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can you guys imagine the shit that would have happened if tobias and hannibal had not tried to kill each other? if they had decided to be friends instead in spite of hannibal’s fascination with will? like, the tableaus that might’ve happened. crazy

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Will has a hidden artistic side that Hannibl accidentally/ on purpose stumbles upon, in his personal challenge to know the empath better. It would be cool if Will's art ties into his deep southern heritage

Hannibal stood at Will’s bookshelf, eyes scanning spines worn and new. Crowded together on the edge sat carved wooden fish. Basswood trout and catfish carved from pine.

Hannibal took one in his hand, turning it in the light. A signature was notched into the tail: WG. “This is your work,” he asked, turning to Will.

“My dad taught me. Haven’t really done it in a while though.”

“They’re very good.” Hannibal smiled and picked up another fish, a balsa carp that appeared quite old. “Would you consider picking it up again and making one for a friend?”

“You want me to whittle you a fish? Doesn’t really seem like it would go with your decor.”

“To own something made from your own hand would be an honor, regardless of the subject conveyed.”

Will avoided Hannibal’s eyes and took the fish from his hand. “This is one of the first ones I ever made that came out looking alright.”

“I prefer it to all the rest. The lines created by unsure hands coming into their own could never be replicated.”

Will pressed the fish back into Hannibal’s hand, smiling softly. “You can have it if you want.”

Hannibal held it close to his chest, deeply touched. He slipped the wooden carp into his pocket. “I will cherish it always.”

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A domestic Murder Husbands headcanon: Will is delighted to find out that Hannibal is a mess first thing in the morning -staggering for the coffee with his accent so thick he barely understandable, vowing murder in Lithuanian on anything he walks into.

Oh God I’m actually exactly the same in the morning - I rain insults and French swear words on things and people if they dare piss me off before 8am.

And Will is just there, giggling, trying to turn his head away so Hannibal doesn’t catch him smiling, otherwise he gives him that DEATH GLARE OF DOOM

Headcanon for a season 5 Incarcerated Murder Husbands scene feat.Clarice

Y'all remember that truly beautiful Season 5 headcanon post regarding Hannibal and Will being incarcerated and causing shit in prison until they get adjoining cells whilst Clarice strikes up an odd friendship with Will in order to catch Buffalo Bill? (If someone has a link, please leave a comment or additional caption to credit said post as I am on the shitty android app and can’t do it myself.) Weeeeell I may have spent the past few months envisioning random scenes of that nature and one particularly vivid one sprang to mind regarding one of Hannibal, Will and Clarice’s darker conversations.

Clarice is sitting in front of Will’s cell, twisting her fingers together anxiously. Catherine Martin has been missing for several days now and with no new leads, she is becoming desperate. She needs Will and Hannibal to tell her what they know about Buffalo Bill or she fears that Catherine’s grim fate has been pretty much established. Will and Hannibal immediately senses her desperation and undertake unnervingly playful personas in response to the devastating situation. This unsettles Clarice immensely but she nevertheless nudges them in the direction of their previous quid pro quo arrangement. Will begins pacing around his cell, hands clasped behind his back. Hannibal sits quietly in his own cell, watching Will through the wall of plexi glass separating them. He smiles when Will catches his eyes and they hold each others gaze whilst this dialogue ensues.

W: You’re very eager Clarice. I daresay you’re enjoying this.
C: I think you’re confusing my enjoyment with your own.
W: Does it haunt you Clarice? The fact that we know who he is, that we knew who he was from the moment we saw the case file? Does that keep you awake at night? Do you stare at the ceiling and wonder how it is that we know exactly who Buffalo Bill is?

The scene cuts to Jame Gumb’s (Buffalo Bill’s) house. He is bent over a sewing machine, lacing telling pieces of ‘fabric’ together. Goodbye Horses is playing through a stereo whilst Will’s dialogue continues overhead.

W: Amputate a man’s leg and he can still feel it tickling.

The camera pans through Gumb’s basement, through a room filled with glass tanks and Death’s Head moths fluttering around, down a narrow corridor where a small dog sits at the far end, sniffing at the bottom of a closed door.

W: Tell me Clarice, when Catherine Martin is on the slab, where will it tickle you?

An unmistakably feminine scream issues from the room on the other side of the door. The dog begins to yap.

Cut back to Clarice staring at Will, face taut with distaste, eyes wide. Will has not looked at her once.

Because my brain is that sort of an asshole to me that as soon as I realized the labels were NOT the same (and yes I went and checked), I could no longer enjoy believing Hannibal had saved that one bottle of wine all that time. I have an alternate theory. I put some of it on one of genufa‘s posts on the matter, but have expanded it to make it extra bittersweet. 

Hannibal had been saving that bottle, but one of the of the nights we was staring mournfully at Will’s empty chair, he broke down and drank it. 

When Will broke up with him in Digestivo, and he decided the logical next step was to turn himself in, he spent the day getting the cliff house ready for the inevitable moment that he’d return there, with Will. 

Which included a trip to the wine store, where he found the bottle that most closely resembled the bottle Will had brought - same varietal or blend, similar vintage qualities. But of course like 10 times more expensive and refined. 

He cellared that, headed back to Will’s house, and tipped off the FBI to come find.

Additional alternative - it’s Will’s bottle they’re drinking in the event horizon of chaos discussion in Tome-wan. 

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Do you have service top Hannibal head canons? I would love to hear them if so (and I love your blog!!).

Thank you! ^^!

  • Hannibal doesn’t care about sex, it’s never been a priority or anywhere in the top ten things he feels a need to do in his life (he’s experimented throughout his life, curious to what sex would feel like and if there was a difference to an orgasm when it is the result of another person’s efforts rather than his own. He’d had sex with women and men and people in between and while he finds that there is a certain pleasure to it all, it isn’t exactly something he seeks out with any sort of determination–more of he stumbles across an opportunity with an interesting individual and decides ‘why not’)

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you know what I never noticed before?

how uncharacteristically dressed-down and kind of…frumpy Hannibal is the first time he meets Will in Jack’s office.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen it mentioned before either, but it just struck me.  like, look at this bitch:

if that is not Hannibal Lecter in a purposefully ill-fitting monochromatic look-I’m-a-slob-like-you suit, I will eat my hat.  I feel like he took a trip to K-mart just for this.