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Kagome kagome

Ushiro no shoumen daare

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Daily sketch 135.  We had not suggestions, today, so here a simple Hannibal Lecter.

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Dr. Hannibal Lecter Modern Renaissance Portrait (2015)

Edit: Inspired by:
“In Dolarhyde’s mind, Lecter’s likeness should be the dark portrait of a Renaissance prince.”
–Red Dragon, page 120 (Thomas Harris)

Apart from what I said before I think he won’t be the last painting I make. If you have suggestions just send me a message!

As always: Please do not remove the caption or the source. I would really appreciate that. Thank you guys! Reblog it to the end of time but don’t repost it without a source/link.

The sources:

  • Hannibal Season 2 Promoshot  ( (Photo by: Michael Muller/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank) ):[x]
  • Painting: A man wearing academic robes and holding a skull by Carl Friedrich Ludwig Schmid (Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images)   : [x]

Other Hannibal portraits by myself: