hannibal doodle


Original mini cards made for the preorders of the Wendigo comic-books, they are all sold and sent. I have scanned all of them (a hundred. yes. 80 were made for the preorders, 20 for the sale of the remaining stock) but I will spare you, this is only a selection of the most unusual requests. Besides them I drew a TON of Wendigos, Wills and Hannibals. Description list below:

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“It’s my party, and I’ll eat people if I want to.”

A little dish to celebrate the 4th birthday of our beloved Hannibal, paying tribute to the delectable food stylings of Janice Poon. Prints of this piece were used as menus at the NYC Hanniversary dinner, and I have a spare that I may include in a giveaway soon. Raise a glass of people-beer to our favorite cannibal, and as you blow out the candles on the people-cake, wish for the gift we’d all love to unwrap the most. Here’s to Season 4, and many more.

Can you guess what Will is saying to him?

It has been a while I have done this ‘detailed’ pencil work. Few years ago I made a lot of these kinds illustrations.

Designed a quick badge in support of @camilleflyingrotten‘s super cute AU, it’s adorable! Please check it out! (NSFW)

Also in support of her, this AU is about an exploration of aesthetics.