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Asphodel and Nightshade

My interpretation of Hannibal and Will as Hades and Persephone, Alphonse Mucha style. Originally planned for the @hannibalcreative​ HannibalOdyssey event, but I’m way past deadline since this turned out to be a LOT more complicated/detailled than I’d originally planned.

If you’re interested in the symbolism of this piece, check it out under the cut!

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anonymous asked:

Holy!!! I just had an incident with my roommate and OmFg headcanon that Will regularly forgets to put a new toilet paper roll on when he finishes it has, on multiple occasions, had to hand a very annoyed Hannibal a roll through the bathroom door

Okay so real talk I can’t actually see Will FORGETTING to do this (and not just because I project my entire self onto Will and this is my ETERNAL BIGGEST PET PEEVE) but I can absolutely see him doing this intentionally when Hannibal pisses him off and he needs to piss him off right back. 

He also likes to use Hannibal’s fancy decorative towels that are ABSOLUTELY NOT FOR USING JUST FOR LOOKING AT WHILE TAKING UP THE ENTIRE TOWEL RACK IN THE BATHROOM for cleaning his greasy hands after fixing a motor. But I 100% support this action because decorative towels are the W O R S T.

One of my favorite scenes in the Hannibal novel is at the end where Hannibal is decorating the dining room for his dinner date with Clarice, and he pauses to reflect on what he’s doing, not because anything he’s done is disturbing or wrong or even questionable, but because ‘there are too many flowers in this room but maybe if I add even more flowers it’ll be just right again omg I better get some more flowers asap’

fannibal thoughts from Cape Town

I noticed some decor things in Hannibal’s dining room:

I love how to you guys that stuff probably fits right into the general exotic creepiness vibes, but for us, he’s just a Big Five painting and some animal print away from winning at White South African Living Room Kitsch Bingo.

I don’t know what it says about my country that when the Hannibal design team asked the question “how would a refined, wealthy cannibalistic serial killer decorate his place?” so many of the answers came straight out of the stereotypical SA suburban home.

imagine post-wotl Hannibal baking Christmas cookies and Will stealing them as they come out of the oven. He nonchalantly breezes past the counter and silently snags a tree-shaped cookie while Hannibal’s back is turned and shoves it in his mouth before Hannibal notices it’s gone. Hannibal prepares icing to decorate them, and Will leans on the counter behind him next to cookies that are fresh out of the oven. Will is silently raising another cookie to his mouth when he looks at Hannibal and they make eye contact as he slowly takes a bite.

Who should you fight: UHA edition
  • Hades: you're so dead that it's not even funny.
  • Charon: WHY. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? He is our socially ackward child. Wanna fight him? You monster. Anyway, he is a Death God and his magic is powerful so you will lose. Also: his husband is the God Killer.
  • Cerberus: You must have a dead wish. He will rip you intenstines and use them for decoration. But yes, fight him if you want. He could use some distraction from parental duties.
  • Zelios: fight him. He is the Guardian of Tartarus, but why not?
  • Cain: dead. You're dead. He is psycothic.
  • Abel: </b> You should totally fight him, you might have a chance of wining. But finish before Cain appears. Because he WILL appear.
  • Malachi: fight him.
  • Theo: another psycothic child. He will rip your spinal cord for fun.
  • Ambrosius: fight him. You will probably lose, but you won't die. I hope.
  • Nikias: the youngest one, but don't let that distract you. He was created to fight.
  • Persephone: she might look sweet and innocent, but she will transform you into a poisionous tree.
  • Alexion: God Killer. Really. Do I need to say anything else?
  • Blaine: you could fight him, it's not as if he could defend himself. You, coward.
  • Leon: His name means Lion. Like, really. It will be fun to see you try.
  • Ayo: Fight him, please. The kid totally needs it. He will beat you ass, but at least he will have fun.
  • Holly and Keros: </b> THEY ARE BABIES, YOU MONSTER.<p/><b>
  • Noe: </b> why would you do something like that?
  • Kat: </b> she is the only female second-in-command. Made inmortal ny Hades after fighting in a war. She is able to cope with Cain's temper tantrums. Badass is her second name. Do you really want to try?
  • Demetrius: </b> you might think you have a chance because one of his arms is artificial. Well, in his own words "I don't know how to teleport but yes how to fry your innards". Also, Nikias and Hades will be pissed. Nikias for fighting his hubby and Hades for breaking the arm.
  • Adrian: </b> he will send you flying to the other side of the room with a power blast. He will then feel really bad about that and will ask for forgiveness.<p/><b>
  • Sept: fight him. He will be too busy keeping up with Theo's demands to actually harm you</b> <p/></p>
  • Lucifer: </b> Hello? Lucifer? Lord of Hell? Traitor to Heaven? Do you even have a brain in that head of yours?
  • Thorn: </b> Do you really want to try?<p/><b>Jaques:</b> fight him, but he will probably take away your guns and give you a speech about how irresponsible you are.
  • Akin: </b> fight him and Hannibal will use your head as decoration.
  • Hannibal: </b> You are SO DEAD. Anyway, if you harm him Akin will hunt you down.
  • Lea: </b> Godess of curses and battle strategy. She will kick you ass so hard that you won't even have time to cry.
  • Raven: </b> he is one of Lucifer's generals. He even fought Michael. But if you want, why not? Fight him. Go big or go home.
  • Dania: </b> yeah, why not. Fight her. You will probably lose anyway.
  • Bali & Wednesday: </b> they are the guardians of Gehenna. But if you want to try... anything for an andrenaline junk.
  • Alaric: </b> Hoe, don't.
  • Stanton: </b> bye, dear reader. It's been good you know ya.<p/>
  • Deveraux: </b> You will be too horny to try anything.<p/></p>
  • Xenon: </b> Bitch, please. He is an Atlantean God. One of the most powerful panteons to ever exist.
  • <p/> <b>Dorean:</b> yeah, fight him. He is not a warrior, it's not like he will he able to harm you. But Xenon will go for your ass.<p/></p>
The Story of Thumbel-willa Pt. 3

Once upon a time, there was a tiny, exquisite being named Thumbel-willa Graham, or Will, as he came to be known. He had awoken into the world one day from a large flower, and lived a happy, if lonely existence. How he wished to discover another just like him! Instead, he made do with the friendship of the animals in the forest, and could often be found at the tiny driftwood docks on the far side of a remote pond deep in the valley, where he worked day in and day out building boats to ferry his four-legged clients across still waters. 

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I don’t like NBC Hannibal because it’s just so PRETENTIOUS.

idiots, everywhere

Pretentious stems from the same root as pretense: something is pretentious when it’s faking its merit somehow, when it’s pretending to be something it’s not. It has to be empty, unworthy, having a façade to cover a lack of substance.

Hannibal is not pretending to be anything it’s not, artistically or otherwise. It has emotional and thematic substance behind its imagery and sound design and a dedication to delivering its story in a theatrical, consistently operatic manner. It’s lavish, outrageous, extravagant, over-the-top, overtly stylized, sometimes egregious (I’m looking at you, Mr. Wendigo)–but never pretentious. 

There’s a part of the novel, Hannibal, from when Hannibal is preparing dinner for himself and Clarice, where he considers whether he has overdecorated, to the point of bad taste.

He could see that he had too many flowers in the room, and must add more to make it come back right again. Too many was too many, but way too many was just right. 

You can argue that you don’t like Hannibal’s style because it’s not to your taste, that you just prefer minimalism in cinema–although I would side-eye you if you said that minimalism is intrinsically better than that which is ornate or lavish–but you cannot argue that this is a flaw in the show itself. If you think it doesn’t have the substance to merit this level of chutzpah, you either didn’t watch long enough, or most of the show went over your head.