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Harvey Relief Drabble #7

174 words of post-TWotL fluff for @allthecannibalnoises

It began out of necessity. The scars on Will’s face made him memorable, if not recognizable. Before Will left the house, Hannibal would carefully apply Will’s foundation and concealer. Will always kept his eyes closed, hands clenched in his lap, so Hannibal assumed he was uninterested in learning.

He was surprised when Will emerged one morning before their trip into town with his makeup already applied. Will’s purchases from the garish chain drug store were more surprising still.

“I didn’t want you to know,” Will said quietly, Hannibal turning the clear mascara and lip gloss over and over in his hand. Will clutched the compact of nude eyeshadow protectively in his fist. “Wasn’t interested in having my cosmetics psychoanalyzed.”

“You are transgender?”

He shook his head. “I just like makeup.”

Hannibal reached across the gear shift to run his hand through Will’s hair fondly. “Would you let me put it on you?”

Will grinned, perhaps wider than Hannibal had ever seen, his lips shining in the fading sunlight that poured through the car windows.

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