hannibal as art


Of course Abigail would be Chuck, though less the romantic angle and much more the poor girl got offed by her dad and Will felt bad. Uncle Jack is not amused.

Will as the Piemaker, Abigail as Chuck, and Jack as Emerson!

The Freds, Alana and Margot, Will the Pie maker.


The shock of the Assassin’s Creed Movie NOT premiering in my country this December really hit me hard. So I decided to cheer myself up by sketching my two current muses ( @therealjacksepticeye and Hugh Dancy) as modern day assassins.

I don’t think I’ll be lining or coloring these fully because I really liked how the sketches turned out. :)

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My inner voice sounds like you
or, Hannibal, a summary

In time for @hannibalcreative‘s #NovemberAmnesty 
After the art of @sachinteng