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I just have to take a moment and thank everyone involved in @fannibalfest-toronto - all the organizers, the guests, the volunteers, the panelists, the vendors, the attendees, the hotel staff… everyone. This was an amazing weekend full of delicious food and gentle people from all over the world talking about what they love dearly. And that creates a sort of fantastic energy that you don’t often get to experience in day to day life.

I’ve been to a fair handful of conventions, some long established and some in their first year or so, and FannibalFest was by far my favorite. All the panels were so polite and overflowing with questions and anecdotes that nobody wanted them to end. There were none of those embarrassing “What was it like to work with [some more famous actor]?” questions, although all the guests voluntarily devoted at least 10% of their time talking about how dreamy Mads is. And it was so cool that they all came back to do an extra panel on Sunday.

Janice (seen here adoring art by @flyingrottenhannistag) was as hilarious as she was talented in the kitchen, which is to say: supremely. Her dark sense of humor with a self-admitted “evil” streak was for me unexpected and absolutely delightful.

I think we were all overjoyed to see Martha, and grateful that she wanted to stay for autographs and selfies. It was interesting to hear from the business side of Hannibal, learning its history and hearing which puzzle pieces need to fall into place before the series could without question return. (also, I look forward to supporting Artic when it comes out)

Then there was Vlad, a man whose infectious excitement washes over any room he’s in. This is someone so clearly devoted to not only his character and the fans, but to the very concept of making people happy.

Scott and Aaron (seen here with their helpless moderator) are as inseparable from each other as Price and Zeller. Even during the meet and greet, when there was only one guest to a table, they kept throwing stuff across the room to get each other’s attention. It is a sweet and rare chemistry that you only really see between two friends.

And finally there was Demore, lovely Demore who I cannot possibly say enough wonderful things about. He was subtle and subdued compared to the other guests, but had just as wonderful a sense of humor and was always ruminating on something. By the end of the convention the other guests knew to give him the last word because he was certain to find something beautiful and wise. He sees the best in us and ended the convention hoping that we carry forward this love and excitement we shared.

And I have so many more wonderful things to say about the fan-led panels (which were some of the most engaging academic lecture-style panels I have ever attended), but that will have to wait. I am quite tired. Again, I would like to sincerely thank everyone who made this possible and hope to see you all again for the next FannibalFest. ❤️🍽️❤️

FannibalFest 2017 Recap! 1/3


PHEW!  Going to have to do a few of these to even attempt to cover such an amazing experience!  My apologies for taking so long with this… Con drop is real people! And even though I’m usually on Tumblr more, Twitter was easier to use during the Con. If you’re interested in even more pics and stuff, you can always go find me there (@MyDesignHanibl). I’ll do some general con stuff in this post, and follow up with two about the tours (one for each day).


If you were thinking about going but were on the fence, PLEASE consider it next time!  It was absolutely amazing. The guests, tours, panels, props, meals and overall vibes were just wonderful. @fannibalfest-toronto did an incredible job!

Our wonderful guests, Janice Poon, Vladimir Jon Cubrt, Martha De Laurentiis, Demore Barnes, Scott Thompson, and Aaron Abrams! And one of many appearances of special guest, Peking Hannibal… Janice brought him and he got a really good run for his money with us ;)

SO MANY MORE THE PICS under the cut!

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Things Bryan Fuller shared while live tweeting American Gods:

  • The American Gods Soundtracks is in progress
  • There is an opportunity to see Media as her very first manifestation before she adopted the guises of dead celebrities 
  • Gillian Anderson is an inspiration both personally and professionally. It’s wonderful to work with her.
  • *Lara - I heard there’s going to be a Hannibal convention with part of the American Gods cast as guests stars, is it true?*  Bryan Fuller: I, too, have heard it!
  • Gillian is not in any of the trailers because they can’t use the likenesses of the personalities she inhabits for any promotional purposes. Boo.
  • If all goes well Media & Bilquis will share a screen in Season 2
  • Bryan Fuller on his favourite scene from Season 2:  “ SO MANY! I’M TORN BETWEEN Orlando Jones ON THE SLAVE SHIP OR Gillian Anderson AS LUCY!”
  • There is a very exciting action figures deal on the work, and they are working hard on making a particular Media figure. 
  • Media will appear again in Episode 5 and then we will see a lot of her 
  • There was no one else in the running for Media
  • They will try to do live tweeting every Sunday!!!!
  • Bryan Fuller is dedicated AF and he keeps iron cast dogs above the fireplace😄😄

Starfury Conventions

Hannibal – A Fannibal Musical.  
Saturday 25th February 2017

These are not the best photos in the world (sorry guys!) however all of the people involved in the Musical worked so hard I wanted to share them with you all! Everyone loved the Musical, including the guests and they certainly did the Fannibal Family proud!

They may not upload in order - Sorry!!

To know more about the musical go to @fannibalmusical

So let me tell you the story of how I got completely destroyed by Katharine Isabelle...

I met Katharine at Red Dragon Con last year and when we took that pic, I asked her if we could do a wink and she grabbed me and shouted “hell yeah!” and then SHE said thank you and rubbed my back and that was the first time I thought I’d faint.

Then I went to the autograph session and when she saw how the pic turned out, she started groaning and said she loved the pic and wrote “to my winky babe”. And I was like “yeah I’m glad that it turned out so well because TBH, you’re one of my biggest crushes”. She looked at me and grabbed her heart and said that she got a warm, fuzzy feeling in her chest. And then she winked at me again and groaned “see you later, babe”. And that my darlings, is the story of how I got completely destroyed by Katharine Isabelle.

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Addressing Some Concerns

The FannibalFest Toronto committee has noticed a lot of concerns and comments regarding the convention. Very few have actually been addressed directly, but social media being what it is, it all eventually crosses our feed. I would like to address some of those concerns.

I alone take responsibility for everything that has happened that doesn’t sit right with the fandom.  I will not push those concerns off on the amazing Fannibals who have stepped forward and “signed-on” to this planning committee to make this convention a reality.  I take the hit, take the anger and the deserved disappointment for the missteps along the way.

With that being said, I apologize for announcements and points I’ve made that have caused you to feel marginalized and like you’re dealing with someone who doesn’t know what they are doing.

I am not a professional convention organizer.  You are correct in that.  I am learning on the job with some advice from professional organizers.  This is an enormous undertaking and I’m doing my best to make this convention happen, purely because I’m a fan who simply wanted a Hannibal convention in North America.  I started out writing and calling Gaumont US TV and Creation Entertainment to put on a Hannibal convention, however I just ended up going in circles with them as they just didn’t want to spend the money or put their faith in the fact that this fandom is big enough to sustain a convention here.

Because neither myself nor the committee are “professionals”, we have had to learn a host of new things including, but not limited to contracts, hotels/venues, Canadian law, budgets, time management and web design. The committee and myself work full time jobs, spending our free time working on convention details. Perhaps because of that, I have not been as attentive to issues and concerns as I should be.  Let me address some of those concerns and explain what my thoughts were at the time.

·         Setting FannibalFest up as a legal company with a lawyer and an accountant.  They advised me what the best course of action is for a group of fans – who are not trying to make any money on this – just trying to meet costs.  They advised to set up as a non-profit 501c7 organization which by IRS law must demonstrate we have a common interest.  I should have just let the common interest be “we like the TV show Hannibal”.  But in my worry that we may encounter some pushback from the IRS, I pushed the idea that our common interest, however shortsighted of me, would be supporting Hannibal fandom writers, artists, vidders, jewelry-makers, tee-shirt/button/merch craftspeople.  I honestly thought every single Hannibal fan would be behind that idea…it never occurred to me that I was making people feel left out by that decision.  

·         Encountering the belief that FannibalFest gives artists something MORE than the regular fan at large (btw I’m a regular fan-not an artist).  All FannibalFest gives artists is a free table at the artist alley at the convention (on a first come first serve basis and they actually have to show they’ve got a body of work that could be pointed to as Fannibal art).  The only other thing FannibalFest offered artists was during Kickstarter, we allowed them to upgrade from regular to full so they could be at the awards dinner scheduled for Thursday night.  Guess how many people did that.  None.  Not a single artist took that offer.  Every single artist coming to the convention so far has outright bought a membership (ticket) at full price.  No Fannibal is getting more from FannibalFest than anyone other.

We have not told a single artist they are not accepted into FannibalFest.  No one can produce anything that came from us that supports that notion.  We have not even begun to address requests to show at FannibalFest artist alley or have we finalized the parameters under which we will be awarding Fannibal artists. Details for both will be announced in the months to come.

·         Booking a large enough event space/hotel. I’ve never planned a small party, let alone an event of this size with financial guarantees for F&B, room blocks, rules/regs on music and Hannibal episodes being used in a group setting, working between operating in USD vs CSD, security, event-cancellation-liability insurance, load in/load out of photography equipment, vendor hall rules/regs and delivery of merchandise.  I do believe the venue booked for FannibalFest is more than enough to assure everyone has a good time, feels safe in a nice facility and has plenty of room for the planned events.

·         Booking celebrities.  It’s been eye-opening to say the least dealing with celebrity representatives who have a language and world all their own with financial guarantees on appearance, autographs, photo ops, cuts/splits/percentages on income. Thankfully some of those representatives and the cast themselves have been enormously kind answering my questions in an attempt to understand how all this works and still be able to pay for their accommodations, flights, ground transportation along with appearance fees. I definitely jumped the gun with an announcement last week.  In my excitement and discussion with a cast rep who books his clients for conventions, I believed we were closer to having the I’s dotted and the t’s crossed.  That rep then went on Easter vacation and while I knew the celebrity had agreed to appear…I just could not put up MY choice of announcement photo without consent.  I don’t feel I have the right to be demanding, so I am doing everything at THEIR convenience and time-table.  When THEY are ready to give me the terms, requests, signed contracts and announcement photos, that’s when I’ll be able to move forward.  I’m waiting and I apologize for making you all wait too.   It was stupid of me to make that announcement.

·         Refusal to answer questions. One other point I’d like to make as incendiary as it may become, is there is one fan in this fandom who makes it their life’s work to rag on Bryan Fuller and anything Fannibal related.  If I think a message or question is coming from that person, I ignore it.  That person has approached us on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and in the comment section of fan-related blogs who have given FannibalFest some notice.  I will not answer someone who pretends to be about 10 different people, puts up hate Twitter and Tumblr pages and dedicates YouTube rants throwing insults at FannibalFest. I have had to block that person and every incarnation of that person as it quickly became obvious they are not interested in hearing what I had to say but only determined to take ANY answer and twist the words to serve their point of view.

I hope this explains a few things for those who have concerns.  Our desire is to bring the fandom together and enjoy each other as a family – of which we are happy to be a part.  We hope our efforts to host a North American Hannibal convention produces an event those who attend enjoy.


Starfury Conventions

Hannibal – A Fannibal Musical.  
Saturday 25th February 2017

These are not the best photos in the world (sorry guys!) however all of the people involved in the Musical worked so hard I wanted to share them with you all! Everyone loved the Musical, including the guests and they certainly did the Fannibal Family proud!

They may not upload in order - Sorry!!

To know more about the musical go to @fannibalmusical