or a weird orgy between 4 characters and a mythological creature. He just looks at me and goes, “Why is everything you watch artsy and weird as fuck?” And I just whisper, “I don’t know.”

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Same anon from just now (about the queer relationship). It's not really a headcanon of mine, just trying to fit together the "Will is straight" with "their relationship is ambiguous with homoerotic undertones". When I say "queer", I mean that their relationship is outside of societal norms for most hetero male relationships (amongst other things) because of it's closeness and intensity. It just seems that Fuller is focusing on relationships more than individual labels or categories.

Oh, sure, the focus is on relationships, but I don’t think that focusing there is going to resolve anything. In the sense that queerplatonic is a kind of a catch-all for relationships that don’t fit under other labels, the term works, but I think what they’re shooting for on the show goes beyond even that.

This is the operatic quality of the show. My husband and I were talking about the final scene of “Su-zakana” the other day, specifically the gesture Hannibal makes of putting his hand on the back of Will’s neck as he speaks to Will with such pride about how he can’t predict him. My husband basically said that it’s way more intimate that one would expect between two men in a heterosexual relationship, but coupled with the almost parental pride in the speech Hannibal gives, it’d be way weird in any romantic or queerplatonic relationship as well. Two men, two women, one man and one woman, gay, straight, and so forth–that’d be a weird thing to say and do in really just about any context. 

Basically the show is presenting a relationship based in the reciprocal obsession of entirely unique minds, and that doesn’t fit under any labels, including the amusingly understated term the show has adopted: friendship. What Will and Hannibal have between them is not something human beings really have. It’s a Dark Romantic notion of soul-mates, it exists entirely within fantasy, and putting real life labels to it is always going to come up short. And like Bryan said, there’s the cinema of it as well as the writing and what the actors are doing. It’s all heightened and it’s not what real relationships, healthy or otherwise, are like. 

And that’s the opera of it. I don’t think there’s going to be a clean resolution to “Will is straight” with “homoerotic subtext” because that’s what Bryan is talking about when he talks about it being “beyond sexual” or “pure intimacy in a non-physical way.” Audience consumption–the transmission of the message into the mind of the viewer–is what makes it homoerotic. The audience needs to be recognized as an active rather than passive participant in this process. That’s why Bryan said, “anyone in the audience who is attracted to either of the men will feel that energy.” It’s subtext, it’s practically text, but it’s still not quite text, except in the mind of the viewer. The show evokes that response from the audience with the suggestiveness of the cinema, but direct character analysis will not support it (“to be absolutely clear,” Bryan said, “it is not sexual”), and it doesn’t work for certain audience members: not everyone will feel that energy or define it that way. Without explicit mention in the text, then, it does not allow for much in the way of situational sexuality (apparently, given that we haven’t seen all the show yet), no matter how likely that may be in real life.

If Bleach characters and Pacific Rim characters met...

As requested by anon. :)

[Need more crossovers in your life?]

1. Mako and Hisagi

Mako: When I was a little girl, Mr. Pentecost saved my life from a horrifying monster.

Hisagi: Oh man do I ever know that feel. When *I* was a little boy, Kensei saved my life from a horrifying monster!

Mako: I ended up following in his footsteps.

Hisagi: Yeah, how could you do otherwise!

Hisagi: Not to mention the obligatory tattoo!

Mako: …there was no tattoo.

Hisagi: So….you didn’t love him then?

Mako: T-that isn’t the only way to show affection!

2. Raleigh and Ichigo

Raleigh: You know how it is, man. Being drift compatible is so rare that once you lose that partner, it’s pretty much over.

Raleigh: Unless of course you meet this really cool woman and it turns out that you’re drift compatible with her too!

Ichigo: I hear that. It’s like when you think you’ve bonded with your zanpakuto only it turns out that your zanpakuto isn’t you’re zanpakuto at all it’s your Quincy powers and the actual zanpakuto is the thing that you thought was your hollow powers.

Raleigh: ….how is that in any way comparable?

Ichigo: To be honest I stopped listening when it got confusing.

3. Stacker and Ukitake

Stacker: I mean…I think I had a good run. When you’re old and a leader and dying from a deadly disease, all you can really hope for is an epic, heroic death.

Stacker: Preferably with explosions.


Ukitake: Um, but if you’re old and sick but NOT a leader then you’re fine, right?

Stacker: That depends. Did your leader gloriously sacrifice himself?

Ukitake: He did, yeah.

Stacker: Then you should be fine, man.

Ukitake: Such a relief!

4. Newton and Renji

Renji: Niiiiice tats, man!

Newton: Oh, thanks. Yours are - weird.

Newton: But cool.

Renji: Bet I have more of them!

Newton: If you had to tattoo your forehead, that may in fact be true.

Renji: Only one way to find out!

Newton: A-are you removing your clothes?!


Hermann: …what are you doing now, Doctor Geizler?


5. Hermann and Kurotsuchi

Hermann: And when they said “Don’t try to drift with a Kaiju brain,” that moron said, “I’ll drift with it if I want to!” And then, of course, he got in way over his head!

Kurotsuchi: Clearly his mistake was asking for permission.

Kurotsuchi: When I wanted to duplicate all of my organs, I didn’t ask permission.

Hermann: Wait…what?

Kurotsuchi: Not when I wanted some Quincy to dissect.

Hermann: What’s a -

Kurotsuchi: And when I wanted to delete thousands of souls in order to restore balance, I certainly didn’t waste my time asking!


Hermann: You’re worse than Doctor Geiszler.

6. Chuck and Byakuya

Byakuya: So you did not care for the main character when you first met him, huh?

Chuck: You mean Raleigh? Yeah, he and I got off to a rough start!

Byakuya: I understand. But you patched up your differences?

Chuck: I guess. Sorta. I died, so it doesn’t really matter now.

Byakuya: The same thing happened to me.

Byakuya: No, wait. I didn’t die. I just gave a dying speech,

Byakuya: I am always getting those mixed up.


Chuck: Screw you, man.

7. Hannibal and Urahara

Urahara: So I hear you are a purveyor of “things” too!

Urahara: I thought we should meet. Bond.

Urahara: Perhaps share a hug?

Hannibal: No you seem weird.


Urahara: *I* seem weird?

8. Herc and Ryuken

Herc: And this is my dog. My son and I use it to express affection for each other that we can’t express openly for reasons of manliness.

Herc: See? If I pat the dog, then my son knows that I love him.

Ryuken: And that works?

Herc: I’m sure he understands.

Ryuken: Hmmm…

[scene jump!]

Ryuken: Uryu, observe while I pet this dog in your general direction.

Ishida: ….what?

Ryuken: I have done all I can.

Continued from Author AU 

Will licked his lips and swallowed once, taking a sip of his coffee before he began, “I wanted to just ask you something before I lose my nerve.”

 Hannibal put down his fork, leaning in to give Will his attention. “Yes?”

 “I…uh…I know it’s going to be difficult to stop you if you wanted to, but while you’re here could you not kill anyone?” Will asked, looking distinctly uncomfortable.

 Hannibal regarded him for a moment before asking, “Have you ever killed anyone Will?”

 “What? No! I would never…why would you even ask me that?”

 Hannibal thought of the book upstairs, the loving way Will described his killings as if they were art. “You describe me killing quite vividly, as if you’ve experienced taking a life yourself. It was an honest question, I’m sure others have asked similar.”

 Will shook his head, his cheeks red as he denied, “No! They never…fans have asked what I think about you killing, not…no.”

 Hannibal was no longer in the mood for food, not that he had been before. “But you’d like to,” he offered, letting the words hang in the air.

 Will stood up quickly and almost yelled, “I’ve never wanted to, and if this is how it’s going to be while you’re here you might as well…”

 He was cut off when the doorbell rang, surprising them both.

 “Your editor,” Hannibal guessed.

 Will looked at Hannibal in his perfectly pressed suit, hair slicked back and making it look like Will had a fetish for guys who looked like his character. Not that he wasn’t still remembering the kisses shared between them and would probably remember them long after whatever magic brought Hannibal here took him away.

 “Just…think of a fake name and stay,” he ordered, heading for the door.

 Beverly Katz had been his editor for the entirety of Will’s career. She was fiercely loyal, fought for Will but his reluctance to part with his manuscripts was wearing thin on the publishers she couldn’t hold them off much longer.

 “Morning Graham, you look…different,” she peered at him waiting for an answer.

 “Nothing’s different, I just…”

 “Good morning,” came Hannibal’s accented voice from behind him.

 Will turned, glaring at him as Hannibal walked right on past to take Beverly’s hand in his.

 Bev looked at Will, her eyebrow raised. “Good morning. I see why Will looked so different today. Beverly Katz, I’m Will’s…”

 “Editor,” Hannibal finished, bringing her hand to his lips, “Pleased to meet you Ms. Katz. I am Hannibal Lecter.”

 Bev burst out laughing before suppressing her amusement, coughing. “I just…you’re joking, right? Like this is a joke?”

 Hannibal smirked. “I am a very avid fan of Mr. Graham’s.”

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I wonder if this is a common thing for fannibals...

My first and current reaction to Mads Mikkelsen

After Hannibal S1E01: omg this man scares me, his face scares me, his lips are so weird and his cheekbones are so weird too and he had no eyebrows… great choice for a villain role tho

Finishing Hannibal S2: omg i need to see all pictures of this Danish man, he is a beautiful creature, wow how didn’t i noticed it earlier, his lips and cheekbones are awesome tho