hannibal i made it

One of my fave things about nbc’s hannibal is that when its starts out you think its going to be the classic love triangle, and you think, oh i know this, Alana is clearly Wills love interest and hannibal and will are gonna fight for her. But by the end, shes gone off with a girl, and the guys have gone off with each other.


You have to convince yourself the lion is not in the room. When it is, I assure you, you will know.

By request of mydearstalker, who wanted Hannibal backing people into things. There were fewer instances of this than I imagined. Because Hannibal is very good at pretending he’s not the lion. 

Did I miss any? Let me know! I didn’t find any parts of the Tobias or Jack fights that would really count because - fight is totally different.