hannibal genderswap

“- I think this is too much, Hannibal…

- I think… you look beautiful.”

OKAY GUYS fem!will graham and fem!hannibal

I need fem!hannibal buying a lot of things to fem!will, specially new fresh suits and beautiful dresses for their dinner parties and fem!will (so smol with her long messy hair, puppy eyes and grumpy) being all awkward and “no hannibal this is too much” or “this is too expensive” and hannibal buying all anyway.

  • Discussing the genderswap on Hannibal-
  • Me: Actually, in the books Alana Bloom and Freddie Lounds are both male.
  • Them: Yeah, well I guess it makes sense, if you want to market to men you have to get some sexy ladies on there.
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Me: No,
  • Me: actually,
  • Me: They are women because Bryan Fuller is not a misogynist, and wanted there to be some female representation,
  • Me: not to parade them around as sex toys,
  • Me: because this is a magical show that does not give a motherfucking fuck about your gender roles,
  • Me: and because Bryan Fuller is a great writer and human and if you every imply otherwise we will no longer be friends,
  • Me: because the only sex on this show was that 5-way with the Wendigo and that was one of my favorite scenes because it showed Will fantasizing about Alana, but at the end she turns away towards Hannibal,
  • Me: Because she is a wonderful woman who told Will she wasn't interested because it wouldn't be healthy or safe, and she gets to make that freaking choice, and Will- love him though I do- can go fuck himself if he thinks otherwise,
  • Me: so don't even tell me that scene was out to simply sell sex, don't tell me this show is misogynistic, especially compared to other horror/crime procedurals,
  • Me: and the next time you'd like to accuse Hannibal of being a sexist show,
  • Me: please come to class prepared.
  • Me:
  • Them:
  • Me: *puts on sunglasses, rides off on motorcycle*

hannibal genderswap // kō no mono

Among gourmands, the ortolan bunting is considered a rare but debauched delicacy. A rite of passage, if you will. Preparation calls for the songbird to be drowned alive in Armagnac. It is then roasted and consumed whole in a single mouthful. Traditionally, during this meal, we are to place shrouds over our heads, hiding our faces from God. I don’t hide from God.