So, in light of the finale, it would appear that Hugh Dancy has been trolling us THIS ENTIRE TIME.

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“It’s platonic.” he said, bland expression on his shitty little face, over and over, knowing FULL WELL that the season would end with MURDER HUSBANDS, EYE SEX, and ROMANTICALLY FAKING THEIR DEATHS.

I am SO MAD.

anonim sordu:

But it makes so much sense though. Bedelia knows running from them will only postpone her demise, so she's making a peace offering. And, about the 3 chairs, she heard both H&W escaped 2gether and she expects they'll come together (haha pun intended)

But that presumes so much about what happened in between. Does she know that they escaped? Prove it. I can tell you exactly why she doesn’t know, so also why she’s still in that house (I want to make a post on it eventually, but it’s going to have to wait, as I need to get ready to go to my mom’s for our last Hannibal evening).

It’s too unrealistic, even for this show, that she could do all that (especially when we have no evidence she can cook at all), and cut her own leg off. It’s not the same as falling off a cliff and being miraculously saved by the water underneath, which is done so often in TV and movies, it’s a trope (Not the Fall That Kills Youand a subtrope (Soft Water). Guy does a Peter Pan right off of a huge drop into water? He’s gonna live (and escape the police, I might add. The episode even called out to The Fugitive in the escape from the prison transport sequence, which I loved, since I adore that movie).

Furthermore, it doesn’t make any psychological sense. This is the smartest person on the show, remember? She’s a survival specialist. And the best she can come up with is, “I’ll cut off my own leg. Yeah, that’s the ticket!” ??? Why would she think this would sway him? It wouldn’t. He would find it amusing and let it inspire his next dish.

And it’s so obviously intended to let people know that Hannibal and Will lived, miraculously–or that they died and were reborn; I guarandamntee that if there were another season, the words “born again” would be used to describe them, with their Christian context intented–and came to get exact their due from this woman who drove them apart, psychologically manipulated them, encouraged one of them to eat the other, and mocked the suffering of Hannibal’s other victims and her own by profiting off of their stories. The show built the enmity between Will and Bedelia to lead to this, as well as set up Hannibal’s intention to eat her early on, specifically in reference to his previous action of eating Abel Gideon piece by piece, feeding them both oysters and marsala. It’s meant to imply that Hannibal finally got his wish: “If only that company could be Will Graham.” Hannibal always intended she be his next Abel Gideon. He got his way. 

I get why the idea is interesting on its own: self-mutilation is a fascinating marriage of physical and psychological horror. But that does not make it the most plausible reading for what is going on in this scene, in this episode, with this character, within this season’s context, for this show. 

anonim sordu:

i think the ending was perfect because it satisfied hannigram shippers and non-hannigram shippers (like my self).Will embraced hannibal and admitted that he loved him and wanted to be with him but also in one last heroic act he sacrificed him and hannibal for the greater good. Because as much as i love watching hannigram(even tho i don't ship i don't like dark will so it was a great way for him to embrace hannibal but keep some of the goodness in him i loved from s1. satisfying ending right !?:)

Preaching to the choir.

(I don’t think you have to prioritize dark!Will to ship Hannigram. Like Hannibal, I like all aspects of Will, including his less savory aspects, but when it comes to shipping, to me it’s so painfully obvious that Hannibal loves Will so very much because of his goodness, that you could never have dark!Will and have Hannigram. Will isn’t dark!Will and light!Will, either/or. Will is Will, a bundle of contradictions and emotions and intelligence and cunning and beauty and purity and kindness and gentleness and savagery. He’s more of a lump than a sum, heh.)

Hannibal Season 3 Finale Soundtrack
  • Hannibal Season 3 Finale Soundtrack
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Oh, the skies, tumbling from your eyes So sublime, the chase to end all time Seasons call and fall, from grace and uniform Anatomical and metaphysical Oh, the dye, a blood red setting sun rushing through my veins burning up my skin, I will survive, live and thrive Win this deadly game Love crime Love crime I will survive, live and thrive I will survive, I will survive I will